Kaushal Kumar Singh: A Real Estate Tycoon Reinventing The Real Estate Space With Perfection And Quality | CEOInsights Vendor
Kaushal Kumar Singh: A Real Estate Tycoon Reinventing The Real Estate Space With Perfection And Quality

Kaushal Kumar Singh: A Real Estate Tycoon Reinventing The Real Estate Space With Perfection And Quality

Kaushal Kumar Singh,   Founder & MD

Kaushal Kumar Singh

Founder & MD

A lucrative domain that arrests the attention of youngsters and elderly alike, the real estate segment of India is laden with numerous opportunities to reap if one has the obligatory foresight and passion. One such phenomenon is Mr. Kaushal Kumar Singh (Founder & MD, Aastha Group) who managed to establish his identity as not only a prominent real estate developer of Jharkhand but also a renowned industry stalwart and entrepreneur of India. Starting his journey as a civil contractor, Kaushal was exposed to the nuances of the real estate business, when he was invited by a friend who was struggling with a project of residential flats having foundational issues. He not only managed to complete the project in nine months but felt immensely satisfied and inspired, which further motivated him to venture ahead in the real estate domain.

Delivering approx. ten thousand flats along with five lakh sq. feet of commercial projects under the guidance of Kaushal, Aastha Group managed to make a prolific presence not only in Jamshedpur but also in Ranchi, Dhanbad, Bhagalpur, and so on. With a clear motive to convert vision into reality, Kaushal has maintained an exponential success rate of Aastha Group from the very beginning and managed to make it one of the renowned real estate brands of India.

Kaushal engages in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights.

Define Aastha Group and the roadmap you have envisioned for it.
Currently, we are invested in many township projects. Lately, my son Sunder Singh has also joined me on
this voyage and he majorly oversees constructions and finance-related aspects of the projects. He is doing well and as a father, I have many hopes for him. It was my dream to work on PAN India projects, which remained unfulfilled during my reign. But the pace at which my son is working at present, I am optimistic that he will certainly make my dream of working in pan India projects a reality. Equipped with hardworking and determined employees as well as contractors, Aastha Group work like a family. We take care of each other and we all are together in this journey of making Aastha as an iconic real estate brand.

Anyone who tries to accomplish his/her vision passionately and dedicatedly, will definitely succeed

Could you tell us about the unique services that are provided by Aastha Group that make it stand out from the rest in the market?
Maintenance is a huge challenge in the real estate service industry. And despite our comprehensive effort, there are always some lacunae that are needed to be addressed. This is what our clients expect from us and functioning in a clientcentric domain, we try to remain aligned with their needs and give our best possible efforts to address the maintenance related complications at the earliest. Recently, we have also onboarded a few professionals to assist us in this matter. However, this has also raised our maintenance costs. But being one of the trailblazers of the real estate industry, we try to keep our maintenance related complications at a minimal level and this is where lies our USP.

What has been the success mantra that constantly helps you arrive at positive outcomes?
Anyone who tries to accomplish his/her vision passionately and dedicatedly will definitely succeed. Therefore, whatever work I do in my life, I try to do it with complete dedication and passion. As I said, the real estate industry is customer oriented, and that is why we try to ensure maximum customer
satisfaction via our work. We are open to innovation and regularly try to introduce some novelty across our projects. All the lands that I have purchased so far in my life, I have selected on the first visit. From the very beginning, I envisage the project to be made on that particular piece of land and start working accordingly. However, customers play a prominent role in the success of all our projects. I believe that,if we manage to satisfy our customers up to 75percent, then it escalates our customer base.

Being the Founder, how do you plan to apply your exceptional understanding of this domain to Aastha Promoters & Developers and take it to the next level?
According to me, there is no loss in the real estate segment because when you purchase a piece of land it might have a lower price value at that time but as you start developing it, its price value will increase. Even if a certain project halts for some years due to any inconvenience such as govt. interference, personal issues, finance-related restrictions, and so on, we don’t face any loss because the price value of the land keeps on rising year after year. For example, if we purchase 100 acres of land and after doing construction on 25 acres, we fail to see any profit margins or convenient sales figures, we won’t face any loss as we will resell the rest of the land as plots to the customers. In this industry, we seldom face any loss, and with this confidence, I have managed to achieve some prominent milestones.

Kaushal Kumar Singh, Founder & MD,
Aastha Group

Kaushal, a commerce graduate, started his professional career as a contractor before venturing into the real estate domain. Currently positioned as the MD of the company, Kaushal has stern ideologies and a dream of establishing his construction and housing company at a PAN India level.

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