• Minakshi Arora, CHRO

    Minakshi Arora, CHRO

  • Today’s corporate world serves as the perfect specimen for the Darwin’s theory ‘survival of the fittest’, where organizations that constantly raise the bar for themselves at the innovation front surge ahead of the competition. We believe that people are the prime source of innovation. Everything starts with inculcating a strong workplace culture that treats every employee like an entrepreneur. Synonymous with catalysing innovation, the entrepreneurial culture is the antidote to stagnation and acts as a propeller thrusting an organization to newer heights. Building an empowering environment and the entrepreneurial mindset is easier said than done, especially in giant organizations. An extremely lean environment grapples to accomplish their goals devoid of a strong focus, whereas a highly bureaucratic workplace extinguishes the spark of creativity. The perfect entrepreneurial culture must be instilled via positive reinforcement and continual communication, where risk-takers are encouraged, taking ownership is rewarded, and creative impulse is cherished. Trident Group, a billion-dollar home textile conglomerate, has been adeptly wielding this three-pronged strategy to empower its members (as it refers to its employees) to experience entrepreneurship with unlimited opportunities.

  • Trident Group: Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Culture

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  • 25 Best Companies to Work for – 2019

    The President & CEO of Upshot, Brian Kristofek once narrated - “Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company”. A good workplace culture not only defines a great company but also helps its people taste the right harmony between their personal and professional lives as well as benefits & perks galore. Harnessing the best might of workplace culture, many companies have proven to have performed better with unparalleled agility and speed, attracted and retained the best talents, developed incredible innovations and grown with profound professional excellence. According to Great Place to Work® Institute, a great workplace from employees’ perspective is one where they “TRUST the people they work for; have PRIDE in what they do; and ENJOY the people they work with”. On the other hand from the manager’s perspective, a great workplace is one where they “ACHIEVE organizational objectives; with employees who GIVE their personal best; and WORK together as a team / FAMILY in an environment of TRUST”. Clearly, a perfect workplace culture can be nailed only with the collective collaboration and efforts of employees along with their leaders in an organization. Over the past few years, digital transformation, Industry 4.0 and emerging technologies have been drastically modifying a range of attributes of organizations thus, placing the workplace culture of today in stark contrast to what it was years ago. Given this huge impact of technology today, it is essential for organizations to mould their cultures in tune with the trends of flexible working, seamless connectivity, automation, AI, chatbots, digital assistants, and many others. Delving into the deepest facets of a great workplace and sifting out the organizations with the best culture, CEO Insights has composed an archive ‘Best Companies to Work for – 2019’. Post a diligent evaluation, an expert panel comprising of the industry leaders and CEO Insights have come up with this archive of front-runners in the services industry. The archive sheds light on the exemplary work cultures of organizations, the spectrum of benefits they offer to employees and also the advancements in the world of workplaces.

25 Best Companies to Work for – 2019

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
AgreeYa Solutions Ajay Kaul,Managing Partner AgreeYa Solutions Providing supportive & flexible workplace with ample growth opportunities
AGS Transact Technologies Capt. Partha Samai, Group Head - HR & Admin AGS Transact Technologies Besides building technologically advanced and futuristic products, the company promises career progression, equal learning opportunities and numerous rewards to aspirant millennials
Altimetrik Raj Vattikuti,Founder & Chairman Altimetrik Focuses on building unified teams and creating a culture of hyper-collaboration
CNS Comnet KK Kaushik, Director CNS Comnet The firm takes utmost care in building a great team focused on the diversity and the trends of ‘working with friends’ through referral policies
Code Brew Labs Aseem Ghaveri,CEO Code Brew Labs The perfect home for exceptional talents, embracing the uniqueness of each employee that joins its family
COMPAREX Navin Kapur,Executive VP - Asia COMPAREX With a united global workforce, the firm strives hard to cultivate a positive can-do work environment that is both challenging and engaging
Digital Guardian Ken Levine,President & CEO Digital Guardian Holds a close-knit and engaged company culture that not only offers the best career development plans but also an extra hand of care for women
DSV Sameer Khatri,MD – India & RD - Indian DSV Imparts transparency & collaboration across all operations wherein the entire management and extended teams work towards achieving the organisation’s laid down vision and objectives
Esri India Technologies Agendra Kumar,President Esri India Technologies A perfect example of a company whose guidelines are channelized towards making employees happy extending to all facets of mental-physical, heard-spoken and feltseen
Eternus Solutions Jitendra Tanna, President & CEO Eternus Solutions With employee happiness as its paramount axiom, the firm stands proudly on its employees-first approach and values like innovation, integrity and social responsibility
GAVS Technologies Sumit Ganguli,CEO GAVS Technologies Honing the skills of its people in tandem with contribution towards futuristic technologies
GlobalLogic Shashank Samant,CEO GlobalLogic The firm is a hub of talented, happy and engaged employees that constantly makes work a fun-filled, yet a productive feat
Hoonar Tekwurks Santanu Pattadar,Head of Delivery Hoonar Tekwurks Encourages employees to reinvigorate themselves by fun- filled activities and promotes a culture of work life balance
iLink Systems Sree Balaji,CEO iLink Systems Creating a highly positive, enthusiastic and flexible environment with a perfect work-life balance for employees to be productive and reliable
IMS People Amit Somaiya, CEO IMS People The firm provides an open and friendly culture, and carefully hand picks fresh talents who would fit into its culture
Inboundsys Thirumalesh Prasad CG,CEO Inboundsys The firm's open culture fades the hierarchical boundaries while its untouched inbound technology training programs and working-abroad routines carves professional pearls
Invenio Business Arun Bala,Managing Director Invenio Business Genuinely values its people and adds value to their careers
Leeyo Software Jagan Reddy,Founder & CEO Leeyo Software A firm backed by the spirit of camaraderie, respect, openness, sharing culture within teams and across teams at all levels
Levtech Consulting Kaushik Mahadevan,Director-Indian Operations Levtech Consulting The right minded of this firm can sense there's constant learning - learning across domain, consulting and application know-how with a key focus on self-development and self-awareness
Radhakrishna Foodland Balasubramanian Iyer, COO,Girish Deshpande, CFO Radhakrishna Foodland Promises a sense of purpose and achievement among its employees besides their overall well being through various initiatives and programs
REAN Cloud Sri Vasireddy, Rupa Vasireddy & Sekhar Puli,Managing Partners REAN Cloud Provides employees not only with top notch technical mentorship and professional business acumen, but also attractive health & leave policies
SayFix Nabin Roy,Founder & CEO SayFix While its employees are taking care of customers and their business, the firm ensures that their short-term and long-term needs are well taken care of
STRATACACHE Manish Kumar, Senior VP & MD (APAC) STRATACACHE A leading provider of intelligent digital solutions to transform and revolutionize the global marketing industry
Support.Com Elizabeth Cholawsky,President & CEO Support.Com The firm is a vibrant blend of technology, people & culture that always strives to maintain a work culture which encourages employees to innovate and perform their best
Trident Group Minakshi Arora CHRO, Rajinder Gupta Chairman Trident Group A leading diversified group of businesses operating mainly in five sectors which include Home Textiles, Yarn, Paper, Chemicals & Energy