Rotobash: A Market Leader Striving To Offer The Best In Class Services And Gaming Experience To The Users

Rotobash: A Market Leader Striving To Offer The Best In Class Services And Gaming Experience To The Users




When we talk about games, one would instantly think that it is what kids do and not many adults would feel like games are something that they shouldn’t focus their time on. This attitude and scenario where one would only associate games as what kids do during their free time are changing and this has a lot to do with how game developers are coming up with new strategies to attract wider audience into their games. One game segment that has been increasing in popularity especially in India is fantasy cricket games.

In India alone, the fantasy sports market has made impressive growth in the recent years and the segment was valued at 2400 crore Indian rupees in 2020 and this is more than double the 2019 value which stood at 920 crore Indian rupees. While most other businesses have struggled during the Covid19 pandemic, the fantasy sports gaming sector and especially cricket games have clocked in impressive growth numbers, this past financial year. One company that has been growing on a consistent base over the course of the last two years regardless of the fact that they are a startup is Rotobash.

Their fantasy cricket game app which is named Rotobash has been able to bring in new and revolutionary changes in the industry which has resulted in more people getting attracted to this gaming strata. The game allows users to earn money while playing and the company has been able to bring in new features into their games such as auto withdrawal, the ability to change your team while the actual match is taking place has all helped Rotobash to make a name for themselves in the Indian gaming market.

While most other games in this segment feel static to the user, Rotobash has been able to bring in dynamicity in their game that brings in excitement and a feel of freshness to their users. The company is headed by Arvind who has got a diverse academic and professional background.
His expertise and business mentality coupled with his passion for cricket have been a major driving factor behind the growth of the company. He has also been able to guide Rotobash towards success and survive the tough competition within the industry.

To know more about his academic and professional journey as well as the operations of Rotobash, the CEO Insights engages in a conversation with Aravind.

Can you talk briefly about your academic and professional background?
I am both a B. Tech and MBA holder. I did my engineering from IIT Mumbai and my management education from IIM Lucknow. I have also worked in various industries including construction, metal resources, steel industry, mergers and acquisitions, and business strategy to name a few. I started Rotobash because of my love for cricket and I started it even when I was still working. So, it was kind of a balancing act at the beginning but my academic and professional experience and expertise helped me to run my business as well as my professional career smoothly.

Depending on our growth, we want to bring all the various facets of our operations in house itself and our goal is to build a team so that we can scale up our business in a sustainable manner

Can you tell us more about Rotobash and its operations? Also, how do you differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition?
We are a startup in the gaming industry, especially in the fantasy sports space. As of now, there are many companies in this sector and this is because there is a huge demand for these kinds of games in India. When we started, the fantasy cricket games space was still in its infancy period in India and we wanted to offer different options to the users. We wanted to give various choices to the users within the game and we also introduced a composite scoring system into our games.

We are also constantly innovating so that we can offer top-notch user experiences for the gamers. We have different formats and we are making our platform more engaging. Also, we allow our users
to play live during the match itself which enhances the user experience. We don’t want our game to be static and we understand that our users are looking for excitement which is what we are offering. More importantly we have created a transparent system that has helped us to gain the trust of our users.

Kindly elaborate on the initial days of your operations and how have you been able to achieve sustained success in the industry?
Our objective is to give a different experience and we want to be very transparent and all our technological solutions are directed to that only. When we started, we followed an outsourcing model and we got our technology developed by a technology development company. We also outsourced our marketing, accounting and corporate compliances too. So, we have a network of vendors who are providing us with their services and we have developed strong relationships with them. Having the ability to rope in subject matter experts into our operations and co-ordinate all their inputs in such a way that it complements each other has helped us to ensure that we are offering something unique for the users.

What are your future plans and how do you expect Rotobash to grow in the coming years?
We are only two years into this and we are still perfecting our products as well as our user experiences and I think we have now reached a stage where we can scale up now. So, as I said before, we are into only cricket now and if we want to expand, we can get into other sports such as football and basketball so that we can tap into the foreign markets. So, we are eyeing to various countries as well as other sports for expansion. We are also looking for other like-minded investors to invest in our company. Depending on our growth, we want to bring all the various facets of our operations in-house itself and our goal is to build a team so that we can scale up our business in a sustainable manner.

Arvind, Founder
Being an alumnus of both the IIT and IIM has helped him to get trained on both the technical and business knowledge and expertise to not just incept but also run his own company in an efficient manner. While most other names operating in the sector just focuses on the business side of their operations, Arvind made sure that his love for the game of cricket, translated into the game that they are offering to the users. This has helped him to develop Rotobash into a unique entity in the Indian fantasy cricket games segment.

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