• Nandakumar Damodaran,   CEO

    Nandakumar Damodaran, CEO

  • India’s road network spanning over 5.6 million kilometers, is the second largest in the world, after the Us. Navigating this road network is a highly disorganized trucking industry that is unique across most parameters. More than 12 million trucks move approximately 3,000 mmt (million metric tons) annually, which is more Than 63 percent of the total movement of goods in the country. There is no question that trucking is the backbone of india’s $2.7 trillion economy. Yet, truck owners are one of the most marginalized communities in the country. 80 percent of truck owners own less than five trucks each, creating an incredibly fragmented, disorganized and chaotic landscape. The trucking community has come under further pressure in recent years with the introduction of arduous compliance norms (relating to GST, for example) and the move away from cash based transactions to electronic payments, post Demonetization. The sector, comprising primarily of unsophisticated owner drivers, is struggling more than ever before, to grapple with this new world.

  • UCI Logistics Solutions: A Super - Broker Creating A Sustainable & Profitable Logistics Ecosystem

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Top 10 Startups In Transportation & Logistics - 2020

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  • Top 10 Startups In Transportation & Logistics - 2020

    Intruded by the interplay of infrastructure, technology and new types of service providers, the Indian logistics sector is experiencing a huge transformation. Primarily comprising of freight and transportation via road, rail, air, and water, as well as ancillary sectors such as inventory stocks & warehousing, this unorganized logistics sector faces a lot of challenges, to which largely contributes the poor infrastructure in India. Albeit, according to the Economic Survey 2017-18 tabled in Parliament, the Indian logistics market is expected to reach about $215 billion in 2020, growing at a CAGR of 10.5 percent with the implementation of GST. Contributing to this market is the transportation and logistics startup firms who are performing well and affirming their roots in the industry. Today, in the era where we're accustomed to everything being online and right at our fingertips for immediate access, these smart startup logistics, freight and delivery companies have been outfitting their fleets with GPS systems to monitor the location, movement and status of their vehicles. Implementing all this, India has been standing stiff as a strong and developing nation handholding the startup founders and other professionals in their journey of leveraging distinct products & solutions in the industry. Presently, developing their individual websites almost all transportation and logistics startup firms are yearning to relish from the industry's burgeoning growth. Having acquired significant local knowledge and procuring capital investments, they have gained traction, and are even rocking the industry by perfecting freight management, route optimization, and vehicle tracking solutions. With such encroaching strategies, fostering innovation, and enduring risks, they are all set to row their startup firms. Exploring the world of transportation and logistics startups and their portfolio in India, CEO Insights has come up with a detailed listing for `Top 10 Startups in Transportation & Logistics ­ 2020'. An expert panel comprising of entrepreneurs, industry experts and VCs along with CEO Insights Editorial Board has prepared this list of front runners in the startup space, post a meticulous evaluation. The listing not only showcases the excellence of these startup firms and their exemplary products/services, but also the variegated trends disrupting the Indian transportation and logistics startup ecosystem.

Top 10 Startups In Transportation & Logistics - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Adorish India Shatrughan Singh, Director & Co-Founder Adorish India A logistics solutions startup, the company provides the best customized offerings for full truck load (FTL) services, surface and air transport, warehousing solutions and transportations
BlackBuck Rajesh Yabaji, Founder BlackBuck One of the largest trucking network, leveraging robust ‘Freight’ and ‘Services’ technology platform to deliver reliable, efficient and seamless experience for shippers & truckers
Edgistify Kamal Kishore Kumawat, Founder Edgistify One of its kind tech platform for logistic firms that aids them in designing the entire logistic supply chain for any industry
FreightBro Anand Babu, Founder FreightBro An intuitive digital platform that enables forwarders to procure rates faster, reduce inefficiencies, boost sales, make data-driven decisions and provide seamless customer experience
GoBOLT Parag Aggarwal, Founder GoBOLT A next generation tech-logistics company operating in Line Haul & Short Haul Trucking, creating value through disintermediation, increased asset utilization and extensive use of technology
MaalSaman Logistics Nihal Upadhyay, Co-Founder & CEO MaalSaman Logistics With strong network reach, state of the art technology platform and hands-on approach providing reliable, time-bound logistics and supply chain solutions to its business partners
Shadowfax Vaibhav Khandelwal & Abhishek Bansal, Founders Shadowfax One of the most trusted on-demand last mile logistics network, connecting the next million micro entrepreneurs & suppliers in logistics offering tech-enabled one stop delivery solutions, eradicating inefficiencies across the value chain
ShiftKarado Atul Mithal, Founder ShiftKarado Rendering a managed, end to end relocation service for household goods, furniture and office goods at affordable rates
Tejas Open Haul Freight Logistics Teja Sai Palaparthi, Founder & MD,Santosh Anabilli, Operations Director Tejas Open Haul Freight Logistics A reliable logistics partner catering to customers’ customized freight’ requirements leveraging decades of knowledge & experience plus the latest technological innovations in the domain
UCI Logistics Solutions Nandakumar Damodaran, CEO, Raffish Kumar, Head - Transportation, Babita Venkatesh, Head - Human Resources UCI Logistics Solutions Combining its decades of expertise with leading edge technology and innovative fintech solutions empowering India’s truckers to transcend an unorganized and deliver excellent and value services to local as well as international clients