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Nisha Goswami: A Guide For Success

Nisha Goswami: A Guide For Success

Nisha Goswami,Chief Compliance Officer

Nisha Goswami

Chief Compliance Officer

Women Leaders are the epitome of multitasking with a necessary arsenal like far-sighted strategic thinking and people-centric leadership qualities. They are role models for many, and there is indeed a lot to learn from their journeys. A particularly fine example of such a versatile women leader is Nisha Goswami, the Chief Compliance Officer of Agarwal Group. More than any traditional CCO, she is an expert in business strategy, analytics, risk management, technology, acquisition, retention, and much more. She has been instrumental in shaping-up the company and contributing more to the logistics industry.

She forms the most accurate picture of a great leader, almost a superwomen in her ability to communicate an inspiring vision, to design an effective corporate strategy, and consistently achieve performance targets.

While celebrating exceptional compliance officers, CEO Insights had a chance to interact with Nisha Goswami. The following excerpt is an exclusive conversation of knowing more about her success journey and how she is adeptly and passionately fulfills her leadership roles.

Tell us about Agarwal Group and how did your journey begin as the CCO.
Agrawal Group of Companies are a Kandla-based Business Enterprise in diversified activities for more than five decades. The company has multiple business houses including transportation, manufacturing salt, sale of automobiles of all sorts, and much more. This organization is so massive that initially, I felt I would be lost as a petty employee in this ocean of 2500 employees. But the good aspect is that it is open-
minded to anyone who wants to climb the success ladder, without any gender discrimination. As a person with a high degree of technical skill and managerial capabilities, I’m highly ambitious and I love to explore new spheres of work rather than sticking to the old routine of a ‘9 to 5 job’. This was noticed by the management. After about 6 months, I had completely understood the system of Agrawal Road-lines Pvt. Ltd., a sister concern of the Agrawal Group of companies dealing in road logistics, their clientele, the policies, guidelines, safety measures, and the standard operating procedures.

Dedicated departments were working within this logistics company but there were a few wolves, who would gradually eat up the company’s reputation at some point in time. To manage them, a new system had to be introduced and without asking the management’s permission, I spent my nights, framing policies in such a way that no employee can escape the ‘eagle’s eye’. Once it was ready, I presented it to the G.M. of the company and he was quite impressed. My journey as a CCO began with a 2-minute presentation.

As a person with a high degree of technical skill and managerial capabilities, I’m highly ambitious and I love to explore new spheres of work rather than sticking to the old routine of a 9 to 5 job

Take us through your educational background and professional journey.
I earned a Masters in Computer applications and joined as a data analyst in an organization when I was 23. After a year, I got associated with Agarwal Group where my career scaled to managerial roles and I was in a position of making decisions.

Becoming a woman leader came along with a couple of challenges. The major hitch I faced in the initial stage was from my family members and relatives. They were shocked about a woman entering into the
logistics industry. However, they have turned out to be supportive after knowing the organization’s employers and the system of working. I did face a prejudiced attitude from my co-workers when I conducted an internal audit and some of them could not answer my questions about non-compliance on their part.

What were the initial challenges that taught you the basic lessons of developing, implementing, and managing the compliance issues for a large organization?
The founder chairman, late Shri Satyanarayan Agrawal, was not born with a silver spoon. He and his brothers struggled hard to reach this level and this reflects in their attitude towards their employees. But challenges came in because of co-workers and colleagues. Introducing new thoughts in an age-old culture is a very difficult task. As a millennial, I had a lot of ideas to be implemented and changing the style of working. I understood that we need to change for growth. When I started implementing the new policies and procedures in compliance with laws, it reminded me of the historical figure, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, who tried to remove the social evil of ‘sati’ from the society. Imbibing a safety culture with legal compliance in a country like India, where the general attitude is “Chalta hai”, it is extremely difficult.

What are some of the latest technologies deployed in the management of regulatory compliances to benefit the organization?
Firstly, the installation of on-board cameras in our tankers to track driver behavior and to take remedial actions for the same. Secondly, a sanitizing cabin and a steam releasing device installed for employees due to the pandemic.

Nisha Goswami, CCO
• Becoming a CCO in a short span
• Achieving zero tanker incidents after the policies, procedures and guidelines were implemented. Thus saving the company’s extra holes in the pockets.

Organization Network:
Gandhidham, Kandla, Mundra, Jamnagar, Vadodra, Kadodra, Hazira, Barmer, Delhi, Panipat, Dhumad, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Pipavav, Cochin, Mangalore, and Porbandar

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