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Amardeep Sibia: Leading The AI Revolution In Energy And Shaping The Future

Amardeep Sibia: Leading The AI Revolution In Energy And Shaping The Future

 Amardeep Sibia,   Founder

Amardeep Sibia


AI has the ability to automate intricate procedures and reduce downtime through the anticipation of maintenance requirements. By incorporating advanced analytics and predictive abilities, AI enhances human intelligence and empowers employees to make higher-quality, more effective, and more innovative decisions. AI’s applicability spans all sectors, making it indispensable especially in the energy industry. Its implementation enables constant power grid monitoring, precise power variation forecasts, and innovative utilization of geothermal energy sources, playing a pivotal role in achieving netzero goals.

Among the trailblazers is Drishya AI Labs Inc., an award-winning deep tech company, digitalizing facilities one at a time and reshaping the energy sector's future. Drishya AI leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to optimize intelligent energy and industrial operations, resulting in increased profitability and productivity in production and business processes. Amardeep Sibia, the Founder of Drishya AI, has been pioneering the utilization of AI in the energy sector, setting it apart as a unique approach.

In a one-on-one interview with us, Amardeep gave us a perspective on using AI in the energysector and its transformative impact on shaping a new and improved future for the industry.

Provide a concise overview of your professional experience and career progression.
I have founded and currently serve as the CEO of Drishya AI Labs, an industrial AI company operating in Calgary, Canada, and Bangalore, India. Prior to establishing this venture, I held the position of CEO at
Satsure, a startup focused on agricultural satellite data analytics. Before that, I enjoyed a 17-year tenure at Goldman Sachs, where I held various roles in locations such as New York, London, and Bangalore. The culmination of these experiences has propelled us to become a recognized leader in industrial AI. Our company primarily caters to enterprise clients in the oil and gas resources sector, allowing us to collaborate with some of the largest energy companies worldwide. The expertise acquired from leading technology organizations and previous startup endeavours has been instrumental in our journey and contributed to our current success. Notably, my co-founders, some of whom are former colleagues from Goldman Sachs, bring valuable backgrounds that further strengthen our team. Together, we leverage our collective knowledge and experiences to drive Drishya AI Labs forward.

All team members, from developers to engineers, data scientists, and platform personnel, actively engage in customer conversations, recognizing them as invaluable teachers

When formulating successful corporate growth strategies, what are the key factors you consider?
As a relatively young venture, our focus is on achieving growth in the industry. After dedicating our initial years to product and solution development,we are now transitioning towards establishing ourselves in the largest energy markets globally. Our target markets include Calgary, known as the energy capital of Canada, Houston, and the Middle East. To accomplish this, we consider various aspects such as market acquisition, product strategy, team expansion, and acquiring the right mix of technical and business talent. Additionally, forging partnerships with thirdparty vendors for distribution is also a part of our roadmap for Drishya AI's growth. Our objective is to penetrate multiple markets and cater to diverse customer segments.
As a leader, how have you been guiding your team to extract meaningful market insights and ensure the company's sustained presence in the industry?
As a young company, our emphasis lies in recruiting individuals who possess a strong inclination towards learning and problem-solving.This has been instrumental in our ability to adapt and thrive in the industry. Every member of our team, whether they are developers, product engineers, data scientists, or platform personnel, actively engages in customer facing discussions, which serve as an invaluable source of market insights. We strongly believe that our customers are our greatest educators. Our core values and company culture reinforce a continuous learning and innovation mindset, particularly in a rapidly changing market landscape. Collaborating with major energy companies globally has further enhanced our team's knowledge and skills. However, given our location outside traditional energy hubs like Bangalore, we proactively encourage our team to actively participate in industry events and stay updated on industry news to foster a deep understanding of the energy sector in which we operate.

What are your future aspirations and long term plans for the upcoming years? How do you envision your roadmap for the future?
Given the current financial market turmoil, climate change impacts, and disruptive influence of AI, traditional business paradigms are rapidly evolving. The effects of climate change, as evident in events like heavy rains and forest fires, are reshaping the way business is conducted. It is crucial for aspiring entrepreneurs to recognize these fast-changing dynamics as they bring both disruption and chaos, while also presenting opportunities to embrace new paradigms.

Amardeep Sibia, Founder, Drishya Ai
Amardeep is the Founder and CEO of, bringing with him more than 26 years of international experience. He has an extensive background, having spent over 17 years at Goldman Sachs as a Vice President in the United States, United Kingdom, and India, leading diverse engineering and operations teams.

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