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Vishal Kanodia: More Than Three Decades Of Experience In Cement & Building Material Industry

Vishal Kanodia: More Than Three Decades Of Experience In Cement & Building Material Industry

Vishal Kanodia,  Managing Director

Vishal Kanodia

Managing Director

Infrastructure growth is on the rise in India. Recent government initiatives have also inspired many native business leaders in this domain to cater to the demand in and out of the country. Cement being an integral part of modern infrastructure, many native entrepreneurs in this segment have introduced the most advanced cement manufacturing processes in the country. However, the right vision is a requisite for sustainability in this market and that is exactly what Vishal Kanodia, Managing Director, Kanodia Group is known for. His company Kanodia Group is one of the prospering companies in the cement and building material segment and it has only become possible because of his accurate vision for the growth of the company. The CEO Insights magazine engaged in a conversation with him to know more about his professional point of view and what value is his company adding to the business ecosystem of the nation.

Tell us about your professional journey and the foundation story of the company.
My family had a small cement retail business based in remote district named Deoria in Uttar Pradesh. Thereafter, along with my younger brother Gautam Kanodia, I entered in cement whole selling and finally in cement manufacturing. Today, we have five cement plants having installed capacity of 4.00 million tonnes approx per annum and we are marketing our cement brands like Concrete Gold & Big Cem Cement in Western UP, Uttarakhand, and NCR & Haryana. We are going to install more cement plants in Uttar Pradesh which is highest cement consuming state in the Country.

What is your leadership style and what has been your success mantra?
In my opinion, success is not an accident. It is the result of leaders’ attitude and their inherited commitment towards the goal. Hence, success is the result of commitment of the leader towards targeted goal and not by chance. If
we observe the history of successful people, we find that they have certain qualities like hard working, ethical spirit, patience, reliability, knowledge, and team spirit etc. irrespective of the period they belong to. Every success story leaves clues and if we identify and adopt the quality of successful people, we shall be successful. We shall not be afraid of the failure.

Success is not an accident. It is the result of leaders’ attitude and their inherited commitment towards the goal

What are the factors you take into account when developing effective corporate growth strategies?
No corporate will grow and sustain, if they do not consider the quality of product & services, increase the customer loyalty through repeat purchase and increase the customer base, delegation of authority to peers and subordinates, commitment for employee upliftment (skill as well as financial), adoption of smart & latest technology in their business and compliance of social responsibility. These factors are our ethos right from the beginning of our corporate journey. Another important factor for corporate growth is diversification of business. If you put your all efforts or resources into doing one thing; if it fails, you have no alternatives left. In another words “Do not Put your all Eggs in One Basket”. Considering the above fact, Kanodia Group established its cement plants in different locations looking into availability of basic raw materials and high potential cement markets. The Group has diversified in Hygiene Business which has great potential in India and aboard. The Group is also present in all Building Material - HBM GOLD Brand. The Group is also looking very good opportunity in the latest Information Technology field, Media Segment and others.

Under your administration, how have you been guiding the company to stay on a competitive edge in terms of technological innovation? Tell us about the technology framework of your services.
Innovation, especially for the technological ones is the way forward and one of the key drivers of growth. In the cement and building material Industry, we have taken few transformative tech initiatives. We have transformed from the old manual & traditional
process of production to the fully automated process of production. We are also underway adapting to more innovative technologies to help the end consumers to benefit from use of latest technology. These initiatives are set to propel efficiency, growth and the profitability. It will also help deal with future environmental challenges.

How have you been ensuring the company’s operations facilitate sustainability?
In my opinion, sustainability is a business approach to creating long term values by taking into consideration, how an organisation operates in the ecological, social and economic environments. Sustainability is built on the assumption that developing such strategies taken Company Growth. The Sustainability can be achieved through Commitment the Safeguards to Our all Stake Holders including Employee & Business Associates, Commitment fulfilment to Bankers and all Financial Institutions, Commitment Fulfilments to All Govt Statutory Regulations and Commitment Fulfilment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
Looking into the vast potential of construction sector in our country, our Group’s major focus is in the cement and building materials segment. We are in process to achieve more than 10 Million Tonnes Per annum ffrom four Million Tonnes in the next 4-5 years, which will cater the ever increasing demand of cement of construction sector. There is huge opportunity in all building materials segment. As per estimate, in year -2022, India’s Building Construction Materials, market is approx. $135 and expected to grow @ CGAR of 8 percent to reach $197 by 2027. We are planning serve this segment by ONE STOP SOLUTION for Manufacturer’s, Franchises, Reseller and finally End Consumer.

Vishal Kanodia, Managing Director, Kanodia Group
Vishal is a veteran in the cement and building materials industry. He is a Yuva Ratan Awardee 2022 by Marwari Yuva Manch. His company Kanodia Group has been recognized as the Fastest Growing Company of the Year in Cement Industry by Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry 2021. He has also received National Award for Excellency in Manufacturing Sector Cement Industry 2021 by World HRD Congress.

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