Scintilla Kreations: Ensuring Rich Client Experience Through In-House Expertise Unified Tech First Facilities

Scintilla Kreations: Ensuring Rich Client Experience Through In-House Expertise Unified Tech First Facilities

K. Sateesh Kumar,Chairman & MD

K. Sateesh Kumar

Chairman & MD

Making it big in the branding and ad film industry requires an amalgamation of creativity and insight. While some may possess the creative streak but lack the insight that comes with experience, others may strive for years yet never make it big owing to the lack of a creative outlook. Functioning with a perfect blend of creativity and insight is Kemburu Sateesh Kumar, a doyen of the Indian advertising agencies and Chairman MD of Scintilla Kreations Pvt. Ltd.

The fully integrated branding and ad film production house brings to life world-class ad films, documentary videos, walkthrough videos, corporate presentation videos, product videos, documentary features, testimonial videos, web designing, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and 3D projection mapping technologies, digital marketing, printing services and more at its state-of-the-art production facility.

From humble beginnings with a small team, Scintilla has today become one of the most sought-after advertising agencies powered by advanced technology. Based in Hyderabad, the company works with clients who wish to touch audience’s heart with relevant ad films, corporate presentations that challenge conventions, branding that breaks new boundaries and digital media services that deliver a difference. In an indepth conversation with the CEO Insights team, Sateesh Kumar elucidates the makings of a techfirst branding and ad film production company.

What does Scintilla Kreations, a contemporary integrated branding and ad film production house specialize in? In your opinion what factors make the firm stand apart from its contemporaries in the market?
Scintilla is a provider of end-to-end branding, ad films and digital media services & solutions. Additionally we render Augmented Reality Apps, Virtual Reality apps, 3D interactive apps and 3D projections mapping technology. Digital Eyecon Pvt Ltd our technology arm works on Augmented (AR) Reality, Virtual Reality, Projection Mapping technologies, Museum development and Mobile application development along with web development.
We are a full-fledged production company with premier range of cameras, state-of-the-art equipment and technology including graphics, animation, dubbing, background music composition suits, green screen recording studio and designing studio among others. However our core strength lies in our creative crew which consists of experienced directors, animators, content writers along with a complete technical team of experts.

Our one-stop-shop offers 360 degree advertising solutions that are not only creative but also highly cost effective. Delivered by a strong creative team that stays in tune with evolving market and technology trends, we specialize in rendering unique solutions in a timely fashion.

Take us through your professional journey and areas of expertise. How have your past experiences helped in establishing Scintilla as a force to be reckoned with?
I have been a part of the visual media and broadcast industry for over two decades, which has widened my horizons as a media professional and business leader alike. My strengths as a media professional include conceptualization and creative programme designing, writing screenplay and storyboards, skilful film production including production design, proficient operating of advanced cameras and editing graphics. Leveraging my skills I have produced over 1000 documentaries, more than 500 ad films and over 600 corporate films in multiple languages for reputed companies in India and overseas. My prior work experience as a Programme Director at Ramoji Film City, Asia’s biggest film production company has helped me apply my skill set in using advanced filming technology.

Over the course of my professional journey I’ve also donned the role of programme designer, creative script writer and brand strategist which has endowed me with great judgment in the spheres from media planning to rendering digital solutions.

The relationship between a service provider and its clientele is symbiotic since ones’ growth propels the other’s growth. Throw some light on your relationship with your clients and how does Scintilla ensure a positive experience for its clientele?
We take immense pride in serving the unique communication needs of international conglomerates and growth-oriented new age companies, who are the key drivers of our phenomenal success. Our motto has always been transparent, relevant and on time communication with clients. Our specialized team emphasizes on healthy management of client relationships and has a deep understanding of customer requirements.
We focus on continuous team involvement during the planning process of any project which makes a world of a difference to the outcome. The team relies on in-depth case studies and thorough market research to ensure quality solutions. Additionally, every project’s progress is closely monitored, and quick resolutions are provided in case any issues arise. Thriving in an ever-evolving global environment, we have established long-standing relationships with clients in America, Europe, Australia, Middle East and Central Asia.

How has Scintilla’s growth trajectory been in the past year? Tell us about the firm’s strategy to cope with the radical changes being brought about in the industry and becoming future ready.
2019-20 was an amazing year for Scintilla Kreations. Not only did we achieve three times more turnover than normal but also delivered prestigious projects like projection mapping work at Kondapalli fort, digital interactives and AR/VR development at Bapu museum, Vijayawada, setting up the Augmented Reality technology at Eluru museum and Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu. We also developed an amazing app for Vijaya Dairy.

We have charted our route towards incorporating cutting edge technology by moving towards Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality technologies and Virtual Reality programmes. Given the growing need for incorporating digital aspects in solution design and delivery we intend to increase our usage of digital technology. In the years to come Scintilla will ramp up digital delivery, promote apps, mobile tools and other services, enhance online transactions and digital interactions and connect with clients on social media. In order to deal with unexpected scenarios such as the Covid 19 pandemic, we will incorporate innovative ways to deliver output, look for opportunities in unique circumstances and engage in scenario planning.

K. Sateesh Kumar, Chairman & MD
With over two decades long experience in the visual media and broadcast industry, Sateesh Kumar has served as a Programme Director at Ramoji Film City and donned the role of programme designer, creative script writer and brand strategist for various projects. Considered a doyen for the Indian advertising industry, he has been the architect of Scintilla Kreations colossal success.

Offices: Hyderabad
Offerings: Ad films, documentary videos, walkthrough videos, corporate presentation videos, product videos, documentary features, testimonial videos, web designing, digital marketing, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D project mapping technologies, printing services.

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