Shrachi Group: Cultivating Collaborative Ecosystem Driven by Passion, Empathy & Togetherness

Shrachi Group: Cultivating Collaborative Ecosystem Driven by Passion, Empathy & Togetherness

Vijay Pandey ,  Chief People Officer

Vijay Pandey, Chief People Officer

Workplace culture, one of the most searched words on Google search engine, is a buzzword that shapes organizational ecosystem and drives performance. Etching on credibility, capacity and character, the human resource torch-bearers experiment with best ways to fabricate a collaborative environment that fosters employer-employee connect in the most flexible and agile manner. Acing this connect with employee-centric, ethical outlook since 1966 is Shrachi Group,a dynamic manufacturing conglomerate that works as one with its workforce to foster collaborative learning and growth. A champion in kindling inclusive work culture, Shrachi’s core competency lies in its empathetic belief system wherein every employee shoulders each other in every thick and thin.

Leading a 1000-employee workforce is no cake walk, but Vijay Pandey’s ace leadership as Chief People Officer has set a different dynamic of how a seasoned professional plays key role in maintaining organization’s employee attrition rate and interactive work culture. Laurelled with ‘Best HR Awards 2017’ by ISTD Kolkata Chapter, Vijay’s dynamism exemplifies discipline and integrity that facilitates employee-friendly environment and empowers personnel to unleash their true potential. The following excerpt of Vijay’s conversation with CEO Insights brings in spotlight Shrachi’s collaborative workspace culture that attracts millennial talent and makes it one of the best companies to work for.

What attracts fresh & experienced talent pool towards Shrachi?
With motto - ‘hire for attitude and train for skill’, and our sustained focus on strengthened capabilities in the existing business, we have established stability while venturing newer avenues for growth. Identifying high potential employees within the organization and providing necessary grooming and senior mentoring is the key to enhance leadership and management skills. This has been instrumental in unleashing youth and building a robust succession planning for the future.
Elucidate on the procedure involved in handpicking right talent from immense talent pool.
We give prime importance to campus hirings for hand picking fresh talent with right attitude and potential to deliver and cope up with upcoming challenges. Along with providing learning opportunities to showcase their potential in industry-specific live projects, freshers are given tailored assignments and projects wherein they work with experienced pros and boost up their knowledge and confidence.

"Our policies are not only compliant to land of law, but also cater to each employee’s needs and requirements"

For experienced professionals, getting respect & exposure to cross functional roles and responsibilities is the key. While these pros are sourced through multiple job channels and internal references, the selection procedure is planned to test their technical and behavioural skills simultaneously.

How do you create connect with employees from the beginning and unlock their true potential?
We give importance to feel factor of the entire interview process and treat candidates just like our clients and customers. While employee engagement activities keep personnel cheerful, we believe in providing interesting yet challenging assignments that help in fulfilling career aspirations. We value and respect every professional’s thoughts and believe that success of a project is never possible without inputs and contribution from all in a uniform manner. Our HR department is always there to support employees at any point of time and tries to resolve all queries and issues with minimal turnaround time.

What strategies keep employee-employer bond on equilibrium embraced with satisfaction?
Our HR policy has been designed to be employee friendly, with an aim to facilitate an ecosystem which is based out of trust. Our policies are not only compliant to land of law, but also cater to each employee’s needs and requirements. Be it sabbaticals for studies, trainings or raising child, we consider it all. Various wellness programs and Yoga sessions are periodically organized to keep mind and body fit while assuring health benefits through employee insurance. A female employee at Shrachi is cared for and ‘she’ is kept comfortable all time. Each year, we organize Annual Women’s Day to celebrate womanhood and take extreme pride on.

Key to success is right work-life balance. How do you instill this mantra in your organization?
At Shrachi, we believe in letter and spirit for 'work-life balance’ and encourage our workforce to build skills through internal and external skill training sessions and ensure a faster learning curve. These enhancement programs encircle lower professionals, middle level management and senior level CXO experts, who are nominated and sponsored for seminars and workshops as well. Besides, celebration of festivals and life-changing events strengthen the bond between the company, employees and their families.

Explicate on Shrachi’s success graph with key highlight on its future endeavours.
Since the inception, Shrachi’s journey has been transformative and evolving. Bringing in change with regard to system, process, customization, people training and planning business methodologies has been instrumental in the company’s growth. Presently, we are clocking revenues of over Rs.1000 crore which is considered the best if calculated as revenue per employee generated matrix. With the growing scale of operations, we have been able to attract capable CXO level in the organization. Their knowledge, vast experience leadership and domain expertise are critical in taking the organization to higher level of success.

"Key Management:
Vijay Pandey, Chief People Officer
A dynamic HR professional with over 20 years of experience, Vijay spearheads HR policy formulation and implementation. He handles leadership roles, competency development, organization structuring and contrives strategies for talent acquisition and talent management.

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“We support our employees through empowering policies, competitive reward programmes, coaching and well-being initiatives. Apart from being partners in their career growth, we can leverage the young resources to help us channelize our growth with their creative ideas.”
-Ravi Todi, Managing Director

“While there are various factors that make employees love and be proud of their company, I feel it is the culture of transparency, respect, continuous development that holds up higher than the rest. Culture of continuous development with senior management leading by examples is what makes Shrachi the best place to work for”
-A Content Employee

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