• Anthony Chan, President

    Anthony Chan, President

  • TTI is a pioneering brand name in the global electronics industry and over the course of the last five decades, the company has been able to cement their presence in countries across the globe. The company's Asia Pacific operations are spearheaded by industry stalwart Anthony Chan who has played a crucial role in establishing TTI in Asia and he continues to be a change bringer in the global electronics industry. In an exclusive interview with CEO INSIGHTS, Anthony talks more about his professional journey and TTI. It was July 1969 and, I along with the rest of the world was glued to the television witnessing history in the making. While I appreciated Neil Armstrong's giant leap for mankind, it was the technology that allowed them to achieve that historic feat that captivated me. Even now, I remember that day clearly and even though I found it amazing to see Neil Armstrong step onto the moon, all I could think about was the electronics and communications which was.....

  • TTI Electroni Asia: An Industry Stalwart Striving For Consistent Improvement And Constant Innovation

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Top 10 Electronic Component Distributors - 2021

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  • Top 10 Electronic Component Distributors - 2021

    According to experts, passive and interconnecting electronic components market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 4.2 percent in the next five years and reach 33300 million USD in 2023 from 26000 million USD in 2017. As data suggest the humungous target turnover, it is concluded that there is minimum or no progress without the electronics industry which augment technology intervention in any business. Technology in today's business, whether it is a huge transport network in any medium, any kind of sport, education, or entertainment, food manufacturing, or even domestic requirements, has proved its importance every hour.

    The electronics industry is still at its nascent stage and helping technology incumbent in the modern industrial revolution and IT (information technology) modernization. There are almost uncountable electronic component distributors all over the world which emphasizing the invention and innovation of high-quality electronic parts, opening doors to the latest technology strikes in any business. The major industries which are dependent on electronics distributors include mobile devices, telecommunication equipment, automobiles, and industries which have computing applications. Nowadays, the Internet of Things (IoT) has gained pace in computing applications, it is projected that there will be a rise in demand for electronic devices for next-gen IoT technology and devices.

    In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, a team of engineers, market researchers, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights editorial board has formed a list of `Top 10 Electronic Component Distributors ­ 2021', for informing the readers about the topnotch distributors from where they can curate accurate information about the electronic component market and the exciting stories of the distributors attenuating a place with the successful businesses.

Top 10 Electronic Component Distributors - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Arrow Electronics Mike Long,Chairman, President and CEO Arrow Electronics Delivers a wide range of electronic components like amplifiers, attenuators, audio components, controllers, drivers and interfaces and many more to worldwide locations
Digi Key Electronics Dave Doherty,President and Chief Operating Officer Digi Key Electronics World's largest electronic component distributor of any type and renowned brands providing fast delivery to different world regions
Easy Electronics Khalil Usama,CEO Easy Electronics Provider of cables and connectors, arduino boards, multimeter, power supply, robotics, sensors and modules, tools, components and drones
Mouser Electronics Glenn Smith,President & CEO Mouser Electronics Specialized in offering latest designed electronic components for creation of latest designs and distributes electronic components to 800 industry leading manufacturers
Semiconic Devices Ashish Talwar,Director Semiconic Devices Providing electronic components such as SMPS, charging components, and has technical support and all India delivery for 700+ customers
SMR Electronics M. Adithya,Proprietor SMR Electronics Provider of integrated circuits and has different electronic components and successful project completion
Supreme Components Vick,President and CEO Supreme Components Delivering progressive high-technology electronic and collaborates with LED enterprises for design purposes, and has a network of 120 manufacturers
Tiranga Aerospace M. Arjun,Chief Operations Officer Tiranga Aerospace Products offered include RF Products, Parts And Services for commercial and MIL-SPEC electronic components, electronic hardware and electrical products, Transportation Electronic components and Metals
TTI Electronics Asia Anthony Chan,CEO TTI Electronics Asia Distributor of electronic components, passive, discrete, interconnect, electromechanical components, value-added services, and connector assembly
VYTEC Shashikumar Ganesh,Founder & Managing Partner VYTEC Exclusively equipped for supplying R&D, OEM and CM clients with obsolete electronic parts which are hard to find