Rajesh Suryakant Chawda: An Enthusiastic & Passionate Leader With Decades Of Experience | CEOInsights Vendor
Rajesh Suryakant Chawda: An Enthusiastic & Passionate Leader With Decades Of Experience

Rajesh Suryakant Chawda: An Enthusiastic & Passionate Leader With Decades Of Experience

 Rajesh Suryakant Chawda,     Director

Rajesh Suryakant Chawda


Successful leaders are the driving force and intellect of their enterprises. They are the visionaries in charge of directing their brand away from hazards. They must understand when to seize opportunities and how to motivate personnel to work hard towards the company's objectives. Effective leaders are more than just 'managers' or 'bosses'. They have mastered the art of combining charisma, excitement, and self-assurance, most likely with a healthy dosage of luck and timing.

Speaking of the leadership traits, Rajesh Suryakant Chawda, CMD of Automeck, has been important in driving the company's growth bandwagon, backed up by his more than two decades of experience. Rajesh has always been in charge of the operations and has set a good example. His primary focus is about ensuring that, the objectives related to transparency, trustworthiness, and loyalty have been met.

Effectively translating operational principles into realworld action plans is one of his strong suits. Furthermore, he has proved himself to be a strong executive influence and an experienced leader capable of integrating bigpicture thinking with the realities of the ground in order to inspire, establish trust, and increase organizational support. As a business leader, Nitin values making a difference and taking his firm to new heights.

In an exclusive interview with CEOInsights Magazine, Rajesh walks us through his professional journey along with the uniqueness of the company.

Throw some light on your professional background & experiences. What inspired you to venture into the manufacturing Industry?
I've been lucky to serve some of the top Indian mining companies. In mining, major operations require customized solutions. Diagnose, Design, and then Manufacture are the three major steps for customization. So without manufacturing you cannot become
a complete solutions provider. This is how I have been dragged into Manufacturing, and then it became a passion.

And now I am here to provide the best possible solutions, wherein, I've earned vast technical knowledge as well as commercial awareness to successfully interact with clients, contractors, and suppliers. During this time, I've been exposed to a wide range of engineering disciplines. Working in an office atmosphere has allowed me to grow into a team player who takes pride in the work I do, both personally and professionally. I'm a quick learner with a love for learning new skills at every opportunity and believe that these are crucial for success.

Whatever the complexity of a company's structure appears to be, the most essential thing to me is engaging with folks on a human level, regardless of their position

You possess over two decades of experience in the manufacturing industry, how has been your path to success & what is your success mantra?
Making meaningful connections with individuals is really important to me. Whatever the complexity of a company's structure appears to be, the most essential thing to me is engaging with folks on a human level, regardless of their position. The ability of a firm to interact with all of its stakeholders, whether they are external clients, suppliers, or internal co-workers, and build a personal connection with each of them is critical to its success. If you can do this, I believe we can handle any obstacles or conflicts that the company may confront. In the year 2021, the major event happened when we inducted Kishan Sonthalia as a stakeholder and Director in Automeck, It strengthened the financial backbone of the Company, and we have gained from the vast experience of Sonthalia, which helped us improve product quality and infrastructure enhancement time-to-time.

Define Automeck as an organization. What makes the company unique from the other competitors in the industry?
Everyone in Automeck, has got account ability while performing. Transforming ideas into reality is our core motto. We learn from our mistakes. Automeck is an organization where we have got a Product Patent, and many Patent Applications are pending. So we
have got a habit of developing technologies for our customers. We always look for meaningful developments where the product can have commercial use and be useful for the environment. There are many products we have developed are widely used by the industries, like our patented MUVs,now all major Indian companies and Municipalities have adopted the technology, and because of this technology we are saving huge quantity of Diesel directly for our customers, and indirectly it is helping our country to reduce diesel consumption in mines and plants.

Secondly, we are the only Indian company to manufacture and supply Hydro seeders. This is an unique product that can grow vegetation (Grass) along the highways, and in most of the ideal lands in mines and plants. This machine is reducing time, cost of plantation, and helping the environment. The same machine is also useful in spraying chemicals developed by us (our brand, Adust) on the large slag dumps, mineral dumps, and haul roads. The one time spraying of chemicals can protect dust emission for two to three months. So uniqueness in our product profile makes us different from our competitors.

What have been the differentiating factors that sets Automeck stand out in the market?
The Brand value we have created during many years is the differentiating factor for us. Automeck works with the Leaders in the market and the kitty of customers, which are increasing day by day, and we are also focusing on the export market.

Based on your experiences, what would be your advice to entrepreneurs starting new in this domain?
Stick to 'quality' and 'uniqueness'. Best of quality will stand long and uniqueness will give you recognition among your customers. After Sale is also a very prime area. Continuous feed back and service support will cement your relationship with customers.

Rajesh Suryakant Chawda, Director, Automeck
Rajesh has been employed by some of the best companies over the past several years, wherein, he has gained extensive technical knowledge as well as a commercial awareness to successfully work with customers, contractors, and suppliers. He is a team player who takes pride in the work both personally and professionally. With a passion for learning new skills at every opportunity, he is a quick learner and an evangelist.

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