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Gajanan Nabar: Marching Ahead With A Mission To Achieve Complete Customer Satisfaction

Gajanan Nabar: Marching Ahead With A Mission To Achieve Complete Customer Satisfaction

Gajanan Nabar,   CEO

Gajanan Nabar


A mid sustained and robust economic growth, Indian energy consumption is likely to grow faster than that of other large countries. From 753.7 Mtoe in 2017 to 1,516 Mtoe in 2035, India's energy consumption is predicted to reach by a factor of two. As a result, by 2035, the country's share of global primary energy consumption is estimated to have increased by two-thirds. Indian gas has a considerable impact on all other critical sectors, making it one of the country's eight core industries. One of the newest and fastest-growing companies in India's industrial gas business is NovaAir Technologies, led by Gajanan Nabar. At NovaAir Technologies, Gajanan serves as the company's CEO, as well as a Co-Founder.

Below is the excerpt of Gajanan’s exclusive interview with CEO Insights

What memorable lessons did you learn from your educational & professional journey? How do you continue to be motivated by the organization’s purpose while inspiring others?
The most essential thing I've learned in my work so far is that understanding the future is more important than thinking about the present, both individually and as a team. Another crucial lesson is to persevere and try again until success is achieved. As long as we don't give up on our goal because we are frightened of making errors, we will witness the fruits of our efforts one day.

Likewise, we should never underestimate the value of individuals in our life who have helped us along the way. This includes our loved ones, close friends, employees, and clients, all of whom have an influence on where we have ended up big time. And when it comes to managing organizations, I believe that a leader's most valuable asset is the team members with whom they
to accomplish the company's objectives.

Furthermore, the daily impetus that keeps me ahead is my team's dedication to achieving objectives and zealous pursuit of them. When I am feeling down, I can always count on the positive energy of the team to lift my spirits.

While doing something enjoyable, reduces stress even if you aren't overworked, you may experience tension if you have to do something you don't like

Tell us about NovaAir Technologies and its position in the market. What makes the company successful?
NovaAir Technologies is a new start-up founded by industrial gas professionals and completely backed by private equity firm PAG. There are only a few huge worldwide corporations that dominate 60 percent to 70 percent of the global market in industrial gas delivery. Therefore, NovaAir is delivering alternative realistic supply choices to Indian industrial gas buyers enhancing their ability to pick the suitable solutions at the best available pricing. Accordingly, it is essential that we provide clients with solutions that add value because then they can easily understand why they should choose us over our competitors.

As a full-service industrial gas provider, NovaAir strives to meet our clients' demands while also delivering customized solutions efficiently. In addition, we consider every team member an entrepreneur, which we refer to as ‘intrapreneurship’, because I believe that if employees have a feeling of ownership, they will naturally cultivate a dedication to providing excellent customer service. Also, these principles help us increase the morale of our workforce and the quality of our customer service.

As a leader, what has always been one of your most significant challenges? What strategy did you use to resolve them?
As the company's CEO, you'll have an overarching strategy and a specific set of objectives in mind. As a result, the first obstacle is making these aspirations a reality in the workplace, and one of the concerns I had was how to do so.
How much effort will each member of the team put into reaching these objectives, regardless of how big or small they are? Finding out the answers to these questions is a vital first step.

It would be an enormous achievement for a leader if a big number of workers were enthusiastic about the company's aims, in my view. Even as a CEO, you'll face a number of extra challenges, such as how you navigate through ups and downs or changes in the financial and economic environment, how your far-reaching vision guides the firm toward its objectives, and how you set strategic direction for the company's operations. For your company's vision to become a reality, however, every member of your team must also begin to dream about it with equal fervor.

How do you cope with stress at work? How do you balance work and personal life? What would be your advice for the young professionals?
While doing something enjoyable reduces stress, even if you aren't overworked, you may experience tension if you have to do something you don't like.To put it another way, a desk job is out of the question for someone who thrives on interacting with customers on the field. Henceforth, it has always been my objective, when assigning duties, to do so in accordance with the team members' best interests.

Furthermore, if I find myself unable to come up with fresh and unique ways to expand the business, I take a break, rejuvenate, and return with a renewed sense of purpose. Another way to reignite motivation is to read about other people's achievements. For advice, I would say adjusting to the changing environment, heeding advice from others around you, and keeping a careful watch on what's happening in the market.

Gajanan Nabar, CEO, NovaAir Technologies
Being an alumnus of Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Gajanan has been part of various companies before establishing NovaAir Technologies namely Asian paints, Thermax, BASF, Monsanto, Praxair, Praj Industries, and Clean Max Solar.

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