Shonell Thakker: Striving To Develop Digital Marketing Strategies To Build A Brand

Shonell Thakker: Striving To Develop Digital Marketing Strategies To Build A Brand

Shonell Thakker,Co-Founder & CEO

Shonell Thakker

Co-Founder & CEO

The digital marketing platform is growing immensely, women are making a huge difference in this segment putting in all their creativity and are standing out as tough marketers. Imprinting their attainments some women marketers are offering accurate digital marketing services using various cardinal tools. Henceforth, through Diquery, Shonell Thakker is creating awareness regarding actual digital marketing approaches.

CEO Insights interviewed Shonell Thakker (CEO and Co-Founder), the key person behind the establishment of Diquery.

Kindly enumerate on the points or factors that have a major contribution to your entrepreneurial journey.
So primarily, while choosing for my undergrad subject I ended up taking up science because that is what everyone does. But later I could not perform well there hence, made a move towards Arts and did my Psychology. After three years of my graduation, it made me realize that this is not the profession that I really want to do. And, I was lucky enough to be able to given that opportunity to shift from one career to another. It is fine to not have a clear career path for over a period of time, this is also a part of learning eventually. Innately I have always been an introvert, gradually I worked towards myself and as the growing process went on, was able to interact and talk to more people. My journey might not be exactly the same as someone else's. As time passed I definitely became stronger and got a lot more clarity. As to this is a potential possibility, there's a number of opportunities opening
up then. So, that's been my biggest contributor, where being able to talk to a lot more people than humanly possible. I've had friends that are made in Singapore, I met them in the elevator. And by the time we came out of the elevator, we exchanged numbers, and I'm very good friends with them even today.

Diquery is leveraging upon the content, instead of just focusing on one platform, we look for more collaborations, potential possibilities to help a brand grow

What inspired you to established Diquery and how has been your journey so far? Explain your current roles & responsibilities at Diquery.
The journey has been of five and a half years now, we have seen a lot of growth, a lot of change of opinion. I have managed to have a few clients who stayed with us through all these years. Around 70 percent of our clients who choose to try something unique and creative with their digital marketing have always come back to us. Also, I have witnessed a lot of openness in terms of accepting digital promotions, but, the challenge is when, people don't understand the notion of the platforms used clearly. If I talk about television or the traditional media, this has been around for hundreds of years. So a lot of common man or a normal non-marketing person understand some of these things. But with digital, they do not get it and a lot of jargon that we use within the digital ecosystem. We strive to develop concepts at Diquery through digital marketing that can be comprehended by any individual.

Brief us about various offerings of your company. As a CEO of the firm, what are the new strategies that you are looking to leverage in coming years to significantly improve the performance of Diquery.
Diquery is leveraging upon the content, instead of just focusing on
one platform, we look for more collaborations, potential possibilities to help a brand grow. From Tech, to within the tech ecosystem, it could be website development, 3d rendering walk throughs, app development, machine learning. Then there is content, which could be blog posts, to any other aspects that we work with, such as videos, memes, and creative conversations. Our idea is to have a more futuristic approach collaborations on board, work with a lot of brands who can team up with each other.

Where is Diquery positioned in the current digital marketing industry and what are your thoughts on the present scenario and future of this space?
An individual who probably knows Facebook, or does one part of the social media course, would claim themselves to be digital marketing experts. And that is not very helpful in general, because, they either are willing to work for free, or they keep undercutting their own services, which then impact the actual people who are talented, who are genuinely working toward making this as a proper, streamlined profession. It starts affecting them. So, it would be nice, if there is a certain kind of self-awareness within the market. To get business by the clients who can completely understand the digital platform in detail is one big challenge, that is where we are positioned, we are working with people who are totally aware that, what we bring on the table as a valuable service for them according to their expectations is, the veracious service they are looking forward.

Shonell Thakker, Co-Founder & CEO, Diquery
Shonell Thakker, a digital marketing expert, Shonell has completed her MBA in Media and Entertainment from Whistling Woods International. Prior to her current role she has worked in various prominent organizations like Excel Home Entertainment, Amir Khan Productions, Fox, Disney and many more. Presently she is serving her duties as Co-Founder and CEO at Diquery.

Office: Mumbai

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