Foxmula: The Smart Way to Grow Academically

Foxmula: The Smart Way to Grow Academically

Ayush Bansal,Founder

Shubham Sharda, Co-founder

Ayush Bansal, Founder

Technological innovations have enabled people of all ages to learn from a distance and by utilizing a variety of different mediums; from video tutorials to info graphics and slideshows. It is staggering how online much learning has evolved over the years, and how it continues to revolutionize modern educational practices. Aspirants too have leveraged the essentials of online learning to educate and catapult career opportunities. However, with the swarming market full of learning programs, it becomes quite difficult to make a choice. Based out of Bengaluru, Foxmula formulates and brings to an evolving ecosystem to combat the ever-shifting job market. Learn from the Ayush Bansal, Founder of Foxmula about the ingredients that make Foxmula a sensible choice for growing academically.

What is Foxmula made of? Tell us about how your journey toward establishing this firm plays an important role in Foxmula’s positioning in the industry.
The idea of Foxmula took physical form in my 3rd year of college. I was pursuing my degree in MS Ramahiah Institute of Technology majoring in Information Science. I had taken a break from college after my third year to focus more on Foxmula.

We at Foxmula provide application oriented and industry standard knowledge by professionals to help students be job ready. The way we run our company is very decentralized in terms of the flow of ideas. We try every idea any one of our team members has. We then test it, measure it and assess its outcomes and only then, come to decisions. It has worked to keep innovation growing and at the same time, keeping the morale of the team up.

Enlighten us on various programmes and courses offered by Foxmula Learning with key emphasis on flagship offering. Explain the admission process, eligibility criteria and fee structure for your courses?
We offer 2 services: FoxmulaX and FoxmulaY. Admission Process for all requires an application form to be submitted via our website.

Foxmula X is a 3 month coding bootcamp that matches companies with potential candidates who are trained in the exact skill sets that
the company requires. First, the candidates are selected based on their prowess in their field. This is done by using a compendious exam as a filtering process. The top candidates then are put in classes for both technical and vocational skills as specified by the company’s requirements. Only after going through this rigorous industrial training, they are cleared to write the final exam (powered by Mettl). The candidates with exceptional grades are further screened through a direct comprehensive interview process and then are handed over to the respective company's services.

Foxmula-Y programs are for students working professionals to attain the knowledge, recognition and work experience they need to be proficient in cutting edge domains and build their profiles for better opportunities. Training is imparted by top experts in the field with the guidance users need to succeed in the field of their choice. Our users are bestowed with international certifications from universities, MNCs and Foxmula to show their prowess in their domain of choice. To apply their newfound knowledge, users will be working on live internships for industrial exposure.

We at Foxmula provide application oriented and industry standard knowledge by professionals to help students be job ready

Brief us about your two Profile building Programs.
We offer 2 exceptional profile building programs, essential and intensive. Essential profile building programs are online and self-paced. They offer an easy way for busy professionals and students to get a taste of a field without committing a large fee or a lot of time. These programs focus on providing a solid foundation in new-age technologies which can benefit the user by upskilling their current knowledge. Along with this, users get access to weekly live seminars conducted by industry experts for a year.

Our Intensive profile building programs are live online instructor-led classes. These are for those individuals who want to have a deep comprehensive understanding of the domain of their choice. Focus is given on the foundation of the subject and then to the advanced topics with numerous projects and real life models which users are taught to build. Users are grouped in batches of 30 with a healthy teacher student ratio and given personalized attention to help them understand every topic covered. The training spans 3 months during the weekends and offers international university certification as well as MNC certifications. Towards the end of the program, students are given on site internships in Bangalore to
exercise their skills in a corporate setting.

How are you making your eLearning programmes stand out in the swarming market? Please explain your USP.
While other E-learning platforms take a more academician approach to teaching, relying on professors and teachers, we focus on industry oriented knowledge straight from working professionals. This way we impart to our users up to date and industry standard knowledge which they sorely need. Moreover, we provide MNC certifications like MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate), HP certification and International University certification. This certification is much more valuable than most E-learning platforms certification as these have standards set by MNCs themselves. With useful knowledge and an impressive profile that students can build with us, we also offer them work experience internships. Almost every other company has a limited approach when it comes to help students learn. Either it's just training and certification or internship. We understand that both theoretical and practical knowledge, which is industry oriented, is important for users to actually master a particular subject.

Share us the qualification & working experience of your trainers and also explains how their combined experience is helping Foxmula E-learning to establish as a brand in the Education sector?
Our trainers are all working professionals with post graduate degrees and more importantly, they have over 10 years of experience in their respective field. This give our company quality content which is helpful for our users as it gives them a more industry focused education which is needed for our professional class in the country, instead of it being theoretical alone.

What more does Foxmula has in store for the future?
Foxmula is expanding in many domains such as guaranteed jobs, offshoring, outsoucing, Intensive Programs, and B2B domains. So I guess to excel in all will be the future road map for Foxmula. As for the trends, Foxmula has reputed experts in respective domains to keep us up to date on technology. With our team of extremely talented individuals working with us, we’re positive we will not get lost in the crowd but stand apart.

Ayush Bansal, Founder

Ayush is a young entrepreneur who at a fairly young age of 22, identified the market gaps in education and took significant measures to bridge those gaps. One of which was the establishment of Foxmula.
Office(s): Bengaluru (Headquarters)
• Industrial training
• Certification
• Internship
• Job bootcamps
• Profile building programs

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