• Sunil kumar KN, Chief Compliance Officer

    Sunil kumar KN, Chief Compliance Officer

  • Enterprise ethics and compliance executives represent a rapidly maturing profession. It began to emerge in the late 1980s when several government initiatives and high level commissions began recommending that specific senior-level personnel should have responsibility for overseeing an organization's compliance and ethics program. These key business leaders are responsible not only for maintaining compliance, but also for upholding what is arguably an organization's most valuable asset: its reputation. Now, what separates a `good' ethics and compliance program from a `great' one? The answer to it is probably lies in the professional journey of Sunil Kumar KN. Sunil Kumar KN is a professional banker with twenty four years of combined experience, as in-house Compliance Adviser and Legal Attorney. He has extensive exposure and practical experience, in leadership roles in regulatory compliance, business advisory and banking laws with Federal Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Reserve Bank of India (Banking Regulator) and other commercial banks.

  • Sunil Kumar KN: Exemplifying That Law Abiding Is About Principles

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Top 10 Chief Compliance Officer - 2020

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  • Top 10 Chief Compliance Officer - 2020

    New and reformation in regulation in the banking sector have made it a highly challenging task for banks to maintain regulatory compliance. In recent times, the regulation volume has caught really a notable height, for protection against criminals and frauds. For this particular reason, an appointed Chief Compliance Officer, along with core skills, should be equally capable of leading from the front and a highly appreciated peer by others in the same designation band. The role defined by topnotch business establishments' states that a Chief Compliance Officer must have the duly characteristics to work with business leaders for understanding them, and help them achieve the goals. A Chief Compliance Officer must be endowed with the ability to being transparent and must have a thorough understanding of the regulatory environment ­ how it implements new reforms, and how the new reforms align with the company where the Chief Compliance Officer works. Former Chief Compliance Officers, who are enriched with experience and knowledge, states that a personality with the vision to compel key stakeholders by leading the process should be entitled to the designation. With its brick-strong understanding of the business objectives and regulatory environment, a Chief Compliance Officer crafts creative solutions, and consequently removes between the regulator demands and the company's goals. An excellent communicator, ranging from communication with business production units, board members, finance regulators, and internal auditor, the qualities are extremely rare and tough to check before assigning. In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, a list of such Chief Compliance Officer, with the title `Top 10 Chief Compliance Officer - 2020', is presented to let the business world know how fluently and efficiently they are solving toughest challenges with ease. By a team of industry veterans, former Chief Consulting Officers, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights magazine, the selected Chief Compliance Officers tell the stories which are encouraging and motivating, and full of detailed information.

Top 10 Chief Compliance Officer - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Buzzworks Business Services Devdutt G Menon,Global Head ­ Legal & Compliance Buzzworks Business Services A lawyer with a vision of spreading the power of core competencies through words and highly skilled in drafting, compliance management, statutory and regulatory compliance, vetting, investigation and crisis management, employee engagement and interactions.
MMTC PAMP India Hitesh Kalia,Chief Risk & Compliance Officer MMTC PAMP India A culture curator, a cross-functional risk officer, enabler, and regulator with vast experience, work ethics, and resilience
R&D Multiples Jaimin Kothari,Chief Compliance Officer R&D Multiples Using his immense industry expertise and experience to be an efficient and effective CCO
Yes Asset Management Nehal Shah,Chief Compliance Officer Yes Asset Management Integrating her professional acumen / knowledge with wisdom to guide the organisation in achieving the right compliance culture
Agarwal Group Nisha Goswami,Chief Compliance Officer Agarwal Group A workaholic leader who is dedicated and devoted towards her ideas, thus making dreams turn into realty through hardwork and resilience
National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX) Seema Nayak,Chief Compliance Officer National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX) An exemplary individual that ensures things get done in an efficient and effective manner
Ramky Enviro Engineers Shujath Bin Ali,Chief Compliance Officer Ramky Enviro Engineers He is privileged to be the youngest Chairman of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India-Hyderabad Chapter and also serving as Member of Executive Committee of Indian Corporate Counsel Association
Federal Bank Sunilkumar KN,Chief Compliance Officer Federal Bank 24+ years' experienced personality, having outstanding knowledge of compliance advising and legality of finance, is driving the growth for the bank
Caspian Vandana Bhatia,CS & Chief Compliance Officer Caspian A highflier steadily striding towards her goal with determination, acute brilliance and perseverance, surpassing the hardships with proactive strategies
Beghou Consulting Vinod Mulanjur,Chief Compliance Officer Beghou Consulting He has 17+ years' experience in quality management system implementation, computer system validation, gxp due diligence, and is helping in risk assessment