• C.A. Prasad, Director

    C.A. Prasad, Director

  • The demand for unique architectural themes and elevations is steadily ascending in India apace with the consistent increase in the number of buildings rising in various cities and urban centers. Competing with the international architects, Indian architects are also designing innovative structures, espousing various new construction technologies which are cost-effective, time-saving and require less labour. As opposed to the conventional construction which involves the procurement of huge formwork for construction and is to be erected and de-erected, the wastage of formwork material is also very low in these new construction technologies.

  • Metey Engineering and Consultancy: Where World-Class Designs Meet Efficiency

Handholding Clients On Growth Track

By: Anamika Sahu, Managing Editor

The coronavirus outbreak has damaged the global economy to the core. It is going to hit every sector and consulting is no exception. Statistica predicts that the size of the consulting market is estimated to decrease to $130 billion in 2020.

How Cloud Based Technology Solutions Are Helping Merchants Continue Their Business

By: Pravin Kumar Bhandari, Chief Business Officer, Epaisa

By now, we all know that things are moving really fast with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Top 10 Consulting Firms - 2020

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As a leading global player in the food services business serving 100 million people every day,


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I Knowledge Factory

We are living in a digital disruptive world. Every- thing which was conventional is being challenged


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Customer engagement is everything in business and this is because of the increased presence of


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Over the last few years, the Venture Capital investments have transformed significantly, from ..

  • Top 10 Consulting Firms - 2020

    Economic feasibility, professionalism, industriousness, willingness to learn, and adaptability to technology are the salient features of Indian consulting firms that have established them as a favourite on a global level. Contending neck-to-neck with their foreign counterparts, these firms are sought-after even by world powers for the development of their foreign business. TCS, Wipro, and Infosys for instance are Indian MNCs with offices at all major destinations across the world. Well-informed guidance is a precious commodity, and business people & organisations world over depend on their sound counsel for their survival & growth. Strategy consulting, management consulting, operations consulting, financial advisory, HR Consulting & IT Consulting form the crux of the consultancy industry, which when combined proffer services to over 200 industry and functional areas. The fact that all these industries are undergoing massive changes highlights the growing demand for consultancy services. Also, betting on India’s reputation as a global market and its booming economy, it can be inferred that the consulting industry has the potential of developing into one of the most mature industries with massive scope & opportunities for the capable candidates/companies. To assist our readers in identifying some of the best ‘Consulting Firms’ in the country, CEO Insights presents, ‘Top 10 Consulting Firms - 2020’. The Editorial board of CEO Insights has scrutinized the list via frequent deliberations by a renowned panel of industry’s topmost CEOs, directors, VCs, and industry analysts, throughout the year. Evaluating the scenarios in versatile perceptions has brought CEO Insights to sketch the organizations, which have created history with some marvellous consultancy projects. This scrutinized list will perform as an informative manual for enterprises with an interest in the segment.

Top 10 Consulting Firms - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Cachet Innovation and Transformation Venky Sridharan ,Founder & MD Cachet Innovation and Transformation Specializing in the areas of Strategy Consulting, Market Research, Smart Recruiting, Venture Creation and Creative services
CapActix Business Solutions Chirag Koshti,Founder & CEO CapActix Business Solutions An ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified company providing Accounting and Business Consulting services like Bookkeeping, Payrol Management, Cost Analysis, Operation Analysis, and more
Metey Engineering and Consultancy C.A. Prasad,Director Metey Engineering and Consultancy Offering high quality & efficient consulting service mainly in the areas of Architecture, Engineering, Planning and Management
Mint Hotels & Restaurants Consultancy Arun Chanda ,Founder & Director Mint Hotels & Restaurants Consultancy A provider of end-to-end consulting services such as Conceptualization & Ideation, Budgeting & P&L, Menu Development & Engineering, Kitchen & Bar Design, and Recruitment & Training, mainly to the hospitality companies
Pcura Consulting Chetan Gopal ,Strategic Sourcing Engineer Pcura Consulting An end-to-end procurement & strategic sourcing services provider majorly catering to Fortune 500 companies and focuses on the client’s complete procurement needs & spend optimization initiatives
Phoenix Migration Consulting Suresh Reddy Goluguri,Founder Phoenix Migration Consulting An Immigration & Visa Consulting Services company focusing on guiding and assisting aspiring individuals in their immigration plans
Prometis CyberSecurity Sridhar Khambhampati, CEO
Vivek Challaa,,COO
Prometis CyberSecurity A Cybersecurity consultant that bridges security gaps in a broad spectrum of industries through its seamless & tailored products & services
Renascent Consultants Bakul Chandra,Founder Renascent Consultants One of the leading architecture, engineering and design consultancy firm offering the best quality solutions to different industry verticals
Stratacon Business Advisors Ridhish Patel & Savio Fernandez ,Founders & Partners Stratacon Business Advisors A management consulting firm helping startups, MSMEs and big corporates to deal with changes that new competition, new technologies and newly empowered customers bring to the fore
Terragni Consulting Dr Anil Pillai ,Director Terragni Consulting A strategy consulting company that solves complex challenges in the areas of Human (Customer & Employee) Engagement