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Alfred Arambhan: Revolutionizing Preventive Healthcare With Affordable, Accessible & Accurate Solutions

Alfred Arambhan: Revolutionizing Preventive Healthcare With Affordable, Accessible & Accurate Solutions

Alfred Arambhan,  Co-Founder

Alfred Arambhan


Visionary leaders are the driving force behind transformative enterprises, and Alfred Arambhan exemplifies this commitment to excellence. As the Visionary Co-Founder & CVO of IIV Health Solutions (IIVH), he has set out to etch his name in the annals of Preventive Healthcare Services. With unwavering dedication, Alfred is all set to revive Trust in the universal adage that, 'Prevention is better than cure' by focusing on Non-Subjective Testing and Screening using Smart Devices and Solutions including Predictive Analysis.

An alumnus of Indian School of Business, Alfred stands as a beacon of hope in the healthcare landscape, pioneering the world's first Non-Invasive, Affordable, Accessible & Accurate, early detection, screening, and monitoring device for Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). IIVH under Alfred's leadership, aspires to redefine Preventive healthcare, forging a path toward a healthier and more productive future for all.

In an insightful dialogue with CEO Insights magazine, Alfred unfolds the compelling nuances of his entrepreneurial journey, marked as influential in the national sphere. Here's an excerpt from an intriguing conversation.

Tell us about your academic experience from the Indian School of Business. What did you learn from the campus beyond academics?
The faculty and campus are undoubtedly world class, fostering knowledge, learning and research. To benefit beyond the classroom through the Alumni network, students should be allowed before registering, to view the enrolled students profile, age, qualification, and industry along with the course material and faculty. I have made lasting friends and connects through the ISB Alumni network and was privileged to be invited to be a Guest Lecturer. I look forward to contributing to any form or manner to the various ISB executive programs.

What is the inspiration behind the
establishment of IIV Health Solutions and how is it positioned in the healthcare sector?
I have been a high-risk diabetic since an early age and have also been a victim of PAD and had to lose my Right Big Toe. I was in and out of the wheelchair for over a period of 13 years. In 2004, I underwent a Triple By-pass Heart Surgery. This has inspired IIVH to work towards avoiding amputations, heart attacks and strokes by early detection of PAD. Our mission is to make Preventive Health Care Affordable, Accessible & Accurate and to train, develop and establish a dedicated distribution network of Micro Entrepreneurs, that would embody and deliver Empathy and Trust into the Preventive Health Care Space.

Life is what you make of it

Our pioneering device for peripheral artery disease, a world-first, is just the beginning to be followed by Innovative Devices and Solutions for the Diabetic and Diabetic Related diseases. Our go to market strategy is to deliver service in 50,000 locations across 24 states and one Union Territory. We aspire to be the Parle G of Health Care Devices embodying the attributes of Apple and Bose Products.

As the Co-Founder, what are the factors you consider when developing effective corporate growth strategies?
Amid the startup buzz, it's essential to remember that the essence of starting something new isn't exclusive to fledgling companies. Established giants like Ambani, Birla, and Tata have all embraced the startup mentality when embarking on fresh endeavors. What truly matters is understanding your market, your addressable segment, and positioning yourself wisely, acknowledging that you can't be everything to everyone.

While the startup world often fixates on valuations, we place our faith in solid business fundamentals leveraging our resources and fostering cooperation even with competitors using cooperation methods, delivering value and healthy cash flows.

How do you guide your them to deliver modern and technology driven innovation to create a unique patient care experience?
As we embark on our journey into the realm of preventive healthcare, our primary driving force is an unwavering passion a passion that originates from genuine belief. We aspire to transcend the conventional
role of healthcare providers.

Our goal is to become guardians of well-being, dedicated to going above and beyond; instilling confidence and trust back into the treatment and approach in the medical landscape.

Our mission is nothing short of a revolution in a market clouded by skepticism, doubt, and trust deficit.

What is the future destination you are headed towards?
We are embarking on a transformative mission using our Distribution Network of Micro Entrepreneurs, focused on poverty alleviation, education, entrepreneurship, and leadership, aiming to empower individuals at all levels to create a meaningful impact.

Our inclusive team members will, have Micro Entrepreneurs such as ASHA workers, postmen, retired armed forces personnel, house wives, students seeking additional income, and retirees.

Our growth path and plans include ready to market several complimentary devices and solutions to augment the Non-Invasive, Affordable, Accessible, Accurate mission for the Preventive Health Care Space.

Alfred Arambhan, Co-Founder, IIV Health Solutions
Alfred Arambhan is a dynamic first-generation serial entrepreneur with a versatile portfolio spanning Preventive Health Care, Agri Tech, Shipping, and Clearing & Forwarding. He also wears the hats of a respected corporate trainer, motivational speaker, and mentor, sharing his wisdom with future business leaders as a guest lecturer at prestigious management institutes in India. Alfred's global impact is underscored by his recognition from esteemed organizations like the United Nations - Global Compact. Contributes to Social Impact Films as an Advisor with Indian Documentary Films (IDF). He contributes, as the Regional Head of the Blue Economy Committee within the Maharashtra Economic Development Council (MEDC), emphasizing his commitment to sustainable economic growth and innovation in the region.

•Hobbies:Reading and YouTube Junkie watching Lectures, Debates and Talks.
•Favourite books:- “Everything is Negotiable” by Gavin Kennedy, “Obstacle
is the Way” by Ryan Holiday
•Favourite Travel Destination:Goa

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