Dr. Nikhilesh Tiwari: A Socially Responsible Fintech Entrepreneur, Empowering The Underserved | CEOInsights Vendor
Dr. Nikhilesh Tiwari: A Socially Responsible Fintech Entrepreneur, Empowering The Underserved

Dr. Nikhilesh Tiwari: A Socially Responsible Fintech Entrepreneur, Empowering The Underserved

Dr. Nikhilesh Tiwari,   CEO

Dr. Nikhilesh Tiwari


Despite India's rapid economic growth, a considerable portion of the population still faces difficulties in accessing fundamental financial services. The migrant community, which frequently lacks formal identification and financial inclusion, is a significant part of this group. Spay Technology(SPAY INDIA), founded and led by Dr. Nikhilesh Tiwari, is a Fintech company that has intervened to fill this gap and empower these under served populations. Dr. Nikhilesh established Spay India to empower migrant workers and other underprivileged sections of the Indian economy. This Fintech firm has the potential to change lives and accelerate economic growth.

Dr. Nikhilesh Tiwari, the visionary CEO of Spay Technology, is an innovative leader with a passion for transforming the financial landscape for under served populations. His unwavering commitment to creating a more inclusive financial system has earned him recognition as a thought leader in the industry.

Below is an excerpt of Dr. Nikhilesh Tiwari's exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

How has your entrepreneurial journey been so far? What factors motivated you to establish Spay Technology?
During a period of financial instability, I found myself in a very dark place when the company I was working for shut down, leaving me without a salary. But amidst the uncertainty, I met my business partner who played a crucial role in turning my situation around. He supported me in every way possible, both financially and emotionally, and helped secure the funds needed to start Spay Technology. This was the beginning of a new journey, one that was built on our shared vision and
passion to empower migrants in India. Today, we are proud to have built an empire that continues to grow, and our focus remains on creating a positive impact in the lives of those we serve.

I am proud to share that Spay India has achieved remarkable success & currently ranks among the top five companies in the B2B FinTech industry in India

You possess over a decade of experience. How has been your path to success and what is your success mantra?
I strongly believe that the only mantra for success in life has been beautifully articulated in the Gita. As Lord Krishna has said, 'We can only control our actions, and the rest is in the hands of the almighty'. This powerful message has always resonated with me and helped me stay focused during both good and bad times. Whenever I face challenges or obstacles, I remind myself to keep moving forward without dwelling on the past. By remaining honest with myself and focusing on my goals, I am confident that I will continue to succeed in my career and life. Thus, I urge everyone to keep going, keep doing their best, and trust in the journey ahead

How would you define Spay Technology as an organization and its current position in the market?
I am proud to share that Spay Technology has achieved remarkable success and currently ranks among the top five companies in the B2B FinTech industry in India. Our focus on providing secure financial services has helped us to stay ahead of the competition. Spay Technology's software is fully secure, allowing us to process millions of transactions daily without any issues. We prioritize the needs of our merchants and ensure that they have easy access to their financial performance. Also, the strong IP support has enabled us to provide innovative and reliable services to our clients. At Spay Technology, we are committed to expanding our services to small merchants, migrant workers, and other underserved populations who
lack proper access to banking services. With upcoming investment plans, we aim to continue making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

Tell us about your leadership and governance approach. What are the guidelines you follow as a leader?
I strongly believe in the power of spirituality, and the teachings of the Gita have had a profound impact on my life and career. Following the seven rules outlined in the first seven chapters of the Gita can help anyone become a successful and peaceful leader. These teachings provide valuable insight into how to conduct business, interact with customers, and navigate difficult times. Additionally, when feeling demotivated or facing challenging situations, reciting the Hare Paramatma Krishnaya Vasudevaya Namaha mantra can bring a sense of inner peace and positivity. I have personally experienced the benefits of this mantra and believe that it can help anyone overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

In light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to budding industry leaders?
As a seasoned professional, my advice to those looking to excel in the service industry is simple don't fall for the temptation of price wars. Building a good platform for your customers, ensuring that their transactions are secure, and providing them with a seamless experience should be your priority. Remember, in the service industry, it's the quality of your service that matters, not the price. Hence, focus on creating an environment where your customers feel valued and their needs are met promptly. If you can do that, success will come knocking at your door, and you'll be able to establish a loyal customer base.

Dr. Nikhilesh Tiwari, CEO, Spay Technology (SPAY INDIA)
Dr. Nikhilesh is a seasoned entrepreneur and the CEO of Spay Technology, a fintech company that focuses on empowering underserved sections of the Indian economy, including the migrant population. Dr. Nikhilesh completed his BSc from Chatrapati Sahuji Maharaj Kanpur University and has extensive experience in the financial services sector, having worked with Suvidhaa Infoserve.

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