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 Shivam Sharma: Leading Digital Disruption & Elevating Brand Performance

Shivam Sharma: Leading Digital Disruption & Elevating Brand Performance

   Shivam Sharma,         Founder & CEO

Shivam Sharma

Founder & CEO

In an era marked by innovations and reformation, sculpting an identity for a brand with the chisels of creativity and strategy is essential. Bringing both creativity and efficient tactics under one roof, Shivam Sharma conceptualized Konzept Interaktif (KI).

Marketing is a crucial aspect for businesses to stand strong and survive. A befitting merchandising strategy coupled with reality is needed to witness success and stability in a competitive environment. Through Konzept Interaktif, Shivam provides these marketing tactics and success strategies to help businesses to scale up in their respective markets.

Over the past 10+years of his professional journey, he has proved himself a marketeer with a clear focus on driving profitable growth for brands. Beyond being a practitioner of traditional marketing, he is an expert in analytics and data-driven insights with experience to know when to use what. His time with corporate brands such as Audi, Porsche, Apple, Trump Towers, BenQ, Sobha Realty, and others certainly make a difference in the marketing industry.

CEO Insights engaged in an exclusive conversation to know more about his endeavours and the leadership style that is driving success.

Take us through your educational and professional background.
My educational background is in technology and engineering. While I was exploring software development and testing, I got an opportunity to intern as a social media manager for Microsoft’s Facebook page. It was way back in 2010 when Facebook was booming. This exposure was a turning point. I understood the potential of digital marketing and its scope to transform businesses. I decided to take a plunge into marketing as a career choice. After exploring multiple opportunities with global brands, I chose to step up the marketing game by launching
myown firm.

What inspired you to establish Konzept Interaktif? What was the motivation behind it?
Throughout my journey as a marketing professional, I observed that there is an urgent need for marketing agencies that cater to the growing SME and start-up ecosystem of the country.

I wanted to ideate a versatile solution provider that would be accessible, irrespective of size of the brand. Another core idea was to help the brands not have to juggle between separate agencies for their creative and strategic needs in marketing. This is where we bridge the twin agency gap by bringing creativity and performance in one place. We offer both the creative aspects of marketing while expressing our strategic prowess, ensuring that clients don’t have to onboard different agencies, which in turn saves time and cost for them.

Konzept Interaktif is a data powered and concept-driven marketing solution provider, helping brands achieve their creative potential and objective led ROI milestones.

Highlight the services offered by the company. And, what’s more in the pipeline?
We provide creative, content, web development, digital marketing and social media management solutions powered by our Global Delivery Model. One of our flagship services is Conversion Rate Optimization wherein we guarantee an increase in conversion rate through personalized and data-driven strategies.

We also consult for blockchain companies regarding Cryptocurrency & NFTs. Ever since Facebook rebranded to Meta in October 2021, the concept of the metaverse has captured mainstream attention. We believe that the metaverse offers massive potential for transformational ‘branding’ both in the real and virtual world. It should be scalable, accessible, provide countless virtual opportunities for creators and consumers alike. That is what is in the pipeline for the company harnessing this potential.

Could you tell us about the unique values of Konzept Interaktif that
makes it stand out in the market?
Imagine hiring separate agencies for your marketing needs one creative, the other, strategic. It’s twice the cost and time burden for fast-moving organizations. But for KI, creativity is tactical. We are about knowing when to amp it up and tone it down. We are a one stop solution, and that’s our USP.

Let me put it like this we try to help brands reach their true creative potential using the power of data, ideas and concepts backed by innovative tech and interactivity. At the same time, we deliver on objective-led ROI milestones. The team’s sense of style and statistics helps us make sure our partners meet their business objectives.

On the other side, we are an employee-centric company as well. Our people thrive on the impact digital transformation can have on the world. We provide them the opportunity to work with exciting and inspiring technology. We nurture each other’s passions and imbibe a culture of innovation and empowerment. I believe that every idea is a good idea, and we should directpeople to execute them successfully.

What is the roadmap you have in place for KI? What is the success mantra that constantly helps you achieve your goals?
Although we are a two-year young brand, we work with leading brands such as Mercedes-Benz Global Star, Seacrest IT Services, The Woods Retreat, BMW Munich Motors, and The House of Abhinandan Lodha, Router Protocol, among others. Before setting up Konzept, I worked with Sobha Realty, currently one of our clients.

We are looking at expanding our reach to international markets like the Middle East and UK. Speaking of my success mantra, I believe that consistency and discipline are the bedrock for growth (be it for a person or a company). Apart from this, a trusted team and constant efforts to nurture them will definitely lead you toward your goals.

Shivam Sharma, Founder & CEO, Konzept Interaktif
A versatile data-driven marketeer with extensive business knowledge and experience working with iconic brands in the automobile, real estate, FMCG, and technology sectors in India and abroad.

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