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  • KV Suresh, Global CEO, Tmaxsoft

    KV Suresh, Global CEO, Tmaxsoft

  • The convergence of 5G Networks, artificial intelligence, cloud computing is changing the face of the world, one company which is developing Cloud Native Products to disrupt the market with 5G Architecture is TmaxSoft. TmaxSoft it has been in existence for 23 years providing system software technologies in the middleware, database, application framework, and mainframe Cloud Migration products. It was founded in South Korea by Professor Dr. Dae Yeon Park in 1997, TmaxSoft commands the top market share in South Korea (44 percent of the software market) and have made significant inroads in US, Europe, and APAC markets. And, as an organization it has strong technology foundation. Having vested his time and effort on AI and Cloud, Prof. Dr. Park as Chairman and CTO sees every application from office software to all industry applications running on Cloud Platform as Web-Based Service. With this, he has set a vision for TmaxSoft to be Top 5 Global Software Companies in the world and transform itself as Global Powerhouse by 2030.

  • KV Suresh: A Leader At Work
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  • Top 10 Emerging Tech CEOs - 2020

    Indian economy, at the beginning of the year 2020, during January and February, had clear signs of growth. However, the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard the Indian technology market, stopping the growth rate. But, what went unnoticed is that COVID-19 started acting as the catalyst for increasing dependency on technology, where important tech trends playing a key role, helping human and technology integration for solving everyday challenges. Following the new set of rules to contain the spread of coronavirus, every employee started working from home, enthralling faith in technologies like cloud, mobile, and desktop/laptop hardware connectivity, artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, and vehicle automation. With comprehensive technology solutions from the big tech firms like Google and Amazon, the small and medium-sized enterprises were also able to continue their businesses online. Technologies such as extended reality, augmented reality and virtual reality are becoming common for the consumer-end in the sectors of education and entertainment. For securing data, technologies are evolving in cyberspace and helping to protect a company's industrial resonance. This is the fourth industrial revolution and we are living by harnessing the potential of technology optimally. Creating a realistically wonderful and sound future of the human civilization, technology is shaping Indian urban and rural regions into smart cities. While Indian IT services market revenue is poised to generate a whopping amount and reach $350 billion in 2025, expanding by a CAGR of 10 percent (by Gartner research company), the latest innovation in the automotive, healthcare, education, and entertainment is also predicted to amplify the current growth. Augmenting the tech growth, a CEO's role in its respective tech firm is highly appreciative, and in this edition of the CEO Insights magazine, we present a list of `Top 10 Emerging Tech CEOs - 2020', where the tech firms are selected by industry veterans, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights editorial board. The listing guarantees information about how a CEO attained success and is leading by example.

Top 10 Emerging Tech CEOs - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Shrama Technologies Amarjeet Kumar,Founder & CEO Shrama Technologies Amarjeet Kumar is an active contributor to multiple Technology forums such as IEEE, BIS, TEC, ISGF, and Wi-SUN Alliance.
Tech9labs Amit Jain,CEO & MD Tech9labs Leader in information technology with 23+ years' experience, and is assuring solutions to SAP/ SAP HANA, digital transformation, networking solutions and other.
TmaxSoft KV Suresh,Global CEO & President TmaxSoft For 25+ years' delivering solution to software and technology challenges and innovating in the same and also leading sales, services and operations.
FSS Tech Nagaraj Mylandla,Founder, Chairman & Managing Director FSS Tech Pioneer in the payments industry, he achieved transaction implementation processing and switching solutions for 60+ customers in the globe.
Ivy Mobility Nithya Rajanarayanan,Founder Ivy Mobility Passionate about teaching and empowering others, with strong interest for IT.
Datadot Software Solution P V S Durgaprasad,Founder & CEO Datadot Software Solution A visionary leader making a difference in the way organizations function by enabling them to travel abreast of the dynamic technology landscape.
Multiverse Software India Praharsh Bhatt,Founder and CEO Multiverse Software India Renowned for changing lives of people with technology innovation.
KeyValue Software Systems Sharbel Cherian,Founder & CEO KeyValue Software Systems A highly experienced professional with scrupulous expertise in team building, and software industry.
iFIX Tech Global Subrata Mandal,CEO iFIX Tech Global A resolute leader in innovative technology for a rapid progress of the industries and is always experimenting with technologies.
ARS Technologies V.C.Srikanthan,Founder & Chief Executive Officer ARS Technologies Well-known and respected chartered engineer, working in the field of power electronics, with strong expertize in branding and marketing.

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