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  • Pinaki Gupta, Founder

    Pinaki Gupta, Founder

  • For the longest time now, paintings and artworks are confined to four walls of traditional art galleries. Breaking the odds, Pisarto ­ the tech-enabled online art gallery has taken the digital-first approach to bring Global Art to the doorstep of art lovers at a reasonable price. The founder of Pisarto, Pinaki Gupta, left his corporate job in a leadership role, after working for two decades with a TATA Group company. Though it was a tough decision, today, Pinaki is glad to chase his passion of democratizing the art industry. His single-minded focus is to encourage and empower talented artists while bringing about a change in the buying behavior of art lovers. "On one side we are allowing art buyers to acquire art at attractive price points along with making the buying process easy. While on the other side we are offering a platform for artists to gain access to a wider audience and not be restricted to their local markets or cities," he proudly informs.

  • Pisarto: Creating A Colourful Digital Ecosystem For Artists And Art Lovers

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Top 10 Online Art and Gallery - 2021

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  • Top 10 Online Art and Gallery - 2021

    Humans had always loved arts. Art has been an integral part of human life from the beginning time of civilization. Whether it is a cave painting, rock sculpture, music or any form of dance, art has contributed with expression of individual's thoughts and ideas. It is the depiction of world at a particular time ­ the culture and tradition of the particular time. It can also be considered as remains of history. It is inseparable from human life. Art is a definition which does not require words and can make humans emotional.

    Alike all the other fields, digitalization has also effected arts and artists. Today there is no need of long ticket taking exhibitions for paintings. They are done online on numerous online galleries. The paintings can also be sold or bought online through these platforms. Anyone can present their art works in front of world.

    In some parts of world, experiments are an ongoing process for creating art pieces using artificial intelligence. In America, Christie's (British Auction House) sold first AI art created through machine learning. Over past 50 years many artists all over the world have tried to develop algorithms that can create art. Debates are going on whether AI art should be called an art or not. But from 20th century onwards researches on art algorithm was going on.

    Amidst the ongoing development, in this issue of CEO Insights magazine, a list of 'Top 10 Online Art and Gallery - 2021' is presented to the readers by a team of art enthusiasts, researchers, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights magazine editorial board with detailed information about the development of online platforms upholding Art and Gallery.

Top 10 Online Art and Gallery - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Archna Wadhwa Gallery Archna Wadhwa,Founder Archna Wadhwa Gallery An Online Art Gallery in India to create a global community through art by bridging the gap between artists & (art) admirers and by helping people realize the transformative potential of art
Art Life Gallery Priti Bajaj,Founder Art Life Gallery It connects collectors critics and curators to artist by providing rising as well as established local and international artists a vital platform to exhibit their cutting-edge artwork
Art Pilgrim Live Gayatri Singh,Curator & Founder Art Pilgrim Live It set up its first gallery more than 2 decades ago at the Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi. The gallery has over this time brought exciting exhibitions to promote established and emerging talent in the Contemporary Indian art space
CIMA Gallery Rakhi Sarkar,Founder CIMA Gallery The gallery showcases the best traditional metalworks, textiles and handicrafts from the East. It has amazing variety and collection
Painternet Prashant Shah,MD Painternet It has the distinction of being India's first online art gallery and has served the art community and enthusiasts with its professional expertise for over 16 year
Pisarto Pinaki Gupta,Founder Pisarto It offers a rich mix of artworks, namely paintings and sculptures curated from established and emerging talent. We feature artworks, be it paintings or sculptures of artists
Portrait Flip Lavdeep Chahal,Founder Portrait Flip They are the ultimate hub to create genuine handmade paintings from photos
Verandah Myna Kakar,Founder Verandah It is a beautiful boutique Gallery with an old world charm, located at a private heritage home in Kolkata. It is tucked away in a cul-de-sac, where art- lovers can visit by appointment and browse through the art over a cup of coffee
Vulcan Art Gallery Mananjot Singh Kohli,Founder & CEO Vulcan Art Gallery It provides artists an opportunity to display their work in their gallery and make people's art accessible to a wider audience
WorldArtHub Ravindra Mardia,Founder WorldArtHub It is the first platform to democratize the art buying process, while also empowering the artist; the first platform with a completely transparent pricing and purchase process; the first platform to proactively help collectors re-sell their art. It is the first portal to bring on board Galleries and Dealers, Art critics and Art Writers, Art Service Providers and Art Material Vendors, alike – to bring art to every home

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