KV Suresh: A Leader At Work

KV Suresh: A Leader At Work

KV Suresh,Global CEO & President

KV Suresh

Global CEO & President

The convergence of 5G Networks, artificial intelligence, cloud computing is changing the face of the world, one company which is developing Cloud Native Products to disrupt the market with 5G Architecture is TmaxSoft. TmaxSoft it has been in existence for 23 years providing system software technologies in the middleware, database, application framework, and mainframe Cloud Migration products. It was founded in South Korea by Professor Dr. Dae Yeon Park in 1997, TmaxSoft commands the top market share in South Korea (44 percent of the software market) and have made significant inroads in US, Europe, and APAC markets. And, as an organization it has strong technology foundation.

Having vested his time and effort on AI and Cloud, Prof. Dr. Park as Chairman and CTO sees every application from office software to all industry applications running on Cloud Platform as Web-Based Service. With this, he has set a vision for TmaxSoft to be Top 5 Global Software Companies in the world and transform itself as Global Powerhouse by 2030.

Leadership Is The Capacity To Translate Vision To Reality
To translate the vision to reality, the person at the helm of affairs to drive TmaxSoft’s business globally, as Global CEO and President, is Kv Suresh, an astute, empathetic, and emphatic personality based in Chicago, USA. Kv Suresh joined TmaxSoft last year moving from Wipro. Prior to this, he held executive leadership roles at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Accenture. He is an Engineering Graduate, trained at Singapore Management University and Ross School of Management, and being Globe trotter has worked in India, USA, UK, and Singapore.

Realizing vision is not new to Kv Suresh as he has been part of the larger leadership team at TCS as it set and executed its vision. More so, in his career he has shaped and won multiple billion-dollar deals and built multiple large account including largest account in any IT organization. When we at CEO Insights sought his comment, he said, “When I look back, these successes have stories of failure that turned into Success through perseverance”.

At TmaxSoft, Key for success is harmonizing the product vision with all stakeholders, employees while ascertaining market conditions from each one of them. With Global workforce of 1,700 employees with 80 percent from R&D and educated at the world’s top universities: Worldwide presence of more than 110 partners, 4,000 clients, and 18 subsidiaries, he engaged with impact each and every one to socialize and influence on Dr. Park’s Vision and brought them on board to execute vision. In this process, what kept Kv good stead is his experience of running Strategic Business Unit delivering to the business stakeholders and ensuring delightful clients while building teams to realize their potential.

Strategic Alignment And Execution
TmaxSoft uniqueness is its engineering capability, software innovation and flexibility to build any technology to meet market needs. To give needed thrust and focus, we
realigned our products into 3 business areas as Middleware Platforms, Database Products and Cloud A&C aligned it to our marketing, sales, and partner teams with our Offerings to the market creating eco system to deliver value to clients.

“Success can be difficult to achieve in this field, but it can be done if you believe in yourself, start tackling and achieving small goals”. Says Prof. Dr. Daeyeon Park, Founder Chairman and CTO. Taking cue from his Chairman’s views, Kv felt having a good strategy alone isn’t enough to win, but, how well the strategy is understood by everyone, how well team are empowered to take decision unlocks better execution. “I firmly believe Strategy is onetime activity, running operations is full time activity” says Kv. At TmaxSoft, team is onboard with the strategy and has broken the larger strategy into smaller business goals, operated with Glocal mindset and started tasting success on the field.

Success can be difficult to achieve in this field, but it can be done if you believe in yourself, start tackling and achieving small goals

Speaking about how he did it, Suresh quotes saying that ‘Basics never change’. According to him, understanding customers, offerings & teams and how effectively and efficiently one deploys it makes the difference. “Operational rigor from Pipeline to Deal Management to Client Management, with information sharing and flow, across levels and groups, at astounding speed enables to fine tune our offering in comparison to competition, meeting clients’ needs with a WinWin partnership is the difference. This enables effectiveness and efficiency to optimize organization performance from people, process, and technology by delivering more with less”, adds Kv.

Our Relational Database Tibero is one of the fastest growing DBMS and Cloud Web Application Server Jeus, market leader in Korea and has now many successful implementations in Asia Pacific across the industry sectors. Now, we are pushing our envelopes into North American and Europe be a dominant force.

A unique product from Tmax stable is OpenFrame to migrate Mainframe Applications to Cloud, it is the market leader in Japan and had big successes US and Europe markets paving its way to become market leader. Mainframe is a technological behemoth, taking applications built on mainframe onto cloud needs scalability, reliability and supporting broad breadth of legacy technologies, OpenFrame stands tall. Additionally, OpenFrame platform is built with 3 tier architecture with TP monitor, App and Web Server, it enables to Refactor and Re-Architect the mainframe applications by incrementally modernizing and digitally transforming on to new age technologies while co-existing with existing application functions. And, we have many successful deployments across the globe on Cloud. Our OpenFrame recast offerings to Replatform, Refactor and ReArchitect and As a Service model has generated lot of interest from clients. And, we have strong pipeline of opportunities.

While our existing Cloud ready products driving our growth and paying rich dividends, TmaxSoft’ s Technology roadmap envisages a Cloud native 5G architecture platform with Cloud Middleware (MW), Cloud Database( DB), Low Code Platform and AI products
including Office software running on any Cloud is going to disrupt the market.

Building A High Performance Culture
Enabling and integrating people to work together to meet the personal and organization goals has been one of Kv’s key formula for success. He is of the opinion that understanding and appreciating peoples feeling & empathizing with their thoughts and making them empathize with others’ thoughts has been his hallmark of success. In TmaxSoft, Kv has already won multiple deals in one region with support and expertise of another region. “Now, sharing, caring and learning has become value theme to collaborate effectively for the success of the organization and this automatically brings innovation and agility in the working culture creating high performance culture” says the Global CEO.

“The lessons on greek mythology, tamil literature and world history defined my thinking, strategy and management & its operating principles”

Thriving In Building Relationships
While a proven strategy and competitive advantage do make for a great recipe of success; it is the relationships you build with people that ultimately make a huge difference. Being in the technology business, Kv believes, we need to make technology work for business to deliver desired results to build and sustain relationships. With his engineering mindset, he quickly understands business systems and appreciates underlying processes to deploy technology adaptable to constraints and trade-off to achieve desired results for clients. As part of client management, he has brought renewed rigor in relationship management and tasked team to sell more to our existing clients and mining and providing them better value. While doing so, he strengthened and create a robust ecosystem of partners and alliances, together with TmaxSoft creating value for all stakeholders and help business achieve technological superiority. Today, both Clientele and Partnership Ecosystem is enabling TmaxSoft slowly but surely to stamp its presence in every sector providing reliable products and services.

The Global CEO’s Journey
Leadership is a journey with a great learning curve. “The lessons on Greek mythology, Tamil literature and world history defined my thinking, strategy and management & its operating principles”, says Kv. He recalls having learnt a great deal from a plethora of leaders on his journey. N. Chandrasekharan, TATA Group Chairman gave a piece or two on thinking big, perseverance, being decisive, operational rigor, and people management. Abid Ali, Former Wipro CEO, bestowed advices on client relationship management, being humble, large deal shaping and empathetic negotiation. At large, Kv attributes his professional success to the team he had worked as they together delivered to all stakeholders. At Tmaxsoft, on day to day basis, Kv enjoys playing following enlisted roles; Integrator – Integrate Product and Sales teams, Trouble-shooter / Problem Solver to find solution both people and technology problems, Evangelist to take TmaxSoft’ s offerings to the Market, Innovator to drive the organization to the first mover advantage, and Collaborator – with `Vendors, Alliances for TmaxSoft success. At TmaxSoft, he feels fortunate to work with likeminded people, and every day move an inch closer to TmaxSoft’s goal. Moreover, he loves the collaborative and experiential learning he gets from the interaction with the team and wants to be always available to them on both personal and professional front.

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