• Dr. Abdussalam Omar, Founder

    Dr. Abdussalam Omar, Founder

  • Living the best version of your life is quite an underrated concept amidst a world that moves faster every day. If you have ever watched the Bollywood movie Dear Zindagi (2006), you could never forget Dr. Jehangir Khan (played by Shahrukh Khan), an unconventional thinker and a life-mentor, who turns around the life of a budding cinematographer (played by Alia Bhatt) grappling with her life and career by finding the key to her mind and her heart. Everyone could use a Dr. Jehangir `Jugs' Khan in their lives to discover the best version of his/her life and love your dear `Zindagi' (means `life' in Hindi). Challenging the convictions of predefined life coaching paradigms by doing a `Jugs' to the corporate leaders and individuals to turn round, solve challenges, transform, and become the best version of themselves is Dr. Abdussalam Omar ­ an established mentor, trainer, speaker, and one of the best life coaches in the country with a stellar academic and professional background. His organization DEEP IMMERSION (DI), which is named after its flagship 360 degree

  • Deep Immersion: The Best Version of You

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Top 10 NLP Consultants ­- 2020

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  • Top 10 NLP Consultants ­- 2020

    Corporate leaders & professionals, students, housewives, and even aged populace are undergoing a tough time dealing with the impact of lockdown. When the work resumes with full potential, companies will have to empower their employees mentally to get them adjusted to the work culture post pandemic. On the other hand, the students when return from online learning to the regular school schedule, they too will have to deal with many changes on their way ahead. Dealing with such shifts might not be easy for many, but it is important that we keep moving. Hence there is a need of that big brother who can handhold you from stress to the world of relief and self-realization. Hence we researched on various NLP consultants in the country and across to find the best big brother to enable self-empowering. We shortlist some of them and bring their story in our current edition of CEO Insights Magazine's `Top 10 NLP Consultants ­ 2020'. A distinguished panel comprising of CEO Insights Editorial Board along with industry experts, CEOs, VCs and others come together to bring this list of experts. The featured experts bring years of experience and their magnificence of their training institute. Moreover, the listing brings various aspects of NLP and its advantages for everyone.

Top 10 NLP Consultants ­- 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Deep Impression Dr. Abdussalam Omar,Founder Deep Impression Specialist in offering Life Transformation Camps, Family/Relationship Counselling, Personal/Executive Coaching, Organizational Coaching, Career Coaching, and Business & Management Consulting
Empower and Inspire Pankaj Gupta,Founder Empower and Inspire A NLP Training, Coaching & Consulting firm offering transformative programs for Individuals and People Managers especially in the corporate sector
iFlame Consulting Ridhima Dua,Founder iFlame Consulting Specializing in the areas of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Corporate Trainings, Soft Skils, Non-Technical Training, Behavioral Trainings, Applied NLP Trainings, Emotional Intelligence, and DISC
Indian School Of Success Seema Shenoy Manek & Vimal Manek,Co-Founders Indian School Of Success A team of passionate Life & Success Coaches and Master NLP Practitioners offering open programs and customized NLP-based Corporate workshops for all layers within an organization
Institute of Clinical Hypnosis And Related Sciences Nitin Shah,CEO Institute of Clinical Hypnosis And Related Sciences Blending NLP, Hypnosis & Cognitive therapies to ensure lasting change in people’s lives
Master Yourself Academy Arul Subramaniam & Narmada Rao,Co-Founders, NLP Trainers & Coaches Master Yourself Academy An end-to-end NLP consulting firm specializing in NLP Foundation Training, NLP Practitioner Training, NLP Master Practitioner Training, NLP Trainer Training, and NLP for corporates
Mind Matrix Wellness Studio Kusum Gandhi Vig,Founder & Chairperson Mind Matrix Wellness Studio An ICTA accredited Train the Trainer institute providing various NLP Training programs delivered by highly qualified trainers from India & abroad
NYOU Image Consulting Sonal Gadhvi & Bbhuvaneshwarii,Co-Founders & Directors NYOU Image Consulting An unconventional image consultancy that targets each element of personal and company image transformation through a holistic approach using image management, NLP techniques and soft skills facilitation techniques
W3 Coach Mehernosh Randeria,Founder W3 Coach Under India’s first and only W3 coach, the academy helps clients achieve prosperity, balance and fulfilment through 3W approach of wealth, wisdom and wellness
Wellness Space Gunjan Y Trivedi,Co-Founder & Life Coach Wellness Space Boasting of a highly efficient team of certified & well-versed NLP Trainers transforming corporate individuals & teams through vast experiences in global corporates, wellness and sports