Know Your Apple; New Upgrades & Launches from Apple in 2023



Electronic device purchases are frequently influenced by the user's ability to pay. According to each buyer's budget, the market offers a wide variety of devices. We typically seek out technologically advanced gadgets because we live in a technological age. And we look at goods with an eye for the most recent features. Apple is a company that consistently caters to this need. Along with new iPhones and the Apple Watch series, the Cupertino-based company has planned new iPad mini, MacBook Air 15-inch, and 14-inch iPad Pro models. Here are the launched and upcoming launches of Apple this year:

New Launches of Apple in 2023

14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro

By announcing its most recent products, the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, Apple has kicked off the new launches. The new MacBook Pros are equipped with M2 Pro and M2 Max chipsets, which will enable them to deliver outstanding performance and energy efficiency. The devices can perform six times faster than the MacBook Pro, thanks to the fastest Intel processor. The Liquid Retina XDR display, a 1080p FaceTime HD camera, a six-speaker sound system, and studio-grade mics are features shared by the 14-inch and 16-inch models. Additionally, both MacBooks include a number of noteworthy features, including Studio Light, Desk View, Centre Stage, and Continuity Camera.

The 14-inch MacBook Pro with M2 Pro is available at Rs. 1, 99,900, while the 16-inch MacBook Pro with M2 Pro costs Rs. 2,49,900. The M2 Max variant of the 14-inch MacBook Pro costs Rs. 3,09,900, while the M2 Max 16-inch MacBook Pro is available at Rs. 3,49,900.

Mac Mini with M2 & M2 Pro

 The eagerly awaited Mac mini is another intriguing item that debuts at the same time as the MacBook Pro. Apple has updated the Mac mini's internals and released two different variants, one with an M2 chipset and the other with an M2 Pro chipset. More unified memory and sophisticated connectivity options are now included with the device, and the M2 and M2 Pro models both enable up to three monitors.

Homepod 2nd Generation

The second-generation Homepod, which has been enhanced after three years, is also among Apple's most recent releases. The S7 chipset, which is the same one used in the Watch Series 7, is added to the second version of Apple's large smart speaker. A single 4-inch woofer and a total of five microphones are also included in the new HomePod for improved voice recognition. The cost of the HomePod 2nd Gen in India is Rs 32,900.

Upcoming Apple Launches this year

iPhone 15 series

The iPhone is Apple's most eagerly awaited device each year. Millions of people eagerly anticipate the new features and enhancements that the upcoming iPhone will bring. Apple is planning to include USB Type-C on every new iPhone, including the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The iPhone 15 range is expected to be no exception. With this change, the iPhone will finally be on par with other Apple products like the iPad and MacBooks, which feature USB-C charging connectors and have had them for some time. Apple, however, intends to create its own USB-C port that will be designed to only accept cords supplied by Apple, according to reports.

The addition of Dynamic Island to the basic iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, as opposed to the stock iPhone 14 that kept the notch, maybe another noticeable alteration. Regarding optics, the iPhone 15 Pro Max might gain a periscope lens for better zoom capabilities, but it's possible that there won't be any significant changes to the other models.


According to sources, this eagerly anticipated phone will be available in stores in September. If we examine the phone's performance, both the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max may be powered by the yet-to-be-announced A17 chipset, which will be manufactured by Apple's trusted chip supplier, TSMC, using a 3nm process. On the other hand, Apple's A16 Bionic, which is the same SoC seen on the iPhone 14 Pro, may be included in the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

Apple Watch Series 9

Another item from Apple that sees yearly updates is the Apple Watch. The Watch Series 9 may use the same design as earlier iterations, which are expected to be available in the conventional 41mm and 45mm dial sizes. There won't likely be a new Watch Series 9 model because the 49mm Watch Ultra was unveiled alongside Series 8. Speaking of which, Apple might also release a new Watch Ultra model with enhanced features and perhaps even new sensors for expanded functionality. Customers will be able to purchase the watch in September of this year.

15-inch MacBook Air

 The 15-inch MacBook Air is being released for the first time ever. The 15-inch MacBook Air could have the same M2 technology at its core as the 13.6-inch model introduced in 2022, but with a higher clock speed. In addition, the MacBook might include the functionality from earlier MacBook Air models.

MacBook Air with M3

Apple may possibly introduce the MacBook Air with an M3 processor later this year in addition to the 15-inch model. Despite the lack of information on the screen size, this particular MacBook Air may use the display and design of the 13.6-inch MacBook Air from 2022. Online reports claim that the M3 chip, which is based on TSMC's 3nm fabrication technology, will have 30 percent more power efficiency and 15 percent better performance than the M2 chip.

14-inch iPad Pro

It's possible that Apple may introduce a brand-new iPad Pro model with a 14-inch display. Since the new iPad will have the same M2 chipset as the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, there could not be significant performance improvements. Additionally, the iPad Pro may use the same display technologies found in earlier iPad models, like a Liquid Retina XDR display and ProMotion for a fluid experience. Last but not least, the 14-inch iPad Pro might be offered in 5G and Wi-Fi versions.

iPad mini 7th generation

Since the release of the final iPad Mini in 2021, Apple has yet to update its portfolio. Apple is working on a new iPad mini that might have a faster processor while maintaining the same thin bezel design as the previous model. Given that the current iPad mini is powered by the A15 Bionic, the 'upgraded CPU' in this case may be the A16 Bionic. Other than that, it is anticipated that the battery capacity, display size, and optics would not change.

 iMac, Realty Pro Headset

Apple may soon release a number of more items, including the long-overdue iMac and the Reality Pro AR-VR headset. Despite the release of the Mac Studio, a new iMac with an M3 chipset might appear by the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024. But once more, it's doubtful that an Apple brand-new CPU will make its debut on an iMac rather than a MacBook. We'll just have to wait and see how it turns out until then.

This year's company's Spring event is most likely to see the introduction of the Reality Pro headset. Recent trademark applications have raised the possibility that "Reality Processor" is the name of the specialized chipset that Apple intends to utilize in the headsets. The device has more than 10 cameras, a variety of sensors, an M2 processor, and a custom chip, so it might cost a whopping $3,000, or almost Rs 2.45 lakh.