Murli Krishna Pharma: Ensuring Quality Assurance With An Innovative Approach

Murli Krishna Pharma: Ensuring Quality Assurance With An Innovative Approach

Satya Vadlamani,CEOThe global pharmaceutical industry has been successful for decades by increasing its market expanse in both the developed and underdeveloped nations. Pharmaceutical industry is culpable for the research, development, production, and distribution of medications. The market has experienced significant growth during the last few decades. The Pharma revenues worldwide totaled 1.25 trillion U.S. dollars. As advancements in technology have been transforming the industry, pharmaceutical companies are being forced to rethink their existing strategies. The emerging market is becoming more complex for the companies, making the commercial atmosphere harder for them to sustain. Amidst all the changes, one of the biggest challenges faced by pharmaceutical players is shifting from their traditional sales-based to an access driven commercial model to keep up with their competition. It is exceptionally challenging for Pharma companies to keep track of their inventory, providing promising solutions with the utmost quality, and balancing risks associated inventory shortages and gluts.

CEO Insights spoke to Satya Vadlamani, CEO, Murli Krishna Pharma to know more about the company and its uniqueness.

Tell us about Murli Krishna Pharma.
We have a young and dynamic drug delivery system Pre Finished Intermediates manufacturing Company based out of Pune in India that provides a range of effective solutions to optimize the delivery of pharmaceutical products. Our Plant was established with an idea to create products which are innovative, affordable and of course least carcinogenic. The delivery system needs to ensure painless delivery to the patient. Our USP has
been use of Aqueous Platform for drug layering. We develop our own processes which make our products Non Infringing, Painless and affordable to the end user.

What Research Development and Technological Implementation is the company working on?
Murli Krishna Pharma is equipped to undertake formulation development projects on oral NDDS, wherein, the R&D facility is approved by DSIRT. The plant has a world class oral solid dosage facility for manufacture of pellets, micro–pellets and granules approved by regulatory authorities of developed countries. The approach is based on developing an aqueous based matrix for developing semi-finished formulation even for hydrophobic drugs. We are constantly developing semi-finished formulations in form of pallets for certain niche segments where the absorption of drugs is either poor or erratic. The micro-pellets improve the absorption and also the release pattern is more uniform compared to granules as the particle size distribution is narrow compared to granules.

The department is also responsible for ensuring its conformance to the company’s quality system in accordance with the market needs. We are highly committed to enhance current products as well as applying and developing improved techniques. The R&D team is well equipped with various ultramodern equipment and Innovative technologies required for conducting high quality research for conducting high quality research activities. Our research team is continuously engaged in new research projects to aid process and technology development, development of new molecules, chemical process enhancement and development of innovative drug delivery systems. The research activities are closely aligned to the requirements of the World markets.

What are the Consistent Innovation and Up gradation currently underway in the organization?
For example in a product like Itraconazole, our innovation aids in maintaining the crystalline integrity of the product which retains its hydrophobic character and ensures that the transportation takes place through the lipoprotein layers. Thus
ensuring that the molecule is able to penetrate through the hydrophobic cell wall of the fungus.

Our company has upgraded from macro pallets to micro pallets and from micro pallets to Nano particles. The Nano solution can be layer on to a pallet and given as a pallet. The emulsion can be converted into a Gel and made into an ointment and can also be made into an injectable and given as injection. Furthermore, it can be made into a dry powder suspension. The smaller the particle size the larger is the surface area and better is the possibility of bioequivalence of the product. We are the first to have developed an aqueous based matrix for Nano encapsulation of Paclitaxel.

Murli Krishna Pharma was formed on 2nd April 2004 and got the approval from the Indian FDA under schedule M. The first shipment of our plant went to Europe and that’s how we got the approval from the European Union. Likewise, we are approved by the world health organization, while our R&D is approved by DSIR.

Moreover, we focus on developing semi finished formulation in form of nanoparticles for pulmonary release, Buccal release and for orally dissolved tablets so as to develop solid dosage forms for products like HGHF and similar products apart from developing nanoparticles for therapeutic peptides and monoclonal antibodies.

We are planning on going ahead very strongly in oncological sector, in fact we are going to set up our own oncological facility, and we are also going to be setting up our own Nano particles manufacturing Plant. We are currently working on a US Project which involves manufacture of Clinical Trial Batches for Covid 19. This Product will act like an oral Vaccine.

Satya Vadlamani, CEO
Holding a PhD in Strategic Management with an MBA in Marketing, Satya started her career in pharmaceutical industry and was at Ajanta Pharma as General Manager International Marketing in his last role.

Office: Mumbai
Offerings: Pellets, Micro-Pellets and Granules

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