RailTel Partners with Tech Firm for KAVACH Deployment in India and Abroad


The railway authorities have signed an agreement with a technology company to explore and execute projects for implementing the KAVACH train collision avoidance system in India and abroad. A statement confirmed that the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was established between RailTel Corporation of India Limited and Quadrant Future Tek Limited for this endeavor.

In the statement, RailTel said the agreement with the tech firm is for "exploring and delivering KAVACH (train collision avoidance system) implementation projects in India as well as other countries". "The MoU lays out a framework for Quadrant to partner exclusively with RailTel on delivering the specific targeted opportunity related to KAVACH", it said.

KAVACH, an automatic train protection (ATP) system developed within India, represents a significant technological advancement within the Indian Railways. The statement emphasized its high level of technological sophistication, requiring the most stringent safety certifications. Additionally, the Indian Railways is actively promoting this system to other countries. RailTel has highlighted the implementation of KAVACH across the Indian Railways network as a key focus area for the national transportation system. Recognized as a 'National ATP System' by the Ministry of Railways in July 2020, KAVACH holds strategic importance within the railway sector.

"Quadrant Future Tek Limited is under the process of final approval by the Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO) as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for the KAVACH project", RailTel said. "RailTel has an in-house team of experts in the Railway Signalling System and is fully capable of taking up such massive upgrade projects like KAVACH. Both the parties, with their individual expertise combined, will now aggressively explore KAVACH project opportunities", it said.

Sanjai Kumar, the Chairman-cum-Managing Director of RailTel, affirmed RailTel's dedication to supporting the Indian Railways in implementing homegrown safety systems such as KAVACH. He expressed the company's commitment to exploring opportunities to extend this technology internationally. "Quadrant Future Tek Limited is a technology and innovation-driven company certified to ISO/IRIS/TS quality management systems", RailTel said.