Khurrum Zahoor: Striving For Customer Satisfaction With Smartest Advice So That They Make Ultra-Smart Decisions | CEOInsights Vendor
Khurrum Zahoor: Striving For Customer Satisfaction With Smartest Advice So That They Make Ultra-Smart Decisions

Khurrum Zahoor: Striving For Customer Satisfaction With Smartest Advice So That They Make Ultra-Smart Decisions

 Khurrum Zahoor,   CEO, Managing Director & Business Development Manager Pan India

Khurrum Zahoor

CEO, Managing Director & Business Development Manager Pan India

A lawyer by qualification who worked in an event management company and is now a CEO of a real estate firm, Khurrum Zahoor sets his benchmarks in all the industries he worked. After completing law from Amity University Delhi, Khurrum worked as a QA for a US based legal firm, he then shifted his interest to an event management company, where he got a lot of exposure while conducting events for different companies and he ended up getting a job for a real estate developer. After making a mark in every industry Khurrum Zahoor is now the CEO of Alif Realty managing assets transactions in Dubai and India.

The following is an excerpt from Khurrum Zahoor’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights

Give a brief about your educational and professional background? What inspired you to commence your real estate leadership journey?
Professionally, I am a lawyer and started my career as a QA for a US-based legal processing firm, there onto I moved to an event management company, where I got the chance to work with international artists and brands, and lead various brands launches, Marathons, and concerts. Working for a few years in the event industry, eventually, I got a job opportunity as a real estate developer. I worked for developers across Delhi and the NCR market, while working there I gained a lot of experience and exposure in promoting real estate in multiple locations.

The realestate industryis revolutionary, it is changing every day and marketing new projects/ products every day gives me a feeling of thrill every time. At present, I am organizing innovative events, and corporate events, and promoting the concepts of investing in real estate.

How would you define Alif Realty as
an organization and its position in the market? Could you tell us about the unique propositions that are provided by your firm to its clients?
Alif as a brainchild was born in the year 2017 and finally launched worldwide in the year 2018. In the beginning years, the firm was focused on promoting Dubai-based projects but in due course, we started promoting the investment options that were available in the Indian market with fresh and innovative concepts.Presently, Alif is the most favoured partner for promoting multiple brands in India and UAE and some of our business partners are well-established players in the industry.

Every day is a new challenge and trying to make it better than yesterday is what drives me and my team

The philosophy behind the firm’s name Alif Realty is DISCOVER, INTERACT, TRANSACT.

Discover:The current investment opportunity is what everyone wants and that’s the one thing that everyone misses out on, knowing about the Real estate Market and guiding the clients in the right direction is our aim and forte at the same time.

Interact:Today we live in an era where we can access information digitally, but for selling and buying human interaction is a need, if we talk about the Indian Realty Market, it is still not that advance enough where an individual can transact over the internet without visiting the asset. In India, buying a property is an emotional decision rather than a cognitive one, so the personal touch is important. Alif Realty provides an inhouse sales team where clients can interact with the sales agent and understand everything about the property. Before making any transaction, our clients need to have full knowledge about the location, amenities, and nearby markets.

Transact (THE FUTURE): Being a proptech we are planning to introduce special features on the portal of our B2B and B2C segment.
This special feature will be the first of its kind thing in the county which will be securing both the clients and the channel partners. This unique feature will help our clients to buy real estate from any part of the world without even visiting the site and the documentation process will be handled by us by securing every single document and by uploading it to the digital locker of our clients.

Being the CEO how do you use your knowledge to form strategies for Alif Realty to thrive in this domain and how do you plan to take it to the next level?
The real estate industry has developed a lot in recent years, so the conventional methods require advancement too, and staying updated with the technology is the need of the hour. We are trying our best to create a space for Prop-Fin technology that will bring revolution in the industry, the tech works with its unconventional methods and ideology that would bring the markets to it. We are not only creating our presence in tier 2-3 markets but also training people for a better understanding of the investment portfolio that they would be taking care of. Adapting to the changes in the market we are trying to amalgamate the technology and the ease of investing in the assets.

What is your success mantra? Can you suggest strong professional advice to the professionals who are aiming to start their careers in this industry?
Every day comes with a new challenge, and we strive to make it betterthan yesterday, this drives me and my team to do our best. The key to success in this industry is honesty, one should be honest to himself, his clients, and his team members.

Khurrum Zahoor, CEO and Director, Alif Realty
Having experience of more than 10 years in diverse industries with specialities such as strategic planning and management, brand management, business development, sales strategies, and team management, Khurrum is playing a prominent role in steering the business strategy to drive growth.

Quick Facts:
Hobbies:Photography, Book Reading
Favourite Cuisine:
Seafood, but love to try new things
Favourite Book:
The monk who sold his Ferrari
Favourite travel destination:

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