• Vivek Kumar, CEO

    Vivek Kumar, CEO

  • Expansion of the internet and the means of acquiring information have drastically changed over the years. Today, anybody with an internet connection can create and upload content in specific media platforms and also make use of them. However, a passionate mind like Vivek Kumar had just started teaching in front of a camera. Back then, he didn't have any infrastructure other than a whiteboard and a marker. While teaching for the eyes and ears, online classes were gaining momentum at the time Vivek started uploading his lectures on YouTube. Later, the zeal to reach-out to a wider audience of students by advancing the platform to a higher level had invited the potentials of a few more bright minds which included Vardaan Gandhi and Sameer S, and many more teachers & lecturers. Together, they joined forces to nurture the idea of education for all.

  • Exampur: The E-Learning Remedy for Government Exams

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Top 10 e-Learning Startups - 2020

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Recent Education Trends & Forecast For 2020

By: Rupal Dalal, Executive Director, JD Institute of Fashion Technology

Digital spending on education is rapidly growing

  • Top 10 e-Learning Startups - 2020

    In the current pandemic times, startups have played a pivotal role in every sphere. Ed-Tech is one sector that is keeping the learning wheel rotating. This magic wand is enabling students and professionals to constantly upgrade their skills for a brighter future. However, with the increasing demand for blockchain, robotics, agile project management, digital marketing, fintech, roboadvisory and more, the enrollment of professionals, fresher and students is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.3 percent during the period 2019-2025, reflecting the predicted rise in the ed-Tech adoption within India (KenResearch). On one hand, the rising cybersecurity issue is pushing corporates to upgrade their experts' skillsets and on the other, with the COVID-19 cases still on a rise, the schools have decided not to open. To them, ed-Tech is a savior that is enabling their employees/students keep learning. Addressing this rising need and apprising the people about the rising ed-Tech startup is our current edition of CEO In-sights Magazine's `Top 10 e-Learning Startups ­ 2020'. Post a detailed due diligence, CEO Insights Editorial Board along with a panel of experts com-prising of industry experts, VCs, and education leaders together have settled on this list. We have tried to bring a constructive information about few of them in our story where we speak about their uniqueness, strength, and future roadmap. \

Top 10 e-Learning Startups - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
CBL Pro Debadrita Sengupta,Founder CBL Pro A bespoke learning solutions company delivering end-to-end blended learning solutions and guiding clients on their conventional and digital transformation journeys, multiply their capabilities, and revolutionize learning by making stronger learner connect
Eduswitch Neville Katila,Director Eduswitch An assessment solutions company with a prime focus on offering customizable solutions for online assessments across businesses and geographies
Elearnmarkets Vineet Patawari,Co-Founder & CEO Elearnmarkets An online portal spreading financial market knowledge amongst students, investors and traders alike
EON Education Anupam Tandon,Founder & CEO EON Education A private tutorial market place which brings parents and tutors together and targeted towards the school going children who need support in their studies
Exampur Vivek Kumar,CEO Exampur An online platform that prepares people for government level exams, with live streaming classes, live video, mock tests, and preparation notes, all encompassed under a number of free and paid courses
Foxmula Ayush Bansal,Founder Foxmula An edTech company addressing issues of unemployment, lesser access to industry oriented learning, learning breakdowns, stress around career building, industrial hiring and workforce management, with a community-driven ecosystem
MathonGo Anup Gupta,Founder MathonGo An online Math learning platform banking on the mobile and web education to come up in a big way and leverage technology to provide the much needed educational services to the students devoid of it
Simplelecture Madhur Pahwa,CEO Simplelecture A leading start-up in Ed-Tech segment that not only intends at making learning simpler and smarter but more affordable.
SpireTec Solutions Abhishek Kumar,Founder & CEO SpireTec Solutions A provider of learning services, IT Consulting, Software development and ISO auditing and consulting to corporate cutomer worldwide.
Vedantu Vamsi Krishna,CEO & CO-Founder Vedantu Live online learning platform that enables personalized learning and delivers quality education with cutting edge technology which brings India teachers and students together in a live interactive e-classroom