Pepsi Names Samantha Ruth Prabhu As Brand Ambassador


Pepsi launches yet another incarnation of its inspirational new brand positioning 'Rise Up, Baby!' through its disruptive storylines, personifying the youth's unrelenting drive and unbreakable energy. Samantha Ruth Prabhu, an actress, youth icon, and inspiration to women across the country, stars in the ad.

Samantha becomes one of Pepsi's newest brand ambassadors with this campaign.

The stirring and inspiring campaign, which strives to disrupt the societal standards that the world has built for women, attempts to urge women to follow their passions and irrepressible beliefs in order to break the cultural norms that the world has made for them. The campaign is a commentary on the millions of passive comments and pressures that women face in life, depicting archetypal situations such as being questioned for not being married by a certain age, shamed for staying out late for work, or taking on a lead action-oriented role.

The captivating ad, 'Rise Up Baby,' pays homage to the free-spirited women who do not let others determine their worth and march to their own pace.

Samantha, an actress, commented on the initiative, saying, "I strongly believe that women should always follow their hearts, shattering the stereotypes that society has set for us." As a result, the campaign was even more meaningful to me because it embodies the unwavering and relentless character of women of this generation while inspiring them to wear their idiosyncrasies on their sleeves. I am ecstatic to be affiliated with Pepsi and can't wait for people to be inspired by the campaign and the phrase "Rise Up, Baby!"