• Maneesh Tripathi, CEO

    Maneesh Tripathi, CEO

  • Even during the darkest of times, leaders must possess the capabilities to dispel clouds of doubt and uncertainty so as to illuminate the path ahead for organizations. Undoubtedly, they play the most significant role in the business world, hence are called the leaders and the flag bearers of their respective organizations. As no one is a `born-leader', one must diligently stride forward and hone the leadership skills, and possess leadership arsenals beyond their professional expertise to numerous soft skills. Leadership roles not only require serious, smart people at the helm but also people with dreams and the tenacity to pursue those dreams day in, day out. One such persona who has truly defined the meaning of being a leader is Maneesh Tripathi, Group CEO of a listed company called SEVAK Limited

  • Maneesh Tripathi: An Exciting Journey From A Small Town, Jabalpur Of  Madhya Pradesh To An International Arena

The Pride of the Nation

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  • Company of the Year - 2020

    Even after witnessing the largest pandemics of the century and facing the stumbling blocks created by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been a glorious year for the business realm, where organizations and enterprises have evolved themselves with the evolving scenarios. From the digital advancements to the evolution of processes, companies have dedicated themselves to develop and match the changing requirements of customers. Yet, it's fair to say that the rapid acceleration of technology, along with a difficult economic climate due to the pandemic is presenting quite a few challenges for companies in India. To survive and flourish in this environment, it's vital for companies to be adaptable and to keep a close watch on current trends. Be it cloud, IT services, agriculture, real-estate, testing, OPD, telecom services or any other industry, organization that are inclined toward advancement are slated to log faster growth and contribute more jobs than their counterparts in the near future. As the year 2020 comes to an end, CEO Insights Magazine in this special features the companies of the year, who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise, business know-how and technology maturity to bring innovative products, services and solutions that not only address existing issues but also the emerging challenges. These companies have been acknowledged for their exceptional contributions across a broad spectrum of segments including digital transformation, cloud solutions, big data analytics, blockchain, cyber security, AI & ML, IoT and much more. Having taken giant leaps ahead of usual approaches, these companies stand to be the torchbearers for the coming generation of technological trends. CEO Insights Magazine brings to you the `Company of the Year - 2020' issue listing the companies which enjoy a distinction among multifarious enterprises. An expert panel of CEOs, CIOs and industry analysts along with CEO Insights Editorial Board has performed a detailed evaluation of the prospect before listing the outstanding entities. This endeavour will prove instrumental in spreading the word about Indian companies that are making considerable advancements in their respective business areas, with excellence as their hallmark. The listing can also serve as a touchstone for grading enterprises with similar propositions and will widen the perspective of readers with new and exciting insights into the Indian business landscape.

Company of the Year - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Archetype Group Pierre-Jean Malgouyres,Co-Founder & General Director Archetype Group India has a big challenge, our engineers need the exposure, guidance and time to outgrow the IT engineering industry globally
Dinearth Harsh Mehta,Director, Dinearth Dinearth Dinearth wishes to bring about a positive change in the way we live by altering the way we think to make the environment a happier and healthier space to function from
Dinesh Engineers Dinesh Kollaiah Kargal,MD and Partner Dinesh Engineers We have a structured qualified team to take care of various aspects of the project we undertake and we are a one-stop solution to all our clients.
Easyrewardz Soumya Chatterjee,Co-Founder & CEO Easyrewardz Our key focus has always been to help brands deliver seamless customer experience and create a deeper customer connect by leveraging actionable insights obtained from data
Futureshift Consulting Vinodh Soundarajan,Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Futureshift Consulting Our mission is to help clients transform their organizations and build scalable, sustainable products rapidly by working at the intersection of strategy, business, technology, and market
Imetrix Solutions Satish Pillai,Managing Director Imetrix Solutions Our constant effort at iMetrix Solutions is simply to be able to deliver unparalleled levels of service to our Clients by creating memorable phone conversations for their customers
iVIS Murali Rachapudi,CEO iVIS Our unique blend of IoT & AI & Cloud advanced technologies closely integrated with human intellect and judgement had reduced theft and vandalism by more than 98 percent at our client sites
Jes & Ben Groupo Harry Sachdeva,Group CMD Jes & Ben Groupo The focus is to induce health-conscious drinks with recyclable & eco-friendly packaging and hold on to the contentment of channel partners with a good margin
Kenstar Sunil Jain,CEO Kenstar Kenstar serves almost all the requirements of today’s generation with one-stop solution for all your needs.
Madhu Infotech India Manjunath H.V,Founder & CEO Madhu Infotech India To offer a seamless experience, we have partnered with top brands including Dell, Lenovo, HP, Microsoft, and McAfee to name a few.
Matrix Synergies Raakesh Nair,MD & CEO Matrix Synergies At Matrix Synergies it is our mission to provide the customers with technologically best fail safe UPS systems at affordable cost so that you run your business smoothly
Murli Krishna Pharma Satya Vadlamani,CEO Murli Krishna Pharma The smaller the particle size the larger is the surface area and better is the possibility of bio-equivalence of the product. We are the first to have developed an aqueous based matrix for Nano encapsulation of Paclitaxel.
Nilons Rajheev Agrawal,Director and CEO Nilons There are many interesting and tasty products in the pipeline which will help the homemaker cook their dish with convenience and taste and save time at the same time. We will also launch functional and zero oil pickles in the near future
Remsons Amit Srivastava,CEO Remsons Meanwhile, they are further empowering its R&D capabilities with advanced CAE simulation and validation testing facilities.
Rotobash Arvind,Founder Rotobash Depending on our growth, we want to bring all the various facets of our operations in house itself and our goal is to build a team so that we can scale up our business in a sustainable manner
Scintilla Kreations K. Sateesh Kumar,Chairman & MD Scintilla Kreations Thriving in an ever-evolving global environment, we have established long-standing relationships with clients in America, Europe, Australia, Middle East and Central Asia.
SGR (777) Foods Srikanth Ramani,Director SGR (777) Foods Our product portfolio shows our commitment to excellence and innovation in unique food recipes
Techsoft Sangeeta Goswami,Director Techsoft Over the years, we have worked with Govt. Departments, Ministry of Road & Transportation, Public Works Departments, Railways, Metro Transport Systems, Urban Infrastructure, Town Planners, Engineering Universities, Contractors, Consultants, Surveyors, and individual professionals to name a few
Thyrocare Technologies Dr. A. Velumani,Managing Director Thyrocare Technologies By employing 10,000 freshers in 25 years, now Thyrocare is present in 10 countries and serves 10,000 plus PIN codes at patients’ homes, every day
Vistaprint India Bharath Sastry,CEO Vistaprint India Vistaprint has developed patented technology that delivers professional-quality printing in small quantities, affordably.