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Dr. Atul Tandon: The Monoclonal Antibody Man With Rich Industry Expertise

Dr. Atul Tandon: The Monoclonal Antibody Man With Rich Industry Expertise

 Dr. Atul Tandon,   President

Dr. Atul Tandon


The All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is one of the premier medical institutes in India. It has produced some of the finest doctors, scientists and other healthcare professionals in the country. Many AIIMS alumni have gone on to become global leaders in their respective fields. One of the renowned faces from AIIMS is Dr. Atul Tandon, President and CEO of NEOBIOTECHNOLOGIES.

Dr. Tandon has been involved with Monoclonal Antibody Technology since 1975. He is a creator curator, conservator and collector (4Cā€™s) of more than ten thousand monoclonal antibodies.

Dr. Tandon was born in India in 1953. He received his MSc in Biochemistry from Lucknow University in 1975 and his PhD in Biochemistry/Reproductive Immunology from AIIMS in 1982. After completing his PhD, he moved to San Antonio, Texas, where he worked in academia for seven years in the area of breast cancer prognosis. His contributions to this field led to the development of Herceptin, a drug that is still marketed today by Genentech.

In 1991, Dr. Tandon moved to California to become the head of R&D at a biotechnology company. Two years later, in 1993, he founded his own biotechnology company, NEOMARKERS. Dr. Tandon managed this company successfully for 9 years, after which it was acquired by Thermo-Fisher. Since then, he has founded and sold several biotech companies and has been a leader in the antibody industry for the past 30 years. He is a role model for aspiring scientists and entrepreneurs, and his work has helped to save countless lives. He is well known in the antibody industry and has been given the nickname 'MAbMan'- The Monoclonal Antibody Man.

Currently, Dr. Tandon is the President and CEO of NEOBIOTECHNOLOGIES, a premier antibody company based in Silicon Valley, California. NEOBIOTECHNOLOGIES holds 10,000+ monoclonal antibodies of the highest quality and was founded in 2013, marking a decade of its existence this year.
In this interview with CEO Insights, Dr. Atul Tandon unveils the insights of his remarkable professional journey.

What is the motivation that fuels your daily routine?
The essence of my motivation is centered around striving for the highest quality in everything I do. It's not about mere quantity but about approaching tasks with passion and unwavering determination. This is the driving force behind my actions.

I established the first biotech company, NEOMARKERS, in 1993 without relying on external financial support. The entire venture was self-funded, and the profits generated were reinvested to foster organic growth.

Be optimistic & always believe the best of you is yet to come

After the acquisition of NEOMARKERS in 2002, I spearheaded a major real estate project in the SF Bay Area and architected, designed, and built a three story, 24,000 square foot commercial office building in Union City. This was unchartered territory for me, but my wife and I were steadfast in our goal to provide an unparalleled professional landmark for the city and its residents. After 24 months of hard work and planning, the building, named NEOCENTER, opened its doors in 2003 and this year we celebrated its 20th anniversary. The lower level is occupied by my wife and her surgical eye care practice (NEOVISION Eye Center), and the upper level is occupied by my biotech ventures. The remaining offices are dedicated to other professional service providers in the Bay Area. It humbles me to see the numerous awards and recognition NEOCENTER has received from city leaders, as well as the profound positive impact it has had on our community.

Could you please share your unique experiences you had at AIIMS?
Beyond the academic realm, my experiences on campus taught me a valuable lesson in seeking a purposeful life rather than just pursuing a degree. This involved approaching my endeavors with utmost integrity and strong moral values. Additionally, I cultivated a robust circle of friends during my time there, a period spanning over four decades since I left AIIMS in 1983. I'm still in regular contact with many of my peers from that era. One key take away from my campus days was the significance of building a solid network of highly skilled professionals while upholding the highest levels of honesty.
Could you provide insight into NEOBIOTECHNOLOGIES' expertise in developing antibody products?
Our distinct contribution comes from our rigorous validation process during the development of new antibodies. This meticulous approach sets our products apart, earning them more trust compared to offerings from other companies. This differentiation is how we stand out in the market. We're recognized for the value we bring, and NEOBIOTECHNOLOGIES now boasts one of the largest banks of monoclonal antibodies in the world. With over 10,000 antibodies in our collection, our contribution to the field of biological sciences is significant. We take immense pride in what we've achieved.

Could you elaborate on the distinctive qualities of your leadership approach?
When it comes to our team, we seek long term talented employees and invest in their professional growth. I am closely involved in the day-to-day operations of the company, personally overseeing the approval of every product before it reaches the market. This hands on approach reflects our company's philosophy everything we offer must meet the highest standards of quality.

What advice would you offer to emerging leaders?
My advice is simple and what I live by every day. Do whatever you are passionate about, and strive to be the best in your field.

How would you characterize NEOBIOTECHNOLOGIES as an organization, and what is its current standing in the field of life sciences?
Within the realm of life sciences, NEOBIOTECHNOLO GIES holds a prominent position, particularly in the area of monoclonal antibodies. As a privately owned company, we serve as a key player, supplying antibodies to numerous other entities in the antibody sector. Notably, many well-known companies in the market, boasting impressive marketing materials and online presence, actually source our products to sell under their own brand names. This often places us in a some what concealed role, operating behind the scenes as the primary product supplier to the market. Simultaneously, we also engage in direct sales of our products to end users.

Dr. Atul Tandon, President, NEOBIOTECHNOLOGIES
Dr. Tandon is the President and CEO of NEOBIOTECHNOLOGIES, a leading antibody company based in Silicon Valley, California. His passion for antibodies is evident in all he does and has been a pioneer in the antibody industry for the past four decades.

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