Venus Co-Works: Offering The Best Of Both The Worlds - Quality & Cost

Venus Co-Works: Offering The Best Of Both The Worlds - Quality & Cost

By Preveen George Varghese,  CEOCo-working has more become a tug of war between price and luxury. You get either of them. But with Venus Co-Works, there is no question of compromising on any. Venus Co-Works was founded in 2019 in Bangalore’s most happening commercial area, Kammanahalli (considered as the startup hub of the city), with the vision to bridge this gap between luxury and price. From spacious desks, private & premium cabins to virtual offices, one can book any number of seats as per their requirement. And if you think that spacious seats means more price, Venus Co-Works breaks the concept with its per seat price starting from as low as just Rs.7,500 per month, which also includes numerous amenities including high speed internet, 24x7 accessibility, security, beverages, concierge services and more.

Preveen George Varghese (CEO) speaks at large with CEO Insights to delve deep into the offering of the company and its unique features that make it one of the hottest cakes in the town.

Among the existing & emerging co-working players, where is Venus Co- Works positioned?
We are a state-of-the-art co-working space, which has broken the shackles of the traditional industry trends in many aspects and have clubbed the premium offerings with affordable price. For instance, we offer large desks, as large as 4.5 ft by 3.5 ft, and our Hot Desk starts at just Rs 6,000 pm while the premium goes up to Rs.13,000 pm. Even our cabins are spaciously designed for the comfort of our members.
At the same time, it is not only the look & feel of the office but also the service & support that we offer to them on a daily basis that help cement our relationship with them. We go out of our way to address any of their issues and offer them seamless experience like no other. Right from IT solutions, customer service to concierge services, VOIP Phones, online printing facilities, 24x7 power backup, high-tech conference rooms to more, our world class amenities & support services just start with these.

We are a state-of-the-art co-working space, which has broken the shackles of the traditional industry trends in many aspects and have clubbed the premium offerings with affordable price

We have all the professional support you need within the four walls of Venus Co-Works, starting from IT professionals to tax consultants and others. For instance, many of our clients’ auditors sit out of Bangalore and hence during the busy months of March & April,our clients face challenge dealing with them. But our
inhouse tax consultants come handy, providing them on-time service without any hassle. We have further outsourced the management of our co-working space to a consulting firm that handles our operations end-to-end. And we never leave our customers’ grievances unattended for more than 24 hours.

What makes Venus Co-Works unique in the industry?
It is our customization feature that we offer to our clients. They can not just pick from our existing pool of seats consisting of Hot Desks, Open Desks, Private Cabins and Premium Private Cabins, but can still customize their office space. For instance, our Dubai-based client prefers to have their internet set up very private due to the nature of their business that doesn’t support
the use of open public line. We customized the service and offered them a dedicated lease line applicable only to them thus, ensuring no hacking or breach even though we have a firewall setup.

This is just an example. The other being our promise ‘you pay what you use’ even if you have to vacate the seat much before the contract time. We go miles to enable happy & satisfied customers!

The co-working market comprises of the biggies who charge premium and the small-time companies whose rates are the lowest among the industry. How do you fit in between?
Yes, we have three kinds of players in the industry. One provides premium quality offerings at the most premium price tags. The second are the realty owners who turn their property to earn quick bugs and hence provide spaces at quite a low rate, but with sub-standard services.

But Venus Co-Works stands strong in between these two providing the best of both the worlds premium services at the best of affordable price. Our first office in Kammanahalli is 140-seater and is almost 90 percent occupied within six months of our inception. This proves that our business model is most popular and satisfying to our clients that comprise of startups & small companies, freelancers & consultants, and remote workers.

What future have you scripted for Venus Co-Works?
We are headstrong in making our company a global brand, and we are taking every necessary step towards it. In the next two years, we plan to have five centres in South India and will operate it in the BOT (we Build, we Operate, and we Transfer it to the property management team to take care of it).Once we successfully establish this model and grow positively, we intend to start our franchise model where we give out the option to multiple property owners willing to take a plunge with calculated risks.

Key Management:
Preveen George Varghese, CEO

Location: Bangalore

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