• Dr. C.J. Benson, Director Operations

    Dr. C.J. Benson, Director Operations

  • The complementing figures of the ever increasing population in contrast to an ever decreasing supply of living resources like food and water has made it necessary to increase the agricultural production and stabilize it in a viable and feasible manner. The benefits of `Green Revolution' credited to Dr. MS Swaminathan have now reached a plateau; it has come to a halt. With diminishing returns it has now become necessary to devise alternate techniques. Besides, pollution is another nemesis that is born out of excess use of fertilizers and artificial growth regulators. Clearly, the need of the hour is a natural balance between life and property for existence. Although agriculture has progressed dramatically over the years particularly using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, adverse impacts has resulted in some undesirable effects on both biotic and abiotic component of the environment.

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Top 10 AgTech Startups - 2020

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  • Top 10 AgTech Startups - 2020

    The pivotal reason for the stable growth of the Indian economy post-independence for many years has been the agricultural sector. As per stats, India is placed at the second position in terms of agricultural land in the world. Almost 60 percent of the rural Indian households earn their living from agriculture. Last year, the Indian agriculture industry was stamped at $39.1 billion. Now, the government’s initiative approaches to multiply the farmers’ income two-fold by 2022. Amidst the storming growth, Indian agricultural startups are geared up for a formidable transformation of the agricultural technology sector for including the best technologies and techniques for the enhancement of the farming methods. Starting from supplying top quality seeds, toxic chemical-free fertilizers and pesticides for cereals, millets, fruits and vegetables to flowers and cash crops, the agtechstartups are expanding solutions also in the verticals of mobile application, data analytics, and logistics. A report by INDIAN AGRICULTURE AND ALLIED INDUSTRIES INDUSTRY (source - Indian Brand Equity Foundation) states that The Government of India is going to provide Rs 2,000 crore (US$ 306.29 million) for the computerization of the Primary Agricultural Credit Society (PACS) to ensure cooperatives are benefitted through digital technology. The technology inventors are engrossed in developing solutions for supply chains, end-user problems, and sellers’ difficulties. Engineers are innovating the applications for smartphones and the internet, for driving the agriculture sector to the prime of digitalization. Recognizing some of the important agriculture tech startups, in this issue of CEO Insights Magazine, we present a listing of ‘Top 10 AgTech Startups - 2020’. The startups featured in the listing are finalized after extreme scrutiny by an expert panel consisting of industry leaders, veterans, and CEOs, alongside the CEO Insights’ editorial board. The stories of the CEOs are inspiring and portray their journey and the solutions provided by the startups. We hope the listing serves readers for the best purposes.

Top 10 AgTech Startups - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Agriplex Tejus Narayanaswamy,CEO Agriplex Presents an online e-commerce platform catering to agricultural sector for delivering agricultural inputs at farmers’ doorsteps
Green Care BioSciences Dr.C.J.Benson,Director Operations Green Care BioSciences Delivers quality agro and aqua products for the last 15 years and also offers scientific technology solution
KisaanHeet Akshay Bhat,Product and Finance, Head KisaanHeet It is known as agriculture modernizer as KisaanHeet uses cutting edge technologies like VR/AR, drones and Machine Learning in farming practices
Makers Hive Pranav Vempati,Co-Founder/CEO Makers Hive Provides solutions like smart battery, firmware update, agility, 16 grip patterns, multiple modes, custom panels, performance monitor, and mobile application
Purefarms Vivek Kapoor,Founder Purefarms A high technology based is enthralled in providing essential nutrients, fresh fruits and vegetables which are vitamin enriched
Seven3 Digital Private Limited Kaustav Saha,Founder & CEO Seven3 Digital Private Limited It delivers solutions like OEM providers, digital advisors, consultants, subcontracted projects, agritech, advisory services, predictive services, agronomic financial & insurance services, farming services, revolutionising agriculture, real-time precision agriculture, AI, ML, deep learning and IoT smart farming technologies
Trayan Pisipati Sri Siva Prasad,Managing Director Trayan Developing technologies for better and mechanized farming with solutions like drone spraying, end to end farmer communication, ai/ml of crop imagery, smart farm mechanization
Vedang Agro Poonam S. Chaudhari,Founder Vedang Agro Provides products and solutions in urban farming and hydro farming through hydroponics home products and commercial solutions
Way2Grow Ramesh G,Founder Way2Grow Delivering smart farming solutions for maintaining nutrition quality and offers products like vitamin rich leafy vegetables, and herbs
XaasTag Shivkumar Jagannath,Co-Founder & CEO XaasTag Offers solutions like Fintech, Agritech, Finance, Market Linkage, and Farm Contracts