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Aashish  Nanavati: Pioneering Digital Evolution For Business Growth

Aashish Nanavati: Pioneering Digital Evolution For Business Growth

  Aashish Nanavati,    Managing Partner

Aashish Nanavati

Managing Partner

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital innovation, companies seek visionary leaders to drive them toward unprecedented growth and excellence. Aashish Nanavati, the Managing Partner of DIGISTRAT HUB, is one such leader who specializes in spearheading digital evolution for brands. With over 20 years of experience, Aashish's journey includes impactful roles at renowned companies like Amazon, Shaw Academy, Shaadi.com, FT.com, and Bwin Party Gaming. His expertise spans ‘Go-To-Market Strategy, ‘Customer Acquisition, Engagement, and Retention’ backed by data-driven ‘marketing automation’, ‘analytics’, ‘digital transformation’ and ‘digital product management’ from growth, conversion and customer journey perspectives. Aashish's strategic thinking and commitment to digital transformation and marketing have made him a trusted figure in the industry. He believes in combining the right vision with impeccable execution to create niche and scalable businesses. Let’s learn more from him in the below interview snippets.

Tell us about your professional journey and what motivates your daily routines.
In my professional journey, I've worked in various global markets and contributed my expertise to renowned companies in sectors like eCommerce, Digital Media, EdTech, Matrimony, Gaming, OTT, and Healthcare. My experiences with industry giants such as Amazon, Shaw Academy, Shaadi.com, Financial Times, Bwin Party Gaming, and The Times of India have given me with a comprehensive understanding of marketing and sales. My strengths include creating strong strategy and operations structure that includes creating the right GoTo-Market strategy fostering Brand Development and Performance Marketing powered by Technology, Data and Innovation.

My journey is my cross-industry expertise, allowing me to tailor strategies that resonate with different audiences and sectors. Particularly, I excel in crafting impactful 'Digital Strategies' that navigate today's market complexities and position brands for sustained growth. In the field of 'Marketing,' I have honed a wide range of skills, spanning from traditional methods to cutting edge digital approaches, ensuring a comprehensive and forward-looking perspective.
My motivation lies in the ever-changing digital landscape, where I embrace the challenge of 'Digital Transformation' and innovation in Marketing Technology. I excel in 'Digital Product Marketing' with a focus on Business and Digital Strategy, Marketing, Product Marketing, Digital Transformation, Marketing Analytics, and Automation.

In my daily routine, I prioritize well-being through exercise and yoga. I engage in client meetings, study, and reading. Weekends are for travel, cars, and bikes. Family time, especially with my son, brings joy and balance to my life.

Tell us about your experience at the Indian School of Business. What did you learn from the campus beyond academics?
Studying at the Indian School of Business was a transformative experience that extended beyond academics. The program instilled a belief in lifelong learning, emphasizing that knowledge has no bounds. It immersed me in entrepreneurship, providing practical insights and a diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem.

My journey is my cross industry expertise, allowing me to tailor strategies that resonate with different audiences & sectors

I learned essential life skills, including time management and prioritization, which have proven invaluable in both my professional and personal life. The program encouraged self-directed learning, enhancing my ability to adapt and learn independently. In essence, my ISB journey shaped me into a dynamic, adaptable professional and resilient individual. The experience extended far beyond academics and instilled values that continue to guide my journey.

What are the factors you check when defining long-term business goals?
As the Managing Partner of DIGISTRAT HUB, I approach defining long-term business goals by combining extensive digital expertise with creativity and strategy. My focus centers on three key pillars: aligning initiatives with clients' business objectives, crafting customized solutions across various sectors, and establishing an operational structure that amplifies the impact of our strategies.

In healthcare our digital solutions aim to revolutionize patient engagement, streamline processes, and enhance healthcare delivery leveraging digital. We empower organizations to navigate the evolving landscape with agility and innovation. My approach anticipates change, leverages persuasion to unlock potential, and orchestrates
strategies that position DIGISTRAT HUB as a trailblazer in the dynamic digital landscape, encompassing marketing, product development, and customer experience.

What measures have you taken to influence the team's culture, and how do you provide training and motivation for the team?
Shaping a vibrant team culture is built on fostering a learning-centric environment. I believe in the principle of learning, implementing, and teaching, encouraging individual growth for the collective team's progress.

I prioritize curiosity as a catalyst for innovation within in-house and agency teams. By igniting exploration, team members seek knowledge and contribute to innovative solutions that drive client success.

My leadership style focuses on helping team members understand the 'why' behind their tasks, empowering them to see their works role in our shared success. Training goes beyond skills to encompass a strategic context. Team members delve into digital marketing, technology, and strategy, becoming versatile professionals for collaborative projects.

Our culture values open communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, enhancing the team's collective intelligence. A work-life balance is encouraged for personal well-being and professional effectiveness in client collaborations.

What would be your advice to budding industry leaders?
Drawing from my extensive professional journey, my advice to budding industry leaders is anchored in a few key principles, Embrace lifelong learning to stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape and see challenges as stepping stones for growth. Value versatility by cultivating a skill set. Prioritize collaboration, recognize that successful leadership is a collective effort, and encourage open idea exchange and diverse voices to harness the team's collective intelligence. Lastly, maintain balance, as a healthy work-life balance is crucial for sustained success, enhancing your well being and effectiveness as a leader. These principles have been pivotal in my own journey, and I believe they can serve as guiding beacons for those navigating the dynamic and challenging landscape of leadership in the digital age.

Aashish Nanavati, Managing Partner, Digistrat Hub
Aashish Nanavati is a digital marketing strategist with over 20 years of global experience, including roles at Amazon, Shaw Academy, and Shaadi.com. Known for pioneering 'Go-To-Market Strategies' and elevating customer acquisition and retention programs. Currently holding the position of Managing Partner, DIGISTRAT HUB, along with vCMO/vCDO independent consulting role with clients.

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