Vareyn Solar, BITS Pilani to Enhance Solar PV Structure Designs through BITS-TEC Initiative

Vareyn Solar, BITS Pilani to Enhance Solar PV Structure Designs through BITS-TEC Initiative



One of India’s leading solar EPC companies, Vareyn Solar Pvt. Ltd., has tied up with BITS Pilani to enhance the structure design of solar PV structures to enable achieving greater cost-effectiveness without compromising on sustainability under the BITS-TEC initiative.

Sharing his insights, Shreesh Chaturvedi, Co-Founder, Vareyn Solar Pvt Ltd, said, “There is an urgent need for standardization in solar structure manufacturing. I take this opportunity to urge everyone involved in the solar sector to work towards improvement in material quality, strength, and cost-effectiveness”.

Ishan Chaturvedi, Co-Founder and Director at Vareyn Solar Pvt. Ltd., shared, “With this agreement in place, I believe we must contribute to the future and upcoming technologies. Through research and development with BITS Pilani, we can strive for advancements that benefit various sectors, especially in addressing the evolving power requirements”.

Part of this collaboration calls for the tackling of recycling solar panels in line with global sustainability goals for the next 5-10 years.

Operating within the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction domains, Vareyn Solar’s role is said to focus onsolar panel design.

Both the BITS Pilani and Vareyn Solar team will chalk innovative ways to utilize waste materials within the solar energy space.

Ishan added, “We have proposed innovative ideas in this regard, which we aim to further develop with the BITS Pilani business planning team as well for commercialization.”


Vareyn Solar’s years of experience and the expertise of BITS Pilani's chemical department and laboratories will be deployed for constructing sustainable solar structures out of recycled plastics.

This project aims to provide an enabling ecosystem, process, and support system for technology development, deployment and diffusion in the solar energy sector.

Additionally, BITS Pilani is establishing the first regional TEC (Technology Enabling Center) in the state of Rajasthan.

The BITS-TEC at Rajasthan will act as a HuB and will create an ecosystem for technology development in the regional Universities and will provide a platform to network researchers with other Institutes, National laboratories, and Industries. We look forward to working with Ishan and his team to ensure increased circularity sustainability in solar panels”, shared ____ BITS Pilani.

From the MSME ENGAGEMENT Series at Jaipur, the involved parties have agreed that Samta Power will act as an ecosystem engagement partner of BITS-TEC for all relevant activities for the opportunities of regional MSME engagement on mutually agreed terms.