Art Life Gallery: Adding Life To Your Walls While Supporting Talents

Art Life Gallery: Adding Life To Your Walls While Supporting Talents

Priti Bajaj,FounderDigital art galleries are more likely to be-come the vanguard for promoting our culture. In the fast modernizing world, the creative instinct is also changing. In this scenario, Priti Bajaj looked for an art fix and founded Art Life Gallery with her sister Pratibha Agarwal. The project was ideated to stop Noida from be-coming another clone of the modern city by giving it a cultural edge. With the impact of COVID making art galleries shut their doors, Art Life Gallery tapped the opportunities of the internet to present the best online art from skilled artists at an affordable price. It also granted the art lovers with some aesthetic, creative inspiration, and a blissful artistic experience, all at their fingertips.

The gallery has been particularly dedicated to creating an art space within Noida. Art Life Gallery connects collectors, critics, and curators to the artist by providing rising and established local and international artists a vital platform to exhibit their cutting-edge artwork. The Artists represented by Art Life Gallery are diverse in subject matter but they all share the unique position of being the finest in their field. The gallery offers one of the most comprehensive collections of contemporary fine arts providing collectors, consultants, architects, and interior designers to access the work of emerging, mid-level, and established artists.

In an exclusive conversation with CEO Insights, Priti Bajaj the founder of Art Life Gallery shares interesting details on the brand and her plans for the company.
Brief us with some interesting aspects of your online art gallery
We are a gallery with a major focus on young and up-coming artists. In fact, all the artists who are talented but with no platform, know Art Life Gallery will always support them, be it handholding them, exhibiting their work, getting the media coverage, or helping them sell, we are always there for the artists. We have an array of specially-abled artists as well, who are a part of our informal consortium.

Our goal is to showcase talents of our artists, cater to original art, limited editions, and sculpture through an international network of art shows, and offer great environments to view and enjoy our artists’ works

Tell us about your academic & professional background. Also, how did you come up with the idea of the Art life gallery? Share with us your inspiration.
I am a gold medallist in post-graduate journal-ism from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chandigarh, and have worked for some top dailies like Indian Express and Economic Times. When I shifted to Noida in 2005, I noticed that there were no art galleries and there were not many galleries present online. So, with the help of my husband and my sister, Pratibha, I started Art Life Gallery both in brick and mortar and online.

Tell us about the prominent artworks featured on your website. Also, throw some light on the creation or sourcing process followed for these artworks along with the pricing model.
Some of the prominent artworks for me would be the creations by specially-abled artists like Suvedha
and Amrit. However, some artists like Vivek Singh and Dr Chitra Singh are also doing very remarkable work both in figurative and abstract forms. Most artists can upload their work on the website but we are the admins so everything goes monitored to maintain a certain standard. The artists themselves put up the price but sometimes we do guide them in not overrating or underrating their work.

How do you ensure the quality & authenticity of artworks sold on your online gallery?
Everything that is put on the website is original artwork and seen in person by us. It is usually present in the gallery in Sec 44, Noida.

Explain the user-friendly interface offered by Art life gallery to its customers.
We have kept the virtual visits simple and clear. One has to just click on the artwork, pay, fill in details and you are ready to receive your art in 15 days.

Throw some light on your team of artists and their professional experiences.
We have some bright artists who are doing excellent work. Sudhir Phadnis, Yash Verma, Vivek Singh, Dr Chitra Singh, Akhil and Sweta Nim to name a few.

Are you planning to upgrade the Art life gallery with new artworks and paintings in the future? If so, tell us about it.
We upgrade the artworks depending on the sales and if the sales are good we replenish the paintings very fast but when we are in slow-down mode we change the paintings every six months.

Priti Bajaj, Founder
We are a company which works like an art NGO. We are a not-for-profit organization and whatever sales we make, the money goes to the artists. The future of art and art galleries depends on popularising “art for every wall”. Art is a sector that is going through turbulent times and we all need to put our forces together to protect and promote it.

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