Apoorva Jain: An Exemplary Leader Addressing The Problems Pertaining To Modern Legal Dynamics | CEOInsights Vendor
Apoorva Jain: An Exemplary Leader Addressing The Problems Pertaining To Modern Legal Dynamics

Apoorva Jain: An Exemplary Leader Addressing The Problems Pertaining To Modern Legal Dynamics

Apoorva Jain,  Founder & CEO

Apoorva Jain

Founder & CEO

The essence of entrepreneurship lies in figuring out a novel dimension that can address the present obligations envisaged within the industry, simultaneously paving the path towards the future. Eager to explore the nuances as well as the challenges of the promising legal industry, Apoorva Jain (Founder & CEO, MyLawCare) has always been interested in studying entrepreneurial ventures that solve problems and create value that is greater than the sum of its parts. As a law student, she was astonished to find that, while people lack access to quality and efficient legal service, practicing lawyers tirelessly look for clients in the same fields. This absurd yet crucial gap compelled Apoorva to look for answers and for almost a year, she worked on the plan, model, and other intricacies of MyLawCare (MLC). With a model that is simple, tidy, and obvious, MLC took birth in 2021 as an innovative venture built to cater to the problems pertaining to contemporary legal dynamics. Apoorva has also successfully established a non-profit organization 'Pride and Prejudice Collective for South Asian Queer Feminist Studies', through which she curates, organizes, analyses and publishes queer feminist theory with a goal to further develop South Asian queer theory, studythe various intersections of decolonial theory as well as queer political identities, raise awareness, and rally for human rights.

Apoorva engages in an exclusiveinteraction with CEO Insights.

How would you define MyLawCare and its current position in the market? How is it different from other competitors?
MyLawCare is a legal tech company that is a database and network of lawyers from around the country. After specifying their legal and budget requirements, both individual and company clients are put in
touch with the right professional as per their knowledge and expertise. Most uniquely,MLC offers business subscriptions to organizations and enterprises to manage all their recurring legal work streams, employing a team of lawyers present in every part of India. These work streams range from contract life cycle management, regulatory and compliance, licensing and certification, availing government schemes, and more. With the right support and time, I believe it has the ability to accelerate our progress in digitizing, modernizing and organizing the legal profession in India, especially in the service sector.

One of my biggest goals is to put India on the world map for LegalTech Services, especially in the service industry

MLC business subscriptions can change the way we do business, legally secure all work streams and weave a safety net to widen and expand the enterprise wider than was ever possible before.

As the CEO, how are you devising strategies to strengthen the presence of MyLawCare as a premium legal institution?
MyLawCare is projected to multiply its network by at least 20 in the coming years. I think this is a really exciting time with regards to entrepreneurial creativity, especially in the legal field. With legaltech being the up and coming thing, we are slowly realising the potential of what it can achieve. Further, the people also better understand the importance of being active in the virtual space, and what a good presence can do for business. With respect to strategizing, I believe having a simple yet efficient model, and conveying its potential well is key. My focus on creating people oriented business systems also contributes to this.

How has been your response to the challenges posed by the Covid affected market and the need for new strategies?
COVID devastated the entire world however, if I were to look at a silver lining, I think MLC was lucky to step into a market that is increasingly online friendly, accustomed to the digital space and comfortable interacting with it. It is open to the idea of doing more things virtually.
The advantages of doing business virtually have been made evident and so is visible around the world with big companies incorporating remote work in their regular work streams as well.

I think my role in this new normal would be to ride this wave of digitization and accelerate this progress to develop more efficient and powerful online legal systems with MyLawCare. One of my biggest goals is to put India on the world map for Legal Tech Services, especially in the service industry, and I think this time is a good opportunity to do that.

Going forward, what are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate and what are the opportunities that you foresee as a leader?
I recognize the challenge in attempting to digitize a traditionally paper heavy occupation but the legal world has come a long way from the way it was before. Alternate Dispute Resolution is also an untapped market that is bound to see significant boosts in the future. MLC provides specific opportunities to its clients and legal partners to avail this via training, hiring management, consultation and more both domestically, and more importantly, internationally. It is especially beneficial to commercial cases in being more affordable, efficient, faster, accessible and safe. With MyLawCare, we aim to present and amplify all these benefits in our ADR services.

Apoorva Jain, Founder & CEO, MyLawCare
Apoorva has a knack for cooking, and since last year, she has gotten into roasting her own coffee which has been an exciting adventure for her. Recently, she has developed a keen interest in the flute music and plans to take up learning the instrument this year. When asked about her favorite cuisine, she says, “These days, Southeast Asian flavours have been particularly kind to my palette.” Apoorva also enjoys the company of books and her favorite Book is Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. Being an adherent traveller, she loves visiting places like Hanoi and Halong Bay, Vietnam and Maldives.

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