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Nikhil Paul: Striving to Unleash the Potential of Technology to Tap the Indian Market

Nikhil Paul: Striving to Unleash the Potential of Technology to Tap the Indian Market

  Nikhil Paul,   CTO & CIO

Nikhil Paul


The rapid adoption of technology across industries has sparked a transformative wave in the business world in recent years. To thrive in this dynamic landscape, 6D Technologies was established as a technology-driven organization, dedicated to enabling industries to unlock new possibilities through innovative solutions supported by robust research and development. Led by Nikhil Paul, the company offers a comprehensive range of technical and technological solutions tailored for the telecommunications industry, encompassing Enterprise Solutions, Governance Solutions, and Digital Financial Services.

Nikhil Paul's professional journey began after graduating from Cochin University of Science and Technology, where he embarked on his career with IT Solutions (presently known as Data) India. Following that, he joined Infosys Finacle Product, a prominent player in the core banking and financial sector, where he spent approximately a year before joining 6D Technologies.

Under Nikhil Paul's leadership, 6D Technologies remains at the forefront of technological innovation, driving impactful solutions that empower businesses and industries to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Nikhil Paul engages in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights, here’s the highlight.

Could you just tell us about the main growth factors that have contributed to your professional journey which has helped you reach the position you have reached today?
My professional journey has evolved significantly alongside the growth and evolution of 6D Technologies. When I initially joined the organization, it primarily focused on telecom product lines, such as value-added services like SMSC, USSD Senders, Caller Ringback Tone, Missed Call Alerts, and Service Delivery Platforms. We developed these platforms and then expanded into the Mobile Money sector, creating recharge platforms and voucher platforms that facilitated mobile money transfers, agent-based transfers, and other mobile money capabilities for telecom companies.

As time went on, we ventured into digital service delivery platforms and customer engagement platforms, leveraging mobile money for digital connectivity. This enabled mobile money usage in various domains, including transportation, public transportation, and taxi services. Additionally, we made significant strides in new segments, such as enterprise, fixed line, broadband, and ISP business. Our platform integrated these convergences, allowing for seamless operations across multiple sectors.

In recent years, we have also shifted our focus toward delivering product lines based on IoT and Machine-to-Machine connectivity. This emphasis on IoT and M2M technology empowers our telco partners and customers to foster innovation and drive disruptive changes in their respective industries.

The dynamic environment and growth of 6D Technologies have played a pivotal role in my professional development. The
opportunities to work on diverse product lines, explore new segments, and embrace emerging technologies have contributed to my career growth. I am grateful for the journey and experiences that have brought me to where I am today.

Could you describe the kind of experience you've been experiencing at 6D Technologies and what keeps you going today?
My career began as an engineer in a product-driven organization focused on the banking and financial sector. This experience ignited my passion for working on product lines, which led me to join Finacle, another product-driven organization. However, it was my deep passion for product development that ultimately drew me to 6D Technologies, where I witnessed remarkable growth with our talented team members.

In my leadership approach, I strongly emphasize having a clear understanding of why, how, & when making decisions & taking action

What drives me the most is the opportunity to innovate and create products that bridge the gap between the human ecosystem and connectivity, ultimately adding significant value. Witnessing the evolution of numerous product lines in the market during the early years of my career, I recognized the immense potential of the Indian market. This realization presented us with ample opportunities to generate new products and foster an entrepreneurial mindset among our team member.

At 6D Technologies, our team members go beyond simply delivering their work. They take ownership of their tasks and strive to create value not just for themselves, but also for at least ten more individuals. This mindset contributes to a thriving ecosystem and enhanced connectivity. It is this sense of responsibility and the ability to create opportunities for others that keep me and my team motivated to grow and move forward.

My passion for product development, the potential for innovation in the Indian market, and our team's commitment to creating valuable opportunities for others are the key factors that drive me and enable our continuous growth.

What are the guidelines or values associated with your style of leadership?
In my leadership approach, I strongly emphasize having a clear understanding of why, how, and when making decisions and taking action. As a leader, it is essential to have a clear justification for every decision and action I undertake. This ensures that there is a solid purpose behind what we do.

Once the ‘why’ is established, the focus shifts to the ‘how’. It is crucial to guide and motivate the team members who trust me. Building trust is a key responsibility of a leader, and I believe in achieving this by showing empathy, understanding the needs of my team, and providing them with opportunities for growth. Additionally, it is important to foster leadership skills among team members so that they can propagate these values throughout the organization.

When it comes to the ‘when’ aspect, I consider factors such as industry changes, the level of innovation required, and market demand. By keeping an eye on these variables, we can determine the optimal timing for rolling out products or implementing strategies.

These values form the foundation of my leadership approach. By
consistently focusing on the why, how, and when, I aim to make informed decisions, foster trust and growth among my team, and ensure that our actions align with industry trends and market demands.

What are the developments or changes in market behavior you anticipate that we might see in the future?
Over the past two to three years, there has been a notable shift in the telecom industry's focus. Previously, telecom companies primarily targeted end consumers, focusing on human subscribers. However, with the advent of disruptive technologies, the industry is now shifting its attention toward enterprises as valuable customers. This enterprise segment represents a vast and untapped market that telecom companies are actively pursuing.

In India alone, there are over a million enterprises operating in various industries such as mining, farming, healthcare, smart cities, and transportation, to name just a few examples. With the imminent arrival of 5G technology, these small and medium-scale enterprises will increasingly prioritize connectivity to gain insights into their customers and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

Moreover, one of the key areas of focus for telecom organizations will be assisting small enterprises in effectively utilizing the vast amount of data generated through connectivity. Leveraging technologies like AI and Machine Learning, telecom companies aim to provide solutions that enable small enterprises to analyze and make sense of this data, driving valuable insights and informed decision making.

What would you say would be the top ingredients for the success of future CTIOs?
In my view, it is crucial for CTIOs to prioritize enabling technology as a key driver within their organizations to effectively meet the dynamic market demands. Additionally, they should focus on nurturing their teams both emotionally and in terms of capabilities to adapt to technological advancements. This means consistently investing in technology and training to ensure that the team is equipped to cater to the ever changing market needs.

Effective communication is another vital aspect that CTIOs should emphasize. Maintaining open and transparent communication with partners, customers, and the internal team is essential for fostering collaboration and aligning every one toward shared goals.

Furthermore, with disruptive changes taking place, it is the responsibility of CTIOs to bridge the gap between technology and business. They must ensure that technology investments are justified by aligning them with business objectives and maximizing return on investment.

By focusing on these key factors enabling technology, team development, communication, and aligning technology with business goals CTIOs can position their organizations for success in a rapidly evolving market landscape.

Nikhil Paul, Chief Technology & Information Officer, 6d Technologies
With an extensive professional background spanning over two decades, Nikhil has consistently demonstrated his ability to create products that generate value both for individuals and the organizations he has worked with.

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