Matrix Synergies: Offers Impeccable Service Record And Delivers Diligent Approach

Matrix Synergies: Offers Impeccable Service Record And Delivers Diligent Approach

Raakesh Nair,MD & CEO

Raakesh Nair


Matrix Synergies is a company with expertise in the field of Interior Furnishing, ATM Solutions, CCTV, UPS, IT & BPO services. With more than a decade of experience, the company has produced unique and aesthetically appealing projects. Matrix's solutions are tailored to the customers’ brand, needs and taste so that it reflects their statement. Matrix Synergies has established itself over the last decade as one of the renowned companies for UPS, interior furnishing and ATM solutions with an impeccable service record. The company is respected for the diligent approach it takes towards every project irrespective of the size and budget.

Raakesh Nair, MD & CEO of Matrix Synergies is passionate about his work and is always eager to connect with people. He heads an efficient team of expert interior designers, architects, security analysts and engineers with vast knowledge and experience who come in together to design your space. The company's extended team includes quality suppliers, fine artisans and skilled sub-contractors contributing to create a unique and pleasant functional environment for your business. CEO Insights engages in a conversation with Raakesh Nair, MD & CEO, Matrix Synergies who further elaborates on the growth and expansion of the company.

Kindly throw some light on your various UPS & Inverter Solutions with key emphasis on your flagship offering. Also highlight unique benefits and pricing range of these products?
We have UPS and inverter solutions starting from 1 KVA to 100 KVA and our flagship offering is 1KVA to 10 KVA. Matrix Synergies offers the customers an affordable battery
backup option for their office and home requirements. Today it is quite critical for business to maintain power without any interruption. Hence it is the need of the day to provide a very reliable power back up system to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operations. In spite of the growing technology there is a great deal of revenue loss that is incurred due to lack of a proper backup system.

UPS can be as simple as a single battery, inverter, a switch and surge suppressor or it could be a system with an array of batteries. There are also high end UPS systems that cater to bigger requirements. At Matrix Synergies it is our mission to provide the customers with technologically best failsafe UPS systems at affordable cost so that you run your business smoothly.

At Matrix Synergies it is our mission to provide the customers with technologically best fail safe UPS systems at affordable cost so that you run your business smoothly

Give us brief details about your educational and professional background. Also, how are you leveraging the best of these elements across your company’s operations?
I have completed my MBA Operations from NMIMS, Mumbai. I also have an MBA in HR from the University of Annamalai, TamilNadu, and I have accomplished my BCom degree from Mumbai University. My experience as a Business graduate has always taught me to handle the company's finances in a balanced way so that I can serve my clients as well as myself. At the same time, management education has helped me maintain relations with my customers as well as my employees for smooth operations and customer support.

Enlighten us on various challenges/ pain points customers are currently facing in the quality industry and how are your products mitigating
those challenges?
The Indian Market is a price conscious market. Therefore, we still strive to make sure our prices are sustainable. Although the urban market is high, the rural market is even larger and poorly serviced. Our focus is on ensuring that the rural market network is established and that all of our products and services are available.

Everyone now has information about the technical specifications, therefore our customers can now recheck our quality standards and promises. This has helped us gain the confidence of our customers, whether in urban areas or rural areas.

Brief us about your workforce, their professional experiences and expertise in the industry. How are you updating your employees with the latest technologies/industry trends to keep them updated in the industry?
We currently have a workforce of 25 employees on the company payroll and an equivalent number of contract employees. We provide our employees with a regular market survey to help them to understand market dynamics and emerging market requirements. We have professionals who provide training in both marketing and production quality on a regular basis. We have our internal audit and appraisal twice in a year to ensure all the procedures and protocols are followed.

Innovation is the need of the hour. Is there any innovation/R&D happening in your company that might soon be launched into the market?
We are currently working with industry experts to collect the data, along with market analysis specialists. We will soon be opening an R&D centre to appeal to all the latest technical advances with which the young and brilliant mind of our country grows up.

Raakesh Nair - MD & CEO
Raakesh Nair - MD & CEO is passionate about his work and enjoys all aspects of his business. Raakesh’s favourite stage of a project is working with the client or business to understand his or her business objectives.

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