NDTV Partners with Google, Sees 24% Surge in New User Growth


NDTVNDTV has reported significant success following its strategic partnership with Google, leading to a 24% increase in new user growth. This collaboration, centered around utilizing real-time data insights to enhance content strategy, also resulted in a 12% rise in page views, longer average session durations, and a 3.7% improvement in bounce rate within the first quarter.

Senthil Chengalvarayan, Executive Director of NDTV, highlighted the development of a Newsroom Quality Index by the editorial team. This innovative tool, powered by Google products and other databases, delivers near real-time insights, allowing continuous refinement and optimization of articles to boost audience engagement.

The partnership has enabled NDTV to implement a machine learning-based process, accurately identifying high-performing content and areas needing improvement. This real-time data-driven approach has allowed editors to strategically prioritize topics and formats that attract the most viewership, effectively enhancing the content strategy to meet audience demands.

NDTV’s digital transformation journey has been significantly bolstered by this collaboration, marking a milestone in attracting and retaining a larger audience. The success of these efforts underscores the effectiveness of integrating advanced data insights into content creation and optimization processes, driving substantial improvements in website traffic and viewer engagement.

The media house views this partnership with Google as a pivotal move in its ongoing commitment to digital excellence and audience-centric content strategy.