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  • Nikhil Paul,  Chief Technology & Information Officer, 6d Technologies

    Nikhil Paul, Chief Technology & Information Officer, 6d Technologies

  • The rapid adoption of technology across industries has sparked a transformative wave in the business world in recent years. To thrive in this dynamic landscape, 6D Technologies was established as a technology-driven organization, dedicated to enabling industries to unlock new possibilities through innovative solutions supported by robust research and development. Led by Nikhil Paul, the company offers a comprehensive range of technical and technological solutions tailored for the telecommunications industry, encompassing Enterprise Solutions, Governance Solutions, and Digital Financial Services. Nikhil Paul's professional journey began after graduating from Cochin University of Science and Technology, where he embarked on his career with IT Solutions (presently known as Data) India. Following that, he joined Infosys Finacle Product, a prominent player in the core banking and financial sector, where he spent approximately a year before joining 6D Technologies.

  • Nikhil Paul: Striving to Unleash the Potential of Technology to Tap the Indian Market

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Top10 Chief Information Officers in India - 2023

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  • Top10 Chief Information Officers in India - 2023

    The New Age CIOs Upgrading Potential of the Businesses Around
    As the technology is upbringing, a wide variety of technological advancements are being witnessed by today’s civilized citizens. Today’s decade is fully dedicated and driven by information & communication technology. These bulk of information and data need to be managed, extracted and collected to make proper use of it. The person who is responsible for this management, planning and implementation of such data and information by using cutting-edge technologies, are known as Chief Information Officer.

    "When the data and information need to be at their best, Chief Information Officers can’t take rest"

    Duties & Responsibilities of CIOs: with every passing day, the technology is burgeoning at a great pace and increased the demand and popularity of Chief Information Officer. He works as the leading officer with knowledge and expertise in all the modernize and updated technologies like IT, Software, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, cloud computing, DevOps and so on. He mainly focuses on technical projects, storage, transmission, and analysis of electronic data. He integrates the whole system of communication from apex to grass-root in any business organization to ensure a smooth and flexible and efficient work environment. Being one of the apex level employees, CIOs should work closely with the chief technology officer, who typically focuses on products to meet customer needs.

    Skills Needed: A CIO is required to have few hard and soft skills like, integrating IT services, proficiency in Cyber Security policies, project and budget management skills, customer handling, supply chain management, and most importantly good communication skills to attract profitable vendors and clients. He must attain a bachelor’s degree in Computer science and MBA with focusing on IT management, computer security and database management systems. Also, a CIO needs to have a good leadership skill to manage his workforce in a dedicated line of work. Some specialized courses like project management, managerial economics, and risk management and innovation strategies will help them to become more skillful in their works. When it comes to salary, an accomplished CIO can be paid between $83,064 to $150,982 with incentives and insurance coverage.

    CEO Insights in this issue presents a list of ‘Top10 Chief Information Officers in India- 2023' who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise and experience in offering effective skills to the market. We recognize their valuable contribution to the ever expanding and competitive market and their ability to sustain themselves and emerge as top contestants through their reliable knowledge. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board.

Top10 Chief Information Officers in India - 2023

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
ZIM Laboratories Akbar Kamal, CIO ZIM Laboratories A seasoned leader in digital transformation, collaborating with medium to large-scale organizations to deliver innovative solutions that align IT strategies with business goals
Aurobindo Pharma Atreyapurapu Chitti Babu, CIO Aurobindo Pharma A pioneering leader having over 38 years of experience in information systems, has managed, led, trained, designed, and developed software applications utilizing oracle, and oracle apps
Virtual CIO Consulting Services Job Thomas, Managing Partner & CIO Virtual CIO Consulting Services A professional leader driving overall IT Strategy & IT Operations inclusive of defining the IT roadmap, budgeting, technology evaluation evangelization, and more
6D Technologies Nikhil Paul, CTO & CIO 6D Technologies A technology professional with an extensive professional background spanning over two decades, consistently demonstrated his ability to create products that generate value both for individuals and the organizations
CS Aerotherm Pranav Jairam, CIO CS Aerotherm An industry expert successfully able to maintain the reputation of the company with his strong leadership skills, deep-rooted ethical values, zest for customer satisfaction, and ability to adapt technology
 Sri Adhikari Brothers Group Rahul Kawthankar, CIO & Head - IT Sri Adhikari Brothers Group A highly accomplished, multifaceted, and results driven executive with 23+ years of comprehensive work experience and commendable strengths in all facets of global IT operations, IT infrastructure and more
H K Designs Rajesh Shah, CIO H K Designs An incredible leader with extensive experience in software development/implementation of ERP, with a focus on automation to minimize errors and optimize resources
Pennar Industries Satya Srinivas Karanam, CIO Pennar Industries A key leader in the industry, with his outstanding track record in stabilizing complex IT systems and extensive knowledge of IT infrastructures and ERP application systems
Anand and Anand Subrato Kumar Panda, CIO Anand and Anand A C-suite professional with proven record and established expertise in the development of technical and strategic landscape for IT services and solutions
Sterling Holiday Resorts Sudesh Agarwal, CIO Sterling Holiday Resorts A highly accomplished, innovative and results oriented technology executive holds over two decades of experience in building complex software applications/ systems, technology infrastructure and others

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