Tata Elxsi and Arm Forge Partnership for OEMs' Vehicle Software Evolution


Tata Elxsi, a prominent figure in technology and design services on a global scale, has joined forces with Arm, the leading semiconductor design and software platform company. Together, they aim to provide cutting-edge solutions utilizing the latest Arm processors. This collaboration is poised to aid Automotive OEMs and Tier-1s in accelerating their journey towards software-defined vehicles (SDVs).

Automotive architectures are evolving from a distributed and domain-based paradigm to SDV, which includes the use of high-performance computing (HPC). This evolution requires a strategic shift in software development, validation, and deployment philosophies. Tata Elxsi brings its extensive portfolio of SDV solutions through Tata Elxsi AVENIR, a SOAFEE-based software suite that enables the development, integration, building, testing, and deployment of applications entirely on the cloud with ease for OEMs and suppliers.  Through this technology collaboration, Tata Elxsi will make this software suite available on the latest Arm Automotive Enhanced (AE) technology that will power the high-performance requirements of next-generation vehicles.

Tata Elxsi's AVENIR platform introduces a cloud-native development and validation environment, facilitating smooth collaboration for the creation and validation of software-defined vehicle (SDV) functionalities. Included within this framework is a Connected Digital Twin Framework, simplifying the adoption and management of digital twins. Additionally, it incorporates pre-integrated subscription management software, empowering end-users to conveniently subscribe to automotive features as needed.

“The automotive industry is being transformed by a massive increase in software and AI that demands more computing within the efficiency and safety constraints of the vehicle”, said Suraj Gajendra, vice president of products and solutions, Automotive Line of Business, Arm. “By bringing together its SDV solutions with Arm’s latest AE technology, Tata Elxsi is leveraging Arm’s efficient performance and safety leadership to accelerate software development cycles for next-generation vehicles”. 

“Intelligent vehicles of the future will be powered by SDV, Data and AI, and it is critical that technology companies collaborate to overcome the growing complexities. We are committed to working with Arm to make Tata Elxsi AVENIR available on the latest generation of Arm cores, which will power future HPCs for SDV while fostering innovation and unlocking the benefits of scale”, said Shaju S, Vice President & Head, Transportation Business.

Tata Elxsi's AVENIR, integrated with Arm processors, offers automakers a reliable, ready-to-integrate framework for software-defined vehicles (SDVs). This comprehensive solution includes modular software components designed to seamlessly function across Arm-based high-performance computing architectures and chips. By incorporating AVENIR, automakers can expedite the 'shift-left' approach in SDV development and validation processes, effectively reducing time-to-market and mitigating development risks.