• Krishan Sharma,  Vice President, Asia Pacific

    Krishan Sharma, Vice President, Asia Pacific

  • Nearly 80 percent of the world’s energy supply comes from fossil fuels (majorly oil and coal) that are limited and cause various negative environmental consequences like global climate change and air pollution. This in turn generates the demand for alternative energy source such as renewable energies, whereas governments, communities along with emerging markets & corporations increasingly understand that renewable energies are sustainable & affordable, and they desire them to include in their current and future procurement plans. Among the various renewable energies, solar photovoltaic (PV) has emerged as most popular energy source because of its rapid technological maturation, leading to the sharp decline in its generation cost. However, in past decades, solar PV systems have largely been inducted off-grid for decentralized use, and extensively used by space craft & satellites. With the minimum low tariffs, the PV power installations have been great success today, making mark beyond expectations; but PV manufacturing is yet to achieve critical stack.

  • Renesola: Marking Execellence in Solar Industry With ITS High Quality Solar Modules

Making the Future Go Green

By: Anamika Sahu, Managing Editor

India is at the cusp of revolutions, where almost everything is under the sunlight

If There is Water, There is Tomorrow

By: Girish Iyer, Director, Suez-Water Technologies & Solutions

Water is the most important resource on this planet! Nothing is more critical to the success

10 Best Green Energy Companies - 2019

Innovative Financing To Make Smart Cities Climate-Proof

By: Ajeya Bandyopadhyay (Partner) & Dr. Amrita Ganguly (Associate Director), KPMG

As India's urban population is projected to grow from 410 million in 2014 to 814 million


Looking Beyond Soil Chemistry

By: Dr. Ganesh Kamath, Chairman & Managing Director, Organica Biotech

Did you know that the pesticides residue in your food can develop Attention Deficit Hyperactivity


E-Waste Management & The Existing Practices: An Industry Overview

By: Dr. Abhijit Sarkar, Country Head-Corporate Real Estate, Administration & Infrastructure, Sharekhan

Electronic waste (e-waste) comprises of waste electronics /electrical goods that


Digitisation Of Energy For Green World

By: Anil Chaudhry, MD & Zone President, Schneider Electric

Digitalisation is key to snap the link between higher GDP growth and rising carbon trails.


Change - The Only Constant

By: Lipi Ray, Head - CRM, NCR & Punjab, IREO

The Sales Force Automation, abbreviated as SFA, refers to the technique

  • 10 Best Green Energy Companies - 2019

    The denouement of the past decade has endangered a more progressive approach to urban renewal and retrofitting in India. The latter half of the decade was quite eventful with the way Smart City Mission commenced shaping up the $14 billion project boasting of coverage of 100 cities. The project in turn has taken the already skyrocketing green energy needs of the country to a situation beyond inevitable. The Diu Smart City (union territory of Daman and Diu) has set a new benchmark for other cities to become clean and green, becoming the first city in India that runs on 100 percent renewable energy during daytime. The government's ambitious green energy targets along with the cushion of world class turnkey solution providers in the country, the sector has become increasingly attractive for both foreign and domestic investors. It is expected to attract $80 billion in the next four years. This has propelled the government to ramp up its previous target to achieve 225 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2022.While moving to the fine tuning phase of green energy, the sector opens up the board doorway of opportunities with a number of organizations at prime positions to seize them. To help our readers practically choose such organizations, siliconindia identifies '10 Best Green Energy Companies - 2019'. A renowned panel of industry's topmost CEOs, directors, VCs, and industry analysts, including siliconindia's editorial board scrutinized the list throughout the year. Evaluating the scenarios in different panorama has brought siliconindia to mark the companies that have whittled some excellent green energy projects. This scrutinized index will perform as a full featured map for spotting the best green energy destinations.

10 Best Green Energy Companies - 2019

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Azure Power Inderpreet Wadhwa,Founding Chairman & CEO Azure Power Missioned to be the lowest cost power producer in the world, working on integrated profiles, with strong value proposition and a strong community partnership for in time project accomplishments
Birds Eye Energy Praneeth Pillarisetti, Founder,Harsha Vardhan Reddy, Co-Founder Birds Eye Energy Develops unique and patented products for the Indian energy segment such as the two-in-one solar panel, which generates electricity and hot water simultaneously from a single panel
Cyber Power Systems Arun Ghosh, Managing Director Cyber Power Systems With inimitable dedication towards green IT, the firm designs and engineers a gamut of innovative products in the UPS realm with high quality, reliability, green performance and less cost
GSE Renewables Sahil Kejriwal, Director GSE Renewables A niche renewable company with a focus to make everything renewable, guiding clients along legal, financial, commercial & technical due diligence to provide a gamut of consultancy and investment banking services and products in the renewable energy domain
Husk Power Systems Manoj Sinha, Co-Founder & CEO Husk Power Systems Designing, building, owning and operating the lowest cost hybrid power plant and distribution network in India and Africa, offering customers a flexible 'pay-as-you-go' energy service using a mobile-enabled smart metering system
RAVI Renewable Energy & Lighting Saikat Roy, CEO RAVI Renewable Energy & Lighting A fully integrated player in the global photovoltaic market focused on placement, development, EPC, O&M service and SAC funding, supported by a proven track record PAN India, providing 360 degree turnkey solutions as per customer’s individual needs
 Renesola Krishan Sharma, Vice President - Asia Pacific Renesola As a vertically integrated solar manufacturer, the company bestows wide array of green energy products to customers ranging from residential user to a very large solar developer across the globe
Solmitra Power & Steel Atul Mishra, Director Solmitra Power & Steel Creates an extensive range of solar and energy storage products using latest technologies to cater to the demands of rural areas & B2B companies
Suzlon Energy Tulsi R. Tanti, Founder, Chairman & MD Suzlon Energy One of the leading renewable energy solutions provider offering a 360-degree solutions package to its customers that covers the entire spectrum of wind energy projects
Yana Solar Harikishan. V. R, Founder & Director Yana Solar With unmatched dedication towards green energy solution, the firm designs and engineers products in the solar energy segment with high quality, reliability, performance and lower cost

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