L&T Secures Major Power Projects Globally and Boosts Energy Sector


Larsen & Toubro (L&T) has announced significant developments in its power transmission and distribution sector, securing multiple contracts both domestically and internationally. Among these achievements, the company has successfully secured contracts for the establishment of two floating solar plants within India.

Floating solar projects, characterized by the placement of solar modules on buoyant structures atop water bodies such as reservoirs, lakes, or abandoned quarries, offer distinct advantages over traditional ground-mounted solar plants. These innovative ventures eliminate the need for land acquisition and typically entail reduced civil work compared to their terrestrial counterparts.

In addition to mitigating water evaporation, floating solar projects boast site-specific advantages. Larsen & Toubro's power transmission and distribution (PT&D) division has further bolstered its portfolio with contracts for the installation of transmission lines and a gas-insulated substation. These initiatives aim to facilitate the integration of solar energy zones in Rajasthan and Karnataka, signaling the company's commitment to advancing sustainable energy infrastructure.

These pivotal connections are poised to facilitate the transfer of renewable energy to key load centers across diverse regions of the nation. Furthermore, Larsen & Toubro has secured an additional contract for the construction of a gas-insulated substation on an international scale. This expansion underscores the company's global footprint in the realm of energy infrastructure development. ”The Sultanate of Oman is integrating its multiple standalone electricity networks into a 400 kV national grid. As part of the interconnection and grid strengthening, PT&D has received orders to build a 400 kV overhead transmission line and two 400 kV grid stations”, it said.

In the United Arab Emirates, Larsen & Toubro has clinched contracts for the construction of two substations along with related works. With a robust presence in the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) sector, as well as in high-tech manufacturing and services, Larsen & Toubro stands as a prominent $23 billion Indian multinational corporation.