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Hari Krishna: Creating Cutting-Edge Innovations To Provide Customers A Competitive Advantage

Hari Krishna: Creating Cutting-Edge Innovations To Provide Customers A Competitive Advantage

Hari Krishna,  Managing Director

Hari Krishna

Managing Director

Modern technology has unquestionably improved people's quality of life. There can be no 21st-century workplace without it. Understanding and appreciating the value that technology brings to the workplace is essential in today's fast-paced ever changing environment. Many company executives and owners have recognized the significance of technology. Because it improves worker output, accelerates new product and service development, and helps teams work together more effectively by providing them with more operative means of communication. Upon recognizing the value of technology tools in the workplace, Hari Krishna founded KPR Techno Software Solution, a rapidly developing global firm that provides software solutions, software services, managed services, and staff augmentation.

As an entrepreneur, Hari Krishna, the CEO & Founder of KPR Techno Software Solution, is a firm believer in the importance of having a positive influence on the world by enhancing the performance of your company through innovative thinking, design, and the most recent information about available products and services. Engaging in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine, Hari Krishna describes his entrepreneurial journey and the position of KPR Techno Software Solution.

What factors influenced you to establish KPR Techno Software Solution?
Working in human resources, I never felt like I was making a difference, hence I decided to switch careers to give other people the chance to
follow their dreams. As a result, I established KPR Techno Software Solution in 2019 and have since collaborated with many other, smaller software and web development firms. As I was doing this, I also began training associations, which has given me a great deal of personal fulfillment, much to the feeling I get when I moderate through a large number of people. Consequently, my guiding principle was that while there are many employment opportunities available, most individuals lack the maturity to choose the one that is most suited to them. For the most part, I think people simply go with the flow of what their friends and family recommend as far as their careers go. With this concern in mind, I've been holding training and inspiring ambitious students and working professionals.

We're a staffing company, and KPR Techno Software helps out a variety of IT companies with their technical needs

Why was Telangana chosen to be the breeding ground of your company? How has the place favored you so far in your operations?
Start-ups in Telangana have the full backing of the state government. My business had to halt operations during the pandemic, and I didn't have the 20,000-30,000 rupees needed to pay for GST filing. I got a letter from the government of Telangana stating that I may submit my tax forms at that time but would be required to pay the associated expenses after my business had begun operations. They also did not request any further penalties. Our hearts were warmed by their kind gesture.

How would you define KPR Techno Software Solution as an organization and its current position in the market?
We're a staffing company, and KPR Techno Software helps out a variety of IT companies with their technical needs. Consequently, in terms of
how we vary from others, it's in our strategy and the way we supply IT solutions for example, I only consider whether or not the allocated resources will be of use to my client, taking into account their specific needs. Even if we don't have the exact personnel or tools on hand to meet every customer's specific need right away, we always do our best to find a way to deliver on their demands within the time frame specified.

Elaborate about the technology framework built within the company's solutions and which are the latest technology trends that the company is planning to adopt.
It's a given and acknowledged fact that Microsoft's products make us more efficient. In addition, we use .Net technology. We've finally broken through to the other side, functioning as a repository for information about machine learning and AI. To sum up, these are the two technologies that we adopted first.

Tell us about your leadership approach, and the guidelines or methodologies you follow to lead your team.
To lead by example rather than by title, I
always work side by side with my team and share meals with them. Moreover, as a leader, I find it inconvenient to sit in my cabin and demand that everyone else come to me with their questions and concerns. For me, true leadership is about inspiring others and working with them to accomplish great things.

Hari Krishna, Founder & CEO, KPR Techno Software Solution
Hari completed his B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering College. Furthermore, in his professional journey so far, Hari Krishna has been part of various prominent companies like Capgemini, ValueLabs, Infor, and H& D ­ An HCL Technologies Company. Currently, he is the CEO & Founder of KPRTechno Software Solution.

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