FINANZINDIA: Empowering Clients to Create Abundant Wealth via Regular Research

FINANZINDIA: Empowering Clients to Create Abundant Wealth via Regular Research

Pravin Mutha,Founding Partners

Pravin Mutha

Founding Partners

Mutual Fund business is a sunrise industry in India with just 7-8 percent AUM-GDP ratio (vis-a-vis more than 60 percent rate of developed countries), which is magnetizing more and more money, which was earlier invested into FD/real estate/gold due to low returns, TDS, liquidity and growing awareness regarding Mutual Fund. If people wish to participate in Indian growth, maintain the (kapda to branded clothes, education to international education) lifestyles or beat inflation, Equity asset class is the only solution. Empowering its clients to achieve this by creating good wealth through regular research of portfolios & schemes is FINANZINDIA, Nasik’s first Certified Financial Planning firm, which has mastered in all spheres of financial asset class Equity as well as Debt. It is the founding members’ (Pravin Mutha & Kavita Devi) passion for reading various newspapers, magazines, journals, and fund fact sheet that has made this uphill task interesting.

Currently managing around 300 families with Rs.200 crore Asset Under Management & Rs.1 crore SIP Book size per month, they both had a bumble beginning, whereas Pravin started his career as a share sub-broker in 1987. He became a founding member of Motilal Ostwal Securities Nasik Branch with the advent of online trading on BSE & NSE, and in 2000 embarked on the Mutual Fund journey, as it bestowed handsome returns for him and his investors. It is in 2004, he met Kavita who had started her career in mutual fund distribution. Despite completing higher education in law, and hailing from a business family background, Kavita always had a passion for finance and desired to pursue a profession in a transparent and ethical manner. As their passion and quest for knowledge matched, they established FINANZINDIA as a client-centric partnership advisory firm in 2007 to serve clients under one roof in all aspects of ‘Money’. The following
snippets of an exclusive conversation of Kavita & Pravin with CEO Insights demonstrate how treating their clients like their extended families fuelled their growth through client reference.

Providing ethical & unbiased advice being our strength, we balance between the irrational and rational part of money

Please give us an insight on the way you run the organization.
Providing ethical & unbiased advice being our strength, we balance between the irrational and rational part of money. We believe in 100 percent goal based planning instead of advising investments randomly. Money is a highly emotional subject. Dependency and past experiences of money creates fear and insecurity. Keen on diverting those emotions towards positive side of money, we pursue the listen-plan-build strategy, wherein we first listen to our clients journey & their approach towards money, beliefs, goals, fears and help them understand and prioritize their financial life. Following this, we analyze their cash flows, risk appetite, return expectations and aspirations and accordingly build their financial pyramid with four strong foundations: Emergency events of life, Provision for family’s Non-Negotiable Expenses, Negotiable Expenses provision and Assets for next generation in the uppermost layer. This helps them move from ‘things they are doing now’ to ‘things they really love to do’. Financial plan slowly gives them a feeling of confidence, security, freedom in life and regular review of plans helps them to balance out all spheres of their lives.

Kindly tell us about the various offerings to provide under your entities and the diverse strategies you leverage to spread financial awareness?
While FINANZINDIA provides execution and investment services, our other firm Krishna FINZPLAN, a SEBI Registered Investment Advisory Firm, is involved in fee based financial planning practise. We educate the investors regarding various risks & reward of money before rendering the solutions. Besides advising them on the concepts of compounding (which is crucial for wealth creation) and
regularity (continuous investment process), we suggest investors to focus on goals rather than return and initial investors prioritize wealth creation over asset allocation. For Financial awareness we write Blog and have written books namely ‘Plan Your Wealth’,‘Create Your Wealth’ and ‘Journey Towards Financial Planning’,and perform awareness lectures & workshops for students, women & families.

Kavita Devi, Founding Partner

What are your future plans and how are you preparing yourself to achieve them?
Having built a strong team with qualified staff and three associate CFPs, we upgrade ourselves technology-wise(online transactions for Investments, Mobile App & others). We regularly read around two hours every day, undertake workshops, different courses & professional conferences. We have taken Registered Investment Advisor License to remain with the new trend of Financial Advisory Industry. We operate with the mission of being with our clients in all thick and thin situations of their financial life and our ultimate goal is to see all our clients slowly to become financially free to live a happy fulfilled life.

Key Management:
Kavita Devi, Founding Partner
Holding the honour of being the first CFPcm in Nasik district among the financial advisors, Kavita has also completed the Life Planning course in 2017, which helps her understand client’s emotions related to money rather than just Facts and Figures.

Pravin Mutha, Founding Partner
An avid reader with CFP certification, Pravin boasts vast experience, knowledge & ability, which enables him to pick future performing mutual fund schemes and thus helps FINANZINDIA as well as his clients to create a good wealth.

Offerings: Mutual Fund, Life Insurance, Genral Insurance and Fixed Deposit

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