Yana Solar: Crafting a Sustainable Future with Cost-Effective & Reliable Green Renewable Energy Solutions

Yana Solar: Crafting a Sustainable Future with Cost-Effective & Reliable Green Renewable Energy Solutions

Harikishan. V. R,  Founder & Director

Harikishan. V. R

Founder & Director

The Indian renewable energy sector is the fourth most attractive renewable energy market in the world. According to 2018 Climatescope report, India ranked second among the emerging economies to lead the transition to renewable energy. Indeed the sector is booming in the country, yet when we talk about the challenges faced by the echt industry players of this market, one of the biggest hurdles that pops-up is the lack of information & awareness among the clients. This is due to the presence of the numerous inexperienced service providers with very less knowledge about the sector, who have got into this business just seeing the tremendous growth it’s experiencing. As a result, it is becoming very difficult for the quality conscious service providers to induce clients about the importance of quality products & suitable designs when the comparison is made with respect to the price offered by the inexperienced competitors.

Addressing these challenges, Bangalore-based Yana Solar is surging ahead in the industry with a mission to obtain a sustainable future through quality green energy solutions while educating the clients with proper information and mitigating the pain points in energy usages. In this emerging & dynamic industry, Yana is a tenured Solar-PV energy solution provider offering comprehensive EPC solutions. Under the aegis of Harikishan. V. R (Founder & Director), the company has cemented its hold in the renewable energy sector as one of the leading firms that operate as a highly professional partner for solar energy solutions. The firm further takes pride in its reliability, quality, and performance. CEO Insights interviews Harikishan to know more about the features of Yana.

Tell us about Yana Solar as an organization and enumerate the services that you offer.
Yana is an organization dedicated to
offering green energy services to attain a sustainable future. Our green energy services comprise of rooftop solar power plant for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Alongside, we develop projects on a full turn-key basis, enabling power generation at a significantly lower cost in comparison to a conventional grid system. We strive hard to pick the right quality products (European panels, inverters, mounting structure) and combine them with right engineering at the design & execution phase to achieve the best result for
our clients.

We strive hard to pick the right quality products and combine it with right engineering at the design & execution phase to achieve the best result for our clients

We use the best software and engineering tools to better understand the site geography, mapping of wind loads, assessment of shadow effects, and creation of 3D models with animation to make the client understand the project details better. Using these tools, we run several simulations and thereby we are proven to estimate the accurate amount of energy that can be generated.

This complete set of tasks puts us ahead of the competition and thus enables in smoother execution. Also, it helps us to spread awareness and induce the correct information about solar energy to our clients, hence gaining their trust.

What is your working methodology, and has it helped you to achieve success?
At Yana, we believe in the motto ‘Do it right the first time’, following which all the departments coordinate with each other to achieve the common goal. The motto has helped us to execute our first project with zero errors, with a promise of an average of 35 percent savings on the power bill to the client. Today, we are proud to say that our project is delivering results better than our assurance, with an average of 45 percent annual savings on the power bill.

Tell us about the factors which differentiate you from other industry players.
Our customer centric approach is
second to none and our forte is to complete the project within the promised timeline. We believe that time is money, and completion of quality projects at the promised time is of extreme value to the customer. Through implementing quality engineers and a skilled workforce, we not only deliver quality but build a sustainable value chain that our customers avidly endorse.

Apart from that, we are one of the very few companies in the industry with an in-house service team. We address any service-related issues within one hour over the telephone and provide resolution of the same through remote-monitoring. The service team visits the site within 24 hours if the issue cannot be resolved through remote monitoring. This commitment is what makes us different from other industry player.

At Yana, we highly focus on the training & preparation of the I&C team. Briefing the team about site condition, correct selection of safety gear, list of Dos & Don’ts are a few prerequisites that are inculcated by the Project Managers. This helps us to ensure employee safety, minimize time & cost overruns during the implementation of a project.

How's the growth of the organization? What is your future roadmap?
Even as a very young company, we have successfully commissioned cumulative projects with a capacity of 250kW within the first six months of starting the operations. In the current financial year, we have already closed the orders of 500kW capacity, and the pipeline contains 4MW projects over varied industrial & residential segments. Also, sometimes financing acts as a roadblock (clients lack good borrowing rates from finance firms) in the completion of the project. To deal with this scenario, we are working on the financial support segment, and very soon we will be able to provide a full package to our clients, including finances.

Harikishan.V. R, Founder& Director
A young leader with great foresight and vision, Harikishan has always been steadfast in his involvement and promotion of green energy solutions and is determined to make green energy a part of every sector.

Location: Bangalore
Offerings: Turnkey Solutions on solar energy and Rooftop solar power plant for residential, commercial & industrial sectors

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