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Prem Chowdary: A Wealth Creator Democratizing Real Estate Investments

Prem Chowdary: A Wealth Creator Democratizing Real Estate Investments

 Prem Chowdary,   Founder & Chairman

Prem Chowdary

Founder & Chairman

There might be people who have made quick riches from Real Estate despite lacking knowledge about investing. But make no mistake, refraining from doing the homework before committing finances to the undertaking is an extremely risky affair any day of the week. After all, we call the Latin-English combination phrase ‘Real’ Estate and not ‘Magic’ Estate! Amidst a highly unorganized industry comprising millions of brokers who are after making quick money, it’s no secret that investing in Real Estate can be profitable only when people have the right knowledge to make informed decisions and wise investments. A Pharmaceutical marketing professional turned Real Estate entrepreneur, Prem Chowdary (Founder & Chairman, Aspirealty Homes Pvt. Ltd) is on a mission to organize this highly unorganized industry and in turn bridge the gap between sellers and buyers by helping investors make informed decisions and wise investments. His brain-child, Aspirealty provides buyers a comprehensive support infrastructure through all phases of a real estate transaction, whether you are looking for your special home or a futuristic investment opportunity.

Under the aegis of Prem, Aspirealty over the last few years has evolved as an organization dedicated to everything from open plot development to various kinds of property services. Prem and his team excel in deciphering the home owners’ imaginations, which has led to purchase of emerging properties in Hyderabad and being a part of few construction projects. This is indeed no surprise since Aspirealty listens and exchanges ideas in a team environment to realize the the expectations of each individual project.

"We Believe In Happy Clients And Our Passion Is To Understand Their Needs And Help Them With All Their Real Estate Requirements"

I recently got in touch with Prem to conduct an exclusive interview with him and he walked me through his journey from a Pharmaceutical marketing professional becoming a real estate entrepreneur, the latest endeavors of Aspirealty and more.

Tell us about your transition from a career in the pharmaceutical industry to becoming an entrepreneur. What inspired you to kickstart this journey?
Winding back a couple of decades, I commenced my professional journey as a marketing professional in the Pharma industry. In those 16 years I worked in the industry, I came across several high-profile doctors across South India. While casually discussing the investment methods with them, I came to know about their high interest in the Real Estate industry and it gave them high returns. Subsequently, after a lot of learning and research, I tested the waters by investing small amounts in RealEstate in 2014. By the end of 2016, I started getting good appreciation, which made me extremely happy.

During this period while investing, I also learned a lot about the functioning and drawbacks of the current realestate industry. I saw a huge gap between the buyer and the sellers. The first and foremost thing I observed was that the majority of the RealEstate industry is unorganized and 90 percent of the buyers & sellers don't know the process. In other words, they have been misled by the mediators and many investors were burning their fingers because of the lack of knowledge. Indians easily believe a known person and get ready to invest in their business without a complete picture.

I finally established a RealEstate company named ‘Shri Hara Developers’ along with my friends. But the concept of just canvasing
people to invest and earn money was not my cup of tea. Hence, with my passion & vision I have created a motto ‘Wealth Creators’, and
started my own company named ‘Aspirealty Homes'. We at Aspirealty, we firstly educate our clients about the realestate process before proceeding further. I can proudly say that we have a huge number of happy clients.

It is highly gratifying to help others make smart realestate decisions. I believe that real estate provides investors with a path to financial freedom, while it gives me the personal fulfillment of helping families own their dream property. Lastly, the reason to construct my career in the realestate industry is because only a few careers can offer such vast opportunities.

How do you understand the clients’ requirements and build services and solutions that exceed their expectations?
At Aspirealty, whenever a client approaches us through any medium, we start our engagements by paying close attention to their needs, dreams & concepts and making them understand the realestate process at large. Only after that we progress to the business talks with them. We provide them with the most relevant and up-to date information related to the real estate market.Based on their requirements, we guide them through the valuation & prospects of the property they have chosen. Any real estate investor’s goal is to make good returns. We have created customized ROI plans to help our clients create wealth that gives them financial freedom in one way or the other. My dream is to make a client’s family life better and upgrade their economic status.

Could you elaborate Aspirealty Homes’ positioning in the industry?
Aspirealty is doing far better compared to our competitors in the Telangana region. We have successfully completed 14 projects within shuteye time and now two more projects are ongoing. In addition to this, we are planning a huge project of 100 acres. Despite huge transactions, this industry is unorganized and we have created our own niche by making Aspirealty an organized & corporate style real estate company.

Wealth Creators’ Being Our Vision, We Look Forward To Creating Wealth For More People As A Second Source Of Income Apart From Their Regular Livelihood,

What are the services and value additions that customers can expect from the company?
We are a one-stop-shop for all the real estate needs. We have also started delivering innovative value-added services like Security to the Property (which significantly helps, especially NRI investors), Advice on Property Deals, Property Deals, Property Deals, Property Investment & Development Construction, Security to Property, Legal Opinion & Approvals, and Digital Marketing Services. These services are accessible to any buyer or seller.

With two decades of experience and having met various clients in your professional journey, what have those experiences taught you? How do you apply those learnings as an entrepreneur and as an individual?
Through my professional experience, something that I have learned sound & firm is that understanding the perspective of clients will help us make the right choices and give a boost to our business. We do brief market research to identify whether a project is profitable and feasible. I believe every project must be accurate in terms of legal economic, planning and other factors.

The major skills I have learned with my experience is to always have commercial awareness about how an industry works, to read what makes a company tick in the mar
ket, and prior analyze the outcomes of a Project before investing time and money into it. Furthermore, staying up-to-date with market trends and statistics is the utmost important trait that you need to have in order to reach the ultimate goal of being the best in the real estate industry. Another key learning that I apply in my business is towards earning client loyalty & satisfaction towards our business, which is critical.

What are the opportunities you foresee and what would be your advice to the entrepreneurs starting anew in the industry? How do you stay on track with dynamic changes in the market?
Real estate represents a significance in most people's wealth, and it will always be an attractive and lucrative sector for many investors. As an entrepreneur, I keep an eye on the initiatives taken by the authorities like RERA and newly introduced business models that are set to change the business dynamics. In addition to this, my major focus will always be on government policies and legislation, including tax incentives, deductions, and subsidies that boost or hinders the demand for real estate. We develop all our ventures as per HMDA norms and according RERA.

It is a sure bet that property prices will reach record highs in the coming years. Moreover, international investors have been showing more interest in local real estate markets. There are many investment opportunities based on the skill, capital, location, and interests of the Inevstor.

What Would be Your advice to budding entrepreneurs in the Industry?
My advice to the new entrepreneurs is to look after a few important factors before starting a project. Make sure to do a complete analysis about the low tax alternatives, current local price trends, and expected development.

A mid-to-long-term study is needed regarding how the location is expected to evolve over the coming years. Research about recent comparable sales of properties with similar characteristics is required to get a brief idea of the appreciation of their property. A detailed review of property deeds, recent surveys, and appraisal reports of the interested property will make a huge difference in finalizing it. I hope my words will helps the newbies to make some smart decisions.

Going forward, what are your goals and how do you plan to Excute Them?
Necessity is the mother of Invention. “I strongly believe in this quote.

When it comes to the growth of Aspirealty, I think what I do today decides the future of the company. As far as the journey over the last five years is concerned, I have gained 3000+ satisfied clients and now they are the asset of our organization. Our clientele decides the future of our company.We make sure that new & innovative methods are introduced in our business for the client's satisfaction.

While Aspirealty is looking forward to hosting NRIs and high-end clients, our major focus remains on middle class people because buying a home or an open plot is a huge step for them. We study their economical requirements and based on their economical standards, we categorize them and suggest what is the best choice for them. We believe in happy clients and our passion is to understand their needs and help them with all their Real Estate requirements. Our small investment plans are designed to make everyone capable of owning a property.

Wealth Creators’ being our motto, we look forward to creating wealth for more people as a second source of income apart from their regular livelihood. Going forward, our goal is to reach the topmost position in the real estate industry within the next five years, especially in the South Indian market, while it is a promise to continue our business with the same ethics and loyalty towards clients.

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