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Harman Puri: Building Next Generation Marketing Solutions In Blockchain Space

Harman Puri: Building Next Generation Marketing Solutions In Blockchain Space

Harman Puri,   Director

Harman Puri


Each entrepreneur has been through a unique journey and there’s a lot to learn from them. With tremendous determination and excellent business acumen, they do not just achieve success but also inspire several youngsters to chase their dreams. Many such successful business leaders in Punjab have transformed their dreams into reality. Harman Puri is one such prominent entrepreneur from the state who is disrupting the Blockchain space with his niche marketing brand BlockTing.

In an interview with CEO Insights, Harman highlights the distinctive details of his journey and how he is redefining the sector.

Take us through your background. What inspired you to take the entrepreneurial route?
I am a BTech IT graduate hailing from a tier 2city of Punjab. Ever since my college days, I always wanted to start my own company and venture into entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, it didn't happen right after my studies because I felt it was better to gain experience before starting a business. A corporate job in Mumbai with a handsome package marked the start of my professional journey. I am a person who follows my heart and never fears taking calculated risks. You wouldn't believe it if I tell you that I left my job in Mumbai that offered a lakh per month and joined a company in Mohali which just paid 5k every month. To me, it was not the money but the skill set in Blockchain and the scope it offered. I was very well aware of the potential of Blockchain and wanted to pursue a career in the same technology. I never regret making that decision.

For almost a year and a half, I worked with various aspects of Blockchain; right from development to content creation and consulting. I was exposed to a lot of international clients and gained the experience to consult them on different projects. It also allowed me to interact with other industry experts. Eventually, I felt ready to start my own company in marketing. Owing to my expertise
in content, we initially zeroed down on content marketing in the Blockchain space. That is how BlockTing came into conceptualization in the opportunistic niche.

The best part of leadership is leading by example and empowering people to grow

How has been BlockTing's journey so far?
I founded BlockTing along with my co-founder in July 2021. Starting with just content marketing, now we offer a complete solution to devise the perfect marketing plan for Blockchain and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) products. We have broadened our portfolio into advertisements, influencer marketing, growth hacking, and more.

With deep insight into the Blockchain space and a strong belief in the technology, we were able to prove our value proposition and scale our company. Within six months, we grew into 25 full-time working people, and 15 part-time members and freelancers. We could onboard seven projects worldwide, including a Canadian public listed company, and helped to scale its DeFi solution. Similarly, we have had a couple of other projects with renowned companies for their latest technical concepts such as NFTs, Metaverse, and Web 3.

Define BlockTing’s current position in the industry. What’s its vision?
Despite witnessing a great revenue mark in a short period of operations, I believe that it is fair to call BlockTing a budding business in the market. It has been a year and we have just scratched the surface. However, the work we have done so far has put us in a much deserving position both in terms of turnover and recognition.

We were recently featured among the Top 30 Upcoming Blockchain Startups by the India Blockchain Forum. We present ourselves as a fast-growing brand envisioning to be one of the frontrunners in the blockchain space, not just for marketing but also for consultancy, development, and advisory as well. Our goal is to be a one-stop solution for all things blockchain and Web 3 where people can come and pursue their ideas with our complete support and guidance. The ultimate vision is to be the best and leading service delivery company that disrupts this space with superior

What are some of the most captivating difficulties you have encountered so far in your professional journey?
Well, there are a couple of them but a high attrition rate is the biggest challenge for any growing startup. First of all, it's very difficult to find the right talent because well-funded startups or tier 1 companies attract the best with better remuneration. Even if you find some skilled talent, retaining them longer becomes the next major task. Right resources and strategies for retention are the key challenges in my view.

Tell us about your leadership approach and governance style.
Our success mantra has been the trust we place in our people. We nurture our employees with the liberty to experiment and implement new ideas. Now, this approach most often results in bad decisions as well. However, in the longer run, it will boost creativity and responsibility. I believe that it is only when we create more leaders that we scale as an organization. In short, our approach to growth is empowering people.

How do you plan to apply your exceptional understanding of the domain to BlockTing?
Our domain expertise is our USP. Honestly, we are unlike marketing companies that only know marketing. We have a complete understanding of the Blockchain domain including the technological aspect. Speaking of my expertise in specific, I have worked in the industry for four years handling several projects. I have the essence of all aspects from development to consulting, which allows me to understand the scope of a project and plan the marketing strategies accordingly. I understand the audiences and perceptions of people, which further enables me to create more targeted strategies.

I have been into teaching blockchain and conducted sessions in several colleges and universities. Also, I am an advisory board member at Amity University for blockchain curriculum management. So, having that kind of exposure allows me to teach Blockchain and crypto to my team as well.

Harman Puri, Director, BlockTing
A technology enthusiast, Harman Puri is a Corda certified Blockchain developer, consultant,advisor mentor, and content creator. He was conferred with Amity Excellence Award for his contributions to the university and was recognized as Pioneer in Blockchain for Empowerment by Blockchain Week

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