• Abhijit Pati,      CEO

    Abhijit Pati, CEO

  • Even while living in an epoch of 'digital-smartness' and 'family-like' work culture, there exist some business sectors that offer resistance to the inevitable change. The manufacturing industry, which is best known for organizations that often carry their legacy from the colonial period, is one among the salient entrants in this index. The moment you evoke a production facility, you would probably picture a 20th century portrait – a busy shop-floor flooded by serious-faced blue & white collar veterans, who run the show without a trace of youngsters & women. Well, it’s time to scrap the convictions, as Vedanta Limited’s aluminium & power operations at Jharsuguda – one of the global leaders in manufacturing high-quality aluminium products – is transforming the typical manufacturing company work culture to the new epoch.

  • Vedanta Limited, Jharsuguda: Transforming Shop-Floor Culture in Indian Manufacturing Sector

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25 Best Companies to Work For (INDUSTRY) - 2019

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  • 25 Best Companies to Work For (INDUSTRY) - 2019

    If one has to define the qualities of an ideal company, it cannot be inscribed in meagre terms; rather an inventory of numerous attributes latches onto the opinions of employees. Beyond a well established infrastructural skeleton that incites good environment, an ideal company surges to incorporate encouraging learning cultures within comfortable systems that ignite employees to work their best, not just towards company goals but also towards instilling a personal well-being. Thus, several significant pointers hint at hailing the workforce as an indubitable pillar of an organization’s functioning, guiding companies today to work towards reshaping work conventions and systems. Moreover with ever-rising job seekers engaging in filtered searches based on a company’s rating, environment, salary, travel convenience, financial benefits and most importantly work-life balance, companies’ today endeavour meeting these demands to boost mutual growth. They further strive on this regard to augment employee morale and up their potential as competitive players in their respective industries. Thus it is undoubtedly becoming clear that by centring the well-being of workforce would only upbeat the performance of meeting business objectives and India today possesses a vast number of such companies who succeed in framing as ideal or best for employees to work in. Enlisting these companies to ease the process of finding an ideal company to work for, CEO Insights presents you ‘25 Best Companies to Work For (INDUSTRY) – 2019’. Succeeding a detailed evaluation process, the CEO Insights Editorial Board along with top CEO’s, Recruiters, HR Managers and other prominent business heads, has enlisted some of the major fore-runners who claim to provide ingenious opportunities and innovative spaces for employees to perform par excellence. Gaming-up corporate spirits and goals of building strong individuals in environments of healthy competition and positive growth, these companies are listed only assuring that its readers will gain insightful knowledge and also encourage parallel competitors to adopt methods that will guarantee success and growth.

25 Best Companies to Work For (INDUSTRY) - 2019


Company Person's Name Designation Person's Profile
Ambrish Prasad Ambrish Prasad Sales Head Delivers cyclic training ranging from level 1, 2 & 3 in light planning and light architecture to its employees for them to go beyond the sole notion of selling and helping customers/partners
Abraham Joseph Abraham Joseph Vice President – HR (Global People Function) Staying true to its core values – Transparency, Trust & Respect, the firm fosters a performance-driven and positive workplace culture that is constantly honed by a strong leadership team
  Dr. Sudhir S Moharir Dr. Sudhir S Moharir Founder The company invests heavily in training its workforce with latest tools and having them attend workshops
Suresh J Patel Suresh J Patel Chairman & MD One of the world’s largest manufacturers and exporters of Speciality Chemicals, Dyes, Dye-Intermediates and Water Purification Chemicals like Trichloroisocyanuric Acid (T.C.C.A)
  Sashank Rishyasringa & Gaurav Sashank Rishyasringa & Gaurav Co-Founder & MD The firm's strong employee-oriented culture and the opportunity to disrupt the status quo helps in attracting talented freshers and experienced professionals
Maria Rajesh Maria Rajesh Chief Human Resources Officer A flat organization backed by home-grown Embassadors bestowed with the perfect work-life balance along with benefits galore.
Deepak Uppal Deepak Uppal Executive Director An absolutely transparent firm that keeps employees motivated and updated through periodical training & development sessions
  Rajesh Babu Rajesh Babu Managing Partner Training employees heavily on building coordination, work strategy, stress management and many other attributes, the firm is striving to give more importance to its workforce besides strengthening its business
  Sameer Mitter Sameer Mitter Managing Partner The firm boasts a fleet of skilled & exceptionally trained workforce wherein even the drivers are offered specialized training
Raj lyer Raj lyer Founder & CMD Bestowing a work aura that constantly fuels work prosperity and lets employees strike a perfect work-life balance
Arup Dash Arup Dash CEO With a collective experience of 50 years among its workforce, the firm offers numerous growth opportunities for them in electronics design & automation, platform design and embedded technologies
Rajiv Mody Rajiv Mody Director Understanding the importance of a great work culture in binding the team together, the firm has developed a culture of discipline to drive engagement and results among its workforce
Karthi Baskar Karthi Baskar Deputy Managing Director Strongly believes in providing an environment wherein all employees can maximize their abilities for the company’s development
Alok Kuchlous Alok Kuchlous CEO Nurtures technical talents with highest ethical values and recognizes people who have been with the company for a long time
Nagendran Venkatraman Nagendran Venkatraman Chairman Besides offering a good workplace culture, the firm conducts periodical training workshops on calibration management techniques to its workforce to keep them updated on the emerging trends
Anil Gupta Anil Gupta MD & CEO The firm presents a unique blend of Japanese and Indian cultures to its employees that is deeply rooted in its tradition
Nishith Desai, Founder & Managing Partner Nishith Desai, Founder & Managing Partner Founder & Managing Partner The extremely choosy company recruits people with immense intellectual capability, with the desire to make a bigger impact in the world beyond just legal expertise
Palash Nandy Palash Nandy CEO A transparent & fun-filled workplace empowering people to stay versatile
Sachin Garg Sachin Garg Director The company has well-written procedures and management practices where employees have clearly defined roles & responsibilities, and they also self-monitor their progress weekly to ensure better performances
Ashish K Srivastava Ashish K Srivastava MD & CEO A supportive & collaborative workspace offering rigorous talent management & development along with benefits par versatility
Umar Farooq Umar Farooq Co-Founder Besides a streamlined hiring process, the company has training programs over the weekend, targeted at the resources deployed on the job to supersede client’s expectation
Vijay Pandey Vijay Pandey Chief People Officer Driven by passionate employees, the company kindles an inclusive work culture that cultivates empathetic belief system, collaborative learning and high team spirit
Mahesh Rabade Mahesh Rabade Founder In view of employee empowerment, the company ensures to upskill its workforce on how to operate its range of equipment, through national & international trainings
Rakesh Kumar Chopra Rakesh Kumar Chopra Founder & CEO All employees are frequently sent to seminars & conferences for upgradation of their knowledge besides being deputed for trainings to manufacturers & training institutions like ERTL
 Abhijit Pati Abhijit Pati CEO Vedanta Limited is a premier manufacturer of metallurgical grade alumina and other high-quality aluminium products, which are used by a wide gamut of industries.

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